YUI: It’s All Too Much/ Never Say Die

Its All Too Much Never Say Die DVD Cover

YUI’s new single, It’s All Too Much/ Never Say Die, is soon to be released on October 7th, 2009. I have been a really big fan of Yui for a while, so after hearing about this, I went to look for some previews. There are quite a few PV versions out for downloads, and they are just brilliant.

YUI Its All Too Much Never Say Die DVD CD Cover
Has anyone else noticed that YUI never smiles for photoshoots or CD covers?

YUI Cant Buy My Love

I started really liking YUI after listening to Rolling Star and Life; even since then, I have really liked her music.

Here are some PV’s for YUI’s new single:

Never Say Die by YUI
I really like this song.

It’s All Too Much by YUI

(thanks @fujii_itsuki for these videos)

YUI Its All Too Much Never Say Die tracklist


YUI-net: YUI Official Website

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50 Responses to YUI: It’s All Too Much/ Never Say Die

  1. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Wow, a YUI post! *o* I guess I’ve finally brainwashed you enough with my incessant YUI-ism propaganda eh? Hehe. ;3

    “Has anyone else noticed that YUI never smiles for photographs or CD covers?”

    Yeah, she hardly smiles in most official shoots. Not sure why…She mentioned jokingly before that it makes her looks chubby, lol…which totally I disagree since I think it makes her 10x cuter. XD But think she’s probably aiming for a ‘cool’ look(?) It’s certainly one of her weaknesses (along with being awkward during interviews which I find charming since she’s so confident when she starts singing and playing her guitar). I think she only smiles when she’s not trying to take a picture…or when surrounded by her ‘harem’… http://yfrog.com/5eyuisuzannebdayj =3

    In any case, she composes, writes and sings great music so that’s still the main thing for me. If anyone else is interested in checking out her other stuff, I’ve uploaded most of her PVs(subbed) here:

  2. glothelegend says:

    Rolling Star got me hooked on Yui, although ever since the Great Hard Drive Crash of 08′, I haven’t had any of her music on my computer. I should re-stock.

  3. Snark says:

    Can’t say its my kind of music, but the video for her Never Say Die song was fucking hilarious XD

  4. Ningyo says:

    really tho Snark, wat IS your kind of music >.>? can I somehow bet that it has to do with that SRT song ~Rocks~?

    And I actually never noticed she never smiled o.o
    but that’s prolly partially becuz I was never too into her. Sure, Rolling Star, Life and Cherry got stuck in my head (pretty sure I can still sing the first one, IF anyone would like to hear it >:3) but at some point she became really overrated in the social circles around me and I sorta just dropped her.
    Like I do with all such things, like K-on.

    Still, I must say, kudos to her pristine voice and talent.

  5. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Hehe, your incessant YUI tweets made me like her even more. She’s quite cute, and she definitely has the cool look down well.

    @glothelegend: Rolling Star is also the one that got me really hooked. She also has quite a few other good songs.

    @Snark: Haha. What is your type of music?

    @Ningyo: I kind of feel the same way about K-On. Sure it’s nice, but it is overrated, and that in turn kind of makes me not love it as much.

  6. glothelegend says:

    As far as the never say die video, it’s one of the awesomest songs I’ve heard. Yui spree starts now.

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  8. shijima says:

    Thanks for the videos.
    One can never go wrong with schoolgirls.
    I like upbeat songs like that.

  9. Snark says:

    @ Yi
    My type of music? Hotblooded anthems with manly choruses! >=D

  10. Yi says:

    @glothelegend: Hehe, sounds good.

    @shijima: Fujii_Itsuki uploaded the videos. I like upbeat songs too.

    @Snark: very manly indeed.

  11. shijima says:

    A big thank you to Fujii_Itsuki then. =)

  12. "G" says:

    oh nice songs!!! and she is cute too!!
    good suggestion!!! i like it.

