Celebrating 100 Posts

Tony Taka Graph I Reflection

Every blogger has her own own landmark. Some at 10,000 hits; some after a year. I chose to make a post at my 100th post to reflect back on my blogging experience over the past two years.

Alichino Volume 4

I think more than anything, the visits and the comments make the core of the blog. The opinions, feedback, questions, and random rants from the various people are my motivation for continuing to write out entries. I take every comment and hit to heart, and I offer you my sincerest appreciation. So thank you.

Reading my own posts, I realize that many of my posts are actually quite uninspiring. Indeed, that is what one would expect from a listless blogger. Unlike my fellow bloggers, I do not have the snarky and witty writings nor the flamboyant arrogant charm. I do not take cute and creative photographs. My reviews are hardly all that interesting or critical, and my shallow posts almost never probe the mind or allow one to look deep inside the self, society, and culture. For those posts, simply check out the sites in the links section. Rather, my language tends to come out as boringly polite and flowery. However, I do still somehow take a bit of pride in what I have written, and I am glad many of you at least read a few words.

Perhaps for the next hundred posts, I will be a little more funny, edgy, controversial, and inquisitive without sounding either like a bitchy jerk or a pompous prick, which far too often have I seen many blogs become. Of course, I will have great blogs to draw inspiration from. So I would like to thank all those blogs and sites that I follow.

Now, everyone is interested in the statistics.

Listless Ink Daily Stats 100

Listless Ink monthly trend 100
Although I have been blogging for two years, I only switched to wordpress.com about a little more than a year ago (June, ’08). That’s when the statistics start.

Top posts

Listless Ink Top Posts (100)

Sono Hanabira yuri Nanami Yuuna
I started Listless Ink intending to detail my life. Somewhere along the way, it became anime centric. Then later, the blog shifts its direction to focus even more specifically on yuri. Even though the blog has differed from where it began, I still love where it is at today.

Top searches.

Listless Ink search terms 100
Most are generic anime, manga, or yuri searches. I do not usually get really funny, weird, or creepily awkward search terms.


Listless Ink Referrers 100
Thank you so much, Shijima.
And thank you, all who have linked me or added me to their blogroll.

Tony Taka Graph I doll

Lastly, I want to again thank all the lovely readers. I would also especially like to thank those who have visited and commented regularly. You know who you are. Without your support, I do not think I would have ever gotten to 100 posts.Thank you for making Listless Ink such an enjoyable experience. I love you. ^ ^

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49 Responses to Celebrating 100 Posts

  1. kluxorious says:

    awww this is heart-warming. Well, you wrote what you want to write so that’s pretty cool imo. Same with me, it was never about the anime, or manga or even the figures. It’s about what I think. That, I think, is the purpose of blogging XD

  2. Nice! I remember it taking me about a year and change for me to get to this point. Keep it up, especially with the reviews since those are, I think, the parts that I read most.

  3. dat anon says:

    Congratulations, and thank you for keeping up with it as well! Looking forward to the next 100 posts as well :).

  4. Misu says:

    Daily views 1000~ish. Wow, I am envious. Congratulations!

  5. phossil says:

    Congratz!! Thats great news!
    Keep the good work!!

  6. Yi says:

    @klux: Thanks. I really wanted to make a heartwarming post dedicated to the readers as much as to myself for this rather exciting landmark (at least imo). By the way, you’re one of the readers I love. ^ ^
    In the end, I am glad I wrote about what I like.

    @zzeroparticle: I’ll definitely continue to write reviews. Thank you so much for continuing to read them, even if most of them end up usually either just an unexciting string of praises and loves, or an uninspiring subtle dislike. I think my reviews are never too negative… and most of the times, these end up too bland. Btw. your reviews on anime soundtrack is quite unique and have a great influence on some of my recent posts, like the last one.

    @dat anon: Thanks. Please come back again for the next 100 posts. ^ ^

    @Misu: Thank you. I was lucky enough to have a few posts rank high on search engines. And I am even more fortunate to have valuable and lovely readers who visit and comment, like you. ^ ^

    @phossil: Thanks. I will keep writing for sure.

  7. Canne says:

    You are too humble! really. Although I haven’t read your older posts, I think your articles are far from uninspiring. They are great actually. Congratulations!
    p.s. thank you for adding my blog to your link list. I’m immensely flattered (can you hear my sobbing?).

