First Yuri Impressions: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian

Railgun yuri Biribiri Mikoto Kuroko scan

After having watched the first episode of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, I was completely amazed. Railgun is absolutely entertaining; really cute characters, fantastic premise (everyone loves superpowers), good action animation, and a little bit of yuri thrown in there for fan service purposes make this a success with me.

Railgun yuri Biribiri Mikoto Kuroko
I love Kuroko, especially when she attempts yuri on Mikoto.

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian yuri

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian is the manga that has been rumored earlier as the next Kannazuki no Miko (Himegami no Miko). Amnesian uses the same characters, Chikane and Himeko, but a different story line. The first chapter has been scanlated by Zefiberyl. (I had personally rather wanted to edit this manga, but some other group picked it up. They are doing a fine job, and I am happy someone is scanlating this manga).

Zettau Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chikane Himeko yuri

Zettau Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chikane Himeko yuri
… I’ll stop right there… Chikane won’t though…

Anyway, Amnesian wastes no time in getting right to action, both in battle and in bed. Also, Chikane is seriously super sexy.

Sasameki Koto

It feels weird to not include Sasameki Koto in a yuri impression of fall 2009, especially since I am including the weakly yuri Railgun. Very briefly, I have not started watching Sasameki Koto, as I am still on Aoi Hana. I expect it to be pretty good though because I enjoyed the manga.

So… This past week and the coming week are going to be kind of tough for me. In addition to being sick, I have quite a few rather difficult academic stuff coming up. Of course, no one cares about that stuff, so I will stop whining now. However, this does translates to somewhat filler-ish posts and not all that much time spent on my and others’ blogs… so yea…

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39 Responses to First Yuri Impressions: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun and Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian

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  3. kluxorious says:

    I try to avoid Yuri. I guess it’s the same for me as you guys are with yaoi. But I can’t avoid Railgun because I’m gay for Mikoto ^^”

  4. I am totally surprised at how much I’m loving Railgun. I know I liked the character from A Certain Magical Index season, but it’s very fun so far, even if the 2nd episode was slower. Looks like something big is going to happen from the impression of the Opening animation though.

    Oooh didn’t know that Amnesian manga is starting. Will look into it if I remember XD

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    I want to be a lesbian.

  6. Snark says:

    I, like Baka-Raptor, also want to be a lesbian.

    But yeah, Railgun…left a sour taste in my mouth, more details will be on my blog (shameless plug!)

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  8. Yi says:

    @kluxorious: “I’m gay for Mikoto”. As is everyone. ^ ^

    @lightningsabre: I was surprised by Railgun too, since I didn’t have it on my watch list. Anyway, Amnesian is pretty yurilicious.

    @Baka-Raptor: Don’t we all?

    @Snark: Looking forward to why you’d dislike Railgun. Is it the moe?

  9. Ningyo says:

    I just realized I was in your link section o.o
    off to the side there, that thing is some sort of ninjaaa….

    I haven’t actually watched railgun yet, but I’ve heard the masses say it’s good. Also, imo it has the kewlest series name evar. the premise of a human railgun really reminds me of something Kinoko Nasu would cook up, and I obviously have a mancrush on the dood.

  10. Railgun is so funny, Kuroko is awesome, I really like her, she is my fave character, in the last episode she was perfect hahaha too bad that the guy already showed up, and he will be Mikoto’s friend…Even if the yuri in Railgun is 100% fanservice, I really have fun watching Kuruko trying to seduce her onee-sama lol

    Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian, I love the way that Chikane just meet Himeko and wants to have sex with her lol, and then she starts the action and when Himeko says ‘stop’ she says ‘Does Himeko not like me?’ hell, she just meet her 1 day ago! hahaha, I really liked to see the other Chikane, Himeko’s sister, I couldn’t stop thinking about incest lol, coz when Himeko meet Chikane she was toooo happy, and she was a little easy too…

    Sasameki Koto is great really, I really like the dark aura in the anime, even if we have the comedy moments (that will come in the next episodes, I guess), we always have the sad moments in SK, it’s more drama, I like it…

  11. Yi says:

    @Ningyo: First episode of Railgun is good, although some might disagree about the whole series. I haven’t seen past the first yet, so yea.
    Anyway, yep, you’re on my links. Let me know if there is another image you’d rather use. I just ripped this one from your previous banner.

    @Yuri Downloads: I don’t particularly mind that the yuri in Railgun will never get past fanservice. I enjoy it for what it is. Himeko is super easy, but probably only because it’s Chikane. Also, I need to finish Aoi Hana and get on with Sasameki Koto.

    @shia: Me too. ^ ^

  12. Seinime says:

    Kuroko will make it happen someday…until then doujins. No wait, no.

  13. shijima says:

    Yes, I’ll admit I enjoyed “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, enough to buy some anthologies, though my expectations are low. :p
    The OP was quite nice too.

    I hope you get better soon.
    I think one of the things I didn’t like about school, is that you can’t take a sick day.
    Good luck on those midterms!

  14. lightningsabre says:

    Waiting to see Baka-Raptor and Snark become lesbians and then go have docking and scissoring sessions with each other………….

  15. @Yi
    I don’t mind either, Railgun is a good anime, always make me laugh ^_^
    Yeah, Himeko its only easy to Chikane, for Souma she was pretty hard, poor guy! hahaha, no no, I am not sorry, I fell relief! lol
    When u finish Aoi Hana, tell me if u liked the end…coz most fans didn’t like it (like me), I hope SK gots an better end…
    Have a nice day Yi 🙂

  16. 2DT says:

    Goodness, Chikane could carve pumpkins with that chin.

