Black Rock Shooter Pilot Edition

Black Rock Shooter pilot scan Dead Master

BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER pilot episode came out a few days ago. In an earlier post of previews of upcoming anime, I have said that I was really looking forward to this.

Black Rock Shooter Scan

It turns out the pilot episode is not really an episode at all, but merely a trailer, a realization which makes me and others slightly annoyed.

But after watching about 2 seconds in, I immediately started to really appreciate the animation quality and get over the length. The pilot/ trailer really showcased the series, which will come in spring.

Black Rock Shooter Deadmaster

Black Rock Shooter screenshot

The screenshots are from Ningyo , who has great points about the shortness of the “episode,” as well as some valid criticisms on the animation. However, I really enjoyed the animation style. I think the balance between the grungy, gothic, and almost brooding atmosphere and the occasional game-like and comical qualities in both animation and the soundtrack creates a complex world that fits Black ★ Rock Shooter very well. In essence, she is a rocking but still cute loli. Thus, the anime is rather appropriate stylistically.

It is really short, so take a few minutes and watch it for yourselves. Is it not absolutely beautiful? Who is not going to be watching this when the series is released?

Black Rock Shooter figure scan

Now I really want that Black Rock Shooter figure.

A brief look at the use of checkerboards in the art of Black Rock Shooter

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38 Responses to Black Rock Shooter Pilot Edition

  1. kluxorious says:

    heh yeah I was disappointed upon learning that it wasn’t much of an episode either but damn those animation looks slick as hell!

  2. Seinime says:

    One minute of time well spent. Obvious plot will be obvious though.

  3. Seinime says:

    Orgasmic subscribe pics, off topic.

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  6. Strife says:

    my guess on the plot

    1. two main char, one is obviously black rock shooter (BRS)
    2. BRS bestfriend goes missing
    3. BRS receive the power and enter the gothic world
    4. BRS fight the scythe girl who is actually her bestfriend

    animation is quite good, especially in the gothic world, where the coloring is significantly different from the ‘real world’ the main char reside

    let’s wait for the first episode

  7. Snark says:

    Stupid pilot which wasn’t even a real pilot… >_<

  8. Yi says:

    @kluxorious: The animation does look slick as hell, which kind of made me forgive the shortness of the episode.

    @Seinime: Agreed on animation and plot. Anyway, you know what to do with those orgasmic subscribe/ Twitter pics. ^ ^

    @Strife: That plot seems very possible. We’ll see when the first episode comes out. Hopefully it will be a real episode.

    @Snark: Hehe. I’m not that mad about it, but I imagine whoever bought the blu-ray pilot episode must feel a little bit disappointed.

  9. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    The animation style and action sequences alone demands it to be put on my must watch list. I thought they were amazingly done~! From what little we’ve seen, the designs of the character, world and the mythology kinda fits the image that the original artworks seem to be portraying so I think the feel is there~ Though I’m not sure if they can maintain the same quality for a full length series…I’m still gonna be watching this when it comes out. ^^

  10. Cello says:

    The animation looks reminiscent of Gankutsuou

  11. Ningyo says:

    I’m sorry Yi, I really can’t say anything more about this. My soul is still recovering in the closet from brutal mutilation.

    So yeah, Ningyo was here :p

  12. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: I hope they do maintain this throughout the whole series. Then it would just be amazing.

    @Cello: Yea it kind of does.

    @Ningyo: Haha OK. ^ ^

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  14. blur says:

    Hmm.. Just want to clarify.. It’s a one-off trailer right? Or does it have a few episodes of trailers or jigamabob?

  15. shijima says:

    I did enjoy the trailer, but yah, it was short.
    I’m more disappointed that it’s not coming out until next year…
    At least the full version of the song is available as a Vocaloid video on Youtube. =)
    I must admit the Black Rock Shooter figure is awesome.
    I try not to buy any large figures any more due to lack of space. :p

  16. Yi says:

    @blur: Yes it’s a one of trailer. The video is a bit longer because it combines three of trailers of the same sequences but different soundtracks (original, remix, and instrumental).

    @shijima: Yea. I now have the full version of the song, which I’m spamming all night. Anyway, I would really love to get that figure, even though I try not to buy due to lack of money…

  17. Q says:

    I heard that the Pilot DVD costs about 1000 Yen. 1000 Yen for a trailer… Isn’t really worth getting I have to say…

  18. Yi says:

    @Q: Yea, no reasonable people would buy it. Of course, there are plenty of unreasonable hardcore fans out there.

  19. TheFuzzy says:

    Kinda disappointing for a “Pilot Edition” DVD. They should’ve called it “PV Edition” and not mislead all the BRS fans out there.

    The art booklet that came with the DVD (yeah I bought it) does hint at more antagonists though, and is probably the only thing not yet released on the Internet, officially or otherwise. Well, except my own blog (though I made sure it was at least a little blurry). XD

  20. Yi says:

    @TheFuzzy: I stand corrected from my last comment. I didn’t realize before that there was an artbooklet that came with the DVD. This actually makes the pricing more reasonable, because it’s really about $10 USD for a DVD and official artwork.

  21. blur says:

    Having just watched this today, I have NEVER felt so excited after watching a 2 minute anime before. Lol!

    The moment when the eyes glaze upon the blue stars. WooOOoooaaAAaaaahhh!

  22. Yi says:

    @blur: Yep. Agreed about the excitement.

  23. razrig says:

    love the BRS pic ^^ but 1mnt of an intro on the Black Rock Shooter Pilot Edition it’s kinda sad~~ i thought they would give more~~ (i was hopping for more~~~~)

  24. Yi says:

    @razrig: I was hoping for more too.

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  26. yui says:

    doesnt the girl look like Lenalee Lee from d.gray-man??

  27. Yi says:

    @yui: Now that you mention it, she really does.

  28. kiku says:

    I got to say this must be a really good anime it’s going to be my must watch list 😀 so when does the trailer going to come out?

  29. Yi says:

    @kiku: This sure does look absolutely lovely. I’m not sure when the trailer is going to come out. This episode certainly does seem like an early trailer though…

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  31. Brett says:

    I really liked the Pilot. The animation looked really high quality and the Black Rock Shooter backstory is really interesting. I can only speculate that the music to the series will be great, along with the cute design of BRS. I’ll be watching for sure. 🙂

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  33. StayCold says:

    Now that the OVA has come out I really wonder if there is going to be more. In the end of it they still left out some mysteries; such as Yuu’s unusuallness and the figure in the other dimension that closely resembles her. We also don’t know too much about Black Gold Saw yet. I really enjoyed the OVA and hope that there’ll be a second part to it. ^^

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