  8. Guy says:

    I nearly pissed myself when I saw your blog stats! I mean, wow! I guess I should blog some more about yuri 😉


    As for the pictures chosen, the first by Tony Taka could be seen as another take on “Girl love”, har har. Get it? 😀

    The last picture I’m not too fond of, the girl behind is too big, and the perspective is bad, unless it’s a doll in the front.

    100 entries, two years, hmmm. I fear I’ll get to 100 entries in about 2.5-3.5 months’ time.

  9. Shin says:

    Who knew that we started around the same time? Congratulations on your milestone!

  10. Snark says:

    Holy fucking shit, that’s a crazy amount of daily hits!

    Anyways, a most hearty congratulations on the milestone. Keep spreading the lesbian love!

  11. Baka-Raptor says:

    What Snark said. Maybe we should post more about lesbians to get more hits.

  12. Yi says:

    @Canne: Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. I enjoy your reviews a lot too. That’s why I’ve added you to the links section. ^ ^

    @Guy: I was just a bit lucky. I think it is much more important that you blog about what you enjoy. I wrote about something I love, and I think it showed through a bit, and I’m just fortunate to have some people visit.
    I should post more often too. 2 years and 100 posts is kind of low. Well, I suppose I started with only about 1 post every 10 days.
    Anyway, the last picture by Tony Taka I think is indeed a girl and a doll. I’m not sure though. As for the first picture, that was there for that precise reason. It was self reflection + yuri themed, which pretty much describes a bit of this post.

    @Shin: Thanks. We started at the same time? Your blog has much funner content though. ^ ^

    @Snark: I think this is just a recent surge. Thanks for the congratulations. By the way, your snarky and witty comments are always something I love and aspire to be able to write. Also, thank you so much for regularly visiting.

    @Baka-Raptor: Thanks. I don’t really think it’s blogging about lesbians that is getting the hits. Rather I think it just simply that I’m blogging a lot about something I enjoy wholeheartedly. I think most blogs have their own style and own content. For example, I would not be able to write in your funny and confident voice that draw so many views and comments. Anyway, I want to thank you for visiting.

  13. koyot3 says:

    Congrats on your milestone feat! it looks like reflecting back, you’ve definately come a far way with your blog no? 🙂
    Can I exchange your link into my blog? I was actually waiting until I found a way to add the link with image function in my blog.

  14. blur says:

    Holy… o_O!@Stats…

    *closes wide mouth*

    And like Canne says, your posts are far from uninspiring.
    Reading your posts always gives me the impression you put your heart into them. Which in return lets me know I AM already reading something good, anime related or not. Hmm… does that makes sense? Lol?

  15. Ningyo says:

    mm, I’m liking the T2. the last is quite the nostalgic pic.
    Gratz on the milestone, and the torrent of views. That’s like 9000x the views I get o.o
    I guess I’ll take the cake for pompous prick ^^; Meh, that is my style though :3

    And Snark only gets those kinds of searches because he’s so full on out about combating the evils and stupidities of the world. It’s like, the backlash of his battle with karma. The world punishes allies of justice like that.

  16. Yi says:

    @koyot3: Thanks. I would like to go even further with this blog. Anyway, I would love to exchange links with you. Do you have an image I can use to link you (preferably 500×80)?

    @blur: Haha thanks. You’re too nice. I love your blogs too. Both the old one and the new one.

    @Ningyo: Where is that last T2 image from? All I know is that it’s from the artbook Graph I, but I don’t know if she’s a character in something.
    Also, the pompous prick is not referring to you, or anyone in particular. It was actually about myself. Your blog is absolutely fun to read. The douchey blogs however are out there, but none of the sites I regularly visit and comment on are that or are pompous.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your support.

  17. shijima says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    It’s been a pleasure both reading your blog and working with you.
    I’m the one that should thank you. Arigatou gozaimasu!
    Probably a good portion of those links leading to your site from solelo.com comes from me. 😀

    And I shall second the others in saying that your posts are far from uninspiring.
    I love all the pictures you post and your original artwork too. =)

    Hehe, it’s not surprising that ecchi posts ranked at the top of the list. :p

    I look forward to your future hosts and I hope you have a great holiday season!

  18. Reltair says:

    Congrats, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Yeah, it’s hard to predict where a blog will end up after 2 years. My own blog was originally supposed to be for something else, but meh.

    On a side note, the chibi images for your subscriptions area are pro. I wanted to do something like that, but ughhh so lazy recently.