    Sasameki Koto… bothers me. A lot. But not enough to write about it quite yet. For now I just enjoy pairing Mikoto and Saten in my head.

  17. Yi says:

    @Seinime: I believe in Kuroko too. ^ ^

    @shijima: Thank you so much for the good wishes.

    @lightningsabre: scissoring… AND docking?

    @Yuri Downloads: I will definitely write a review of Aoi Hana when I’m done with it.

    @2DT: Hehe, I like Chikane though. Now I’m curious as to what about Sasameki Koto that bothers you.

  18. 2DT says:

    Because of a recent series of comments on Moe Sucks, I’ve been inspired to write about it. So, you can find out maybe in a week or two?

  19. Yi says:

    @2DT: Sounds great. Looking forward to that post.

  20. Yuki says:

    Hello Yi~ Wow a new blog entry as always. I don’t know where to get scanlated doujins of Kuroko and Mikoto, I just can’t seem to find them, I hope someone leads me to the right path, LOL

    I’ve always wished for Kuroko that her feelings would be returned someday, as to I feel that Index and Toma (main guy) is canon. Well maybe it’s just me, keukeu, I do hope that Kuroko would not end up heartbroken, after all it is their (love) story. XD

    Wow, Chikane all hot for Himeko again~ <333

    I hope you get well soon Yi~ and Stay well, =D I wish you luck in school as well.

    Sasameki koto is doing great, I love the artwork, and of course the fill ins for the storyline, it's good, =D I hope you finish Aoi hana soon =D

  21. Yi says:

    @Yuki: I haven’t seen any Kuroko x Mikoto doujins yet, but I think it’s still too early into the series so yea.
    “it is their (love) story.”
    Haha, agreed. ^ ^
    Anyway, thanks for the good wishes, and I’ll be finishing Aoi Hana soon hopefully.

  22. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Hmm.. you’re right. Don’t you wish for Kuroko and Mikoto to get together too? hahahah!!

    I hope your sickness isn’t so bad, so you can be better soon. And hahaha! I just read the Chapter 1 of Amnesian, I agree about Chikane, being lightning fast, in battles… and in bed. Hahahah!

    Didn’t you notice? Oogami has his eyes closed, hahahaha! Or maybe his are too small he looks like it’s closed? XDDD

    I didn’t like Aoi Hana much so, I haven’t get past Ep 2. XDDD

  23. Yi says:

    @Yuki: Aoi Hana is not impressing me too much right now… Anyway, love the aggressive Chikane. ^ ^

  24. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Just finished ep3 of Railgun and I’m really enjoying this anime~ Interesting storyline and setting. Loving the characters too. Mikoto is a cool heroine. My feelings are mixed between annoyance and utter respect for Kuroko…her single mindedness to yurify her onee-sama is awesome! I don’t mind if it doesn’t go anywhere since I think I would enjoy the lol aspect more…heh. If I would ship anyone with Mikoto, it’s probably….Saten? Ehehe. =3

    I’m quite satisfied with the ending of Aoi Hana actually. But I don’t think the story knows where it wants to go sometimes…In any case, I do enjoy the close friendship between Fumi and Aa-chan. ^^

  25. Yuki says:

    @Yi: Hahaha I see, the manga didn’t appeal to me too, quit reading half way @.@ And yes Super Seme Chikane ❤ XDD

  26. Starsquid says:

    What is that girl in the second pic about to do?!! 😛 Cute sexy blog I must say

  27. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Kuroko may get annoying to some, but I love her various yuri antics. I will really try to finish Aoi Hana soon.

    @Yuki: Glad we agree. ^ ^

    @Starsquid: Hm… I wonder… Thanks for the compliment. ^ ^

  28. moelitist says:

    The yuri in To aru kagaku no Railgun gets a bit tedious but it’s pretty entertaining to say the least. Wish they had a better character to perform the yuri though (Doesn’t like kuroko) xD

  29. Yi says:

    @moelitist: That seems to be the general consensus. Anyway, I watch anime with yuri goggles on, so yea… I like Kuroko.

  30. Akira says:

    I’m so happy that our super hot Chikane is back in action 🙂 I missed her terribly. but now Chikane is sexy as hell as ever ^^

    I was wondering if someone could help me clarify this. Please correct me if I’m wrong but does this mean there won’t be Himegami as Amnesian replaces it or will Himegami be the anime version of Amnesian? Or something else??? When I read the plot from the Himegami website, the plot seems to be different from Amnesian.


    Will watch Railgun as soon as I finish with Canaan ^^

  31. Yi says:

    @Akira: The Himegami website seems to be for an anime, because traditionally, only anime get websites. Therefore, Himegami as a separate anime derivative work of Kannazuki no Miko is still possible. However, it is still unclear what exactly Himegami will be.
    I need to finish Canaan too, and Aoi Hana.

  32. Akira says:

    @Yi : Ok thank you so much for clearing that up ^^ I guess right now I just have to cross my fingers for Himegami to develop soon ^^

  33. Yi says:

    @Akira: No problem. I hope more information will come out soon.

  34. Ashley says:

    You should watch Sasameki Koto. Its *really* good. Its like a much better Maria-sama ga Miteru, but without the catholic school setting. 😀

    Also Im loving Railgun… I loved the first season and was annoyed that it ended. Mikoto is my favorite from both series. 🙂

  35. Yi says:

    @Ashley: Yea I really should get on that. It’s just that having read the manga, watching the anime loses something, especially because the anime is so true to the manga.
    Anyway, I’m loving Railgun as well. Mikoto is awesome.

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  37. automaticimperfection says:

    I just found my new blog to read… :3

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