  19. Ningyo says:

    Don’t be silly, you’re as far from pomposity as Canada is from being warm and hospitable.
    And that is VERY far.
    That last one’s from Shinsou Genmukan, one of Tony’s eroge from looooooong ago. It’s… a mixed bag of treats >.>

  20. 2DT says:

    Your top searches are quite tame… Maybe it’s because of the series of posts I’ve done on transsexuals, but sometimes I get some truly odd stuff. And that’s nothing compared to the guy on my ‘list who got several variations of “cripple sex.” Now that’s shudder-worthy.

    Anyway, congratulations!

  21. Optic says:

    Congratz on ur 100th post.
    I just found out ur not in my blogroll so I’m just gonna add u now before i forget.

    Looking at ur stats just makes me sad because that’s what I make in a week. 😦
    Still, it’s not all about stats. At least ur enjoying what ur doing and the community is lively here then ur doing something right.

  22. koyot3 says:

    Here you go! http://koyot3.blogspot.com/

    Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!


    Let me see if I can link the banner again orz.


    Geez I suck ^^;
    Ok! here it is

  23. Yi says:

    @shijima: Thank you so much. I’ve always loved seeing your comments here and your releases at Wings of Yuri. You make my internet life so much brighter. ^ ^
    All your kind words are making me feel like I was fishing for compliments… hehe.

    Anyway, sex really does sell.
    I hope you have a great holiday season too.

    @Reltair: Thanks. I really look forward to your posts as well. Anyway, everyone loves those chibi images. ^ ^
    I just grabbed them from another image and added RSS buttons and such to them.

    @2DT: My search engine terms are indeed quite tame. I do occasionally get some loli sex searches though, but that’s hardly anything of note these days. Now I kind of wonder what kind of truly odd search terms your series of transvestite posts give.
    Anyway, thank you for visiting. ^ ^

    @Optic: Thanks. I’m really happy that there is a community that come and I am truly grateful for that. Anyway, I have added you to my links too. I love your Monday Music and figure posts.

    @koyot3: Sorry for making you post multiple times. WordPress does not allow html or anything in comments. I have linked you now.

  24. Woot! Gratz on your 100th post! Wait a tick! I just did my 100th post too! XD What a coincidence 😀

    Congratz again. I’ll try and keep up again. I used to be so good at keeping up, even if you say your writing are listless ^^ I encountered your blog during your yuri phase, so I was highly enticed! I’ll need to catch up on those that I missed. I must’ve missed a lot! Here’s hoping I’ll catch up by your next 100, lol.

  25. glothelegend says:

    You’re averaging 1200 a day! That’s unreal. Obviously your site is kicking some serious tail to be able to keep up such a high hit count. I get like, 250 a day.

    There was one point where I was getting very similar stats (averaging about 1200/day), but that lasted only about a month (I think it was a fluke or something. Most of the hits were for boobs). Then I must have stopped writing about boobs, or people recognized that my site doesn’t really have any boobs, so they stopped clicking on links that said Eye Sedso or something…I don’t really know how that works.

    But yea, the blog is awesome, and congrats on 100 posts.

    After seeing your stats, everyone is going to be blogging about more yuri. Obviously I can’t do that, because I have an ISSS.

  26. Snark says:

    Hey,I just read your latest comment on my blog, sorry on not replying to your earlier comment, I must have missed it >_<

    Anyways, I'll do a proper reply to your first comment when I get down to doing my next batch of replies, just wanted you to know that it was by mistake that I missed yours, it wasn't a deliberate attempt to snub you or anything =(

  27. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: Yea! When I saw your post, I was surprised at the coincidence too. Very cool. ^ ^
    Anyway, the yuri phase never ended for Listless Ink. Please keep visiting and thank you so much.

    @glothelegend: I think this is also a surge too. I’m expecting it to return to normal in a few days or a week.
    You should definitely write more about b00bs and even have b00bs!

    @Snark: Please don’t worry about it. I thought it was probably just a mistake as well. ^ ^
    Plus, my comment didn’t really warrant anything much.

  28. Yi says:

    @Ningyo: Shinsou Genmukan… mixed bag of tricks. That’s got my fetish senses tingling. Perhaps I should check it out.

  29. glothelegend says:

    @ Yi

    hahaha I’m a guy, I’m not too sure boobs would suit me. I’m going to write something about Shoujo Sect, because I liked that OVA, and it’s the only hentai I’ve ever watched. Maybe I’ll get a lot of new perverted search results, and then I can make another search post.

  30. "G" says:

    ur readers love you!

  31. Yi says:

    @glothelegend: You misunderstood me. I meant show lots of b00bs on your site rather than physically have b00bs yourself. ^ ^
    Anyway, I really liked Shoujo Sect as well. It’s quite tame though, so I’m not sure if you will get lots of perverted search results.

    @”G”: I hope they do. ^ ^

  32. A little late, but…Congrats Yi!

  33. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: It’s never too late. ^ ^ Thank you so much for visiting all this time.

  34. Blowfish says:

    Finally found some time to drop by your blog and I guess its just the right time to say Congratulations to your 100th posts.You should never be dominated by the figures of statistics but yours are quite impressive!

    So umm why was I visiting?Oh Yeah!
    Ich hab gelesen du hattest Deutsch in der Schule? 😛

  35. Yi says:

    @Blowfish: Thanks for dropping by. ^ ^
    Ich hatte nur fünf Jahre in der Schule Deutsch. I don’t remember much more than the basics…

  36. Blowfish says:

    Ah thats already good enough!
    I already forgot most of the french and dutch I had at school.The only thing I am still somewhat good at is english due to the internet 😛
    Und fünf Jahre Deutsch zu lernen ist schon eine ganze Menge!

    How come you learned german?Its not that common after all?Gotta say that you get a +10 on my cool rating for it though ^^

  37. Guy says:

    I forgot my Arabic…

  38. Yi says:

    @Blowfish: When I was in high school, the foreign languages were Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. Everyone else wanted to either take Spanish (I live in California close to Mexico), French, or Japanese. I thought German was much cooler so yea. Thanks for the +10 rating. ^ ^

    @Guy: That’s not good… 😦

  39. Guy says:

    I didn’t use it since the 9th grade, so it degraded. That’s life, heh.

  40. Akira says:

    oh no I’m sooo late 😦 but Congrats on your 100th post Yi^^

    I love your blog so much that I check it every chance I get, so please don’t look down on yourself. Just look at all those visitors going to you’re site 😉

    I think one of the reasons that people are drawn to your site is that you actually REPLY and HELP us through stuff (even some things are a bit off-topic lol). That’s actually one of my reasons 😛 So that makes you ‘approachable’? lollol

    And of course all your up-to-date yuri news are always welcomed 🙂 and anime/game/or anything that’s interesting 😛

    Keep up with the awesome work! Ganbatte kudasai ne ^^

  41. enri says:

    Yes i’m waaay too late, but CONGRATS!!
    Suured tänud sulle selle blogi pidamise eest!

  42. Yi says:

    @Akira: I really do take every comment to heart. Most of my “help” are quite futile though. heh.
    Anyway thank you so so much for the congrats and for visitng. ^ ^

    @enri: Thanks. And you were not too late. I’m always super happy to see someone comment. ^ ^
    Tänan sind nii väga külastada.

  43. Ruby says:

    Sorry if I’m late but congrats on the 100 posts 🙂 this is my first time coming here so you can’t blame me xD. I have to point out that you have a crazy amount of viewers coming to your site, its shocking :O I barely get as much as you do~ I thought that there’s no way wordpress.com blogs can get popular and have so many views, so thats why I moved somewhere else but now I’m thinking of moving back some day :3

  44. Yi says:

    @Ruby: Thank you for the congrats and welcome.
    I used to self host too, but I have really limited experience with computer stuff, and in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it to worry about that stuff when I could be blogging. Thus I just left it with wordpress.com.
    They do a nice job though and I think there are quite a number of wordpress.com anime blog around that I really enjoy and are rather popular.
    Still I’m only a student now, but once I graduate and have regular disposable income, I would probably get my own domain.

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  46. FaS says:

    *writes down keywords* lol, wowwwww, this is definitely eye-opening. Yeah, when I think of Yuri, I DEFINITELY think of Listless Ink first. Good job….jeez…I’ma small fry >.>…only like 500views a day atm if I’m lucky. Was hovering around 800-900 a day…but that whole JustHost Thing hurt A LOT. Anyways, I guess I’ll have to find something I do well and make that a trademark of finallyanime! But keep it up 🙂

  47. Yi says:

    @FaS: I write what I like. It’s really nice that there are some who share my interests and kind enough to visit and even drop a comment. Thanks for visiting!

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