  13. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Ah, no need to thank me. YUITube vids are meant to be shared. =) (and I’m not kidding…there really is a yuitube: http://yuitube.seesaa.net/)

    @Yi: Phew~ That’s great! I’m worry sometimes that I sound like a Robert Pattinson groupie (only I’m worshipping real talent here…*cough*). She’s certainly got the cute-cool thing down to a pat. Even though LIFE, Goodbye-days & Rolling star were awesome and the latter especially got me interested, I think I would have remained a casual fan of the music (the type that just leeches her music whenever its on Tokyotosho and doesn’t bother finding out about other stuff…hehe) if I didn’t come across this document/TV special about her: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=764206865198009684#

    It was the first time I’ve seen what she’s like outside of PVs and I don’t know why, the street live scene towards the end really got to me. I might not get the message of the song yet at that time, but the emotion really got through and connected with me. I got teary eyed and it made me think, ‘wow, she’s really special’… and judging by her increasing popularity throughout the 5 years she’s been in the scene, I’m not the only one who thinks that. And yeah, even though it kinda feels less special sometimes when too many people likes something you like, I’m not gonna begrudge her of a well deserved popularity. (though I don’t think she’s THAT well known in my country…)

    Another nice video compilation of YUI’s history(how she started, challenges she faced, aspirations, etc.): http://bit.ly/dISRL

  14. Yi says:

    @shijima: ^ ^

    @”G”: I’m glad you like her.

    @Fujii_Ituski: Thanks for the links. They are quite inspiring, and will certainly push another casual fan to the next level.

  15. Like u, I started to listen to Yui because of ‘Rolling star’, so we can blame Bleach for that XD, then I really start to enjoy her music, her last album it’s great and I always have some of her songs in my mp3 player…and i did noticed that she never smiles in photoshoots or CD covers, when I was looking for some pictures of her, I remember that the first page of google images didn’t had any pictures of her smiling lol
    ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘It’s All Too Much’ are pretty good, especially the second one 🙂
    About Ga-Rei, when u read my reply, this was the scene/page that I was talking about: http://i37.tinypic.com/29xdi7n.jpg

  16. blur says:

    o.O! Yui is a female?! Lol. All the while I just assumed she was a he in his mid teens or something. Learn something new everyday! 🙂

    The only song of hers I know is Rolling Star. Love it…

  17. kluxorious says:

    she’s obviously a female, blur. How did you make that mistake after you’ve heard Rolling Star? O_o

  18. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: I like both of the songs from this single, especially the first one. Anyway, thanks for the pic. Further evidence of Yomi x Kagura.

    @blur: Hm… YUI sounds like a teenage boy…?
    Rolling Star seems to be many people’s favorite from YUI.

    @kluxorious: I’m curious as to how she could sound like a boy too.

  19. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    @blur: Lol, you sure you weren’t listening to this one?^^; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlcizADDul4

    While I love the songs in this single, the jacket covers aren’t my favourite. I understand that they wanted to relate it to Kaiji live-action movie(the theme & insert song respectively) with the flying cards and all that but it’s just…too messy and unbalanced. The 4 of clubs is even repeating on the 2nd one…hidden meaning or just lazy work? >.>; …In any case, I’ve already pre-ordered them so no use complaining. Heh.

  20. Seinime says:

    Rolling Star/again were win, this one was no exception.

  21. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: I kind of like the covers. Feels very designy. The repeating 4 of clubs is kind of… lazy though.

    @Seinime: YUI is win. ^ ^

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  23. blur says:

    @klux @Yi
    Well.. I don’t know. The voice just sounded like a guy… to me. :p
    Bad ears I guess… Lol!

    Actually the only song I know from Yui is Rolling Star and that’s because I watched Bleach. Don’t really know much J-singers otherwise. Only J-singers I know are ayumi H, utada H, polysics, beat crusaders, yukie naka-something (the gokusen live-action actor.. Love her!)..

    Hmm.. The link you gave sounded like a female..

    Just joking.. Lol….

  24. Cello says:

    ohh shes pretty, might have to give her a listen

    BTW for your link section if you so humbly choose:


  25. Yi says:

    @blur: I don’t know many other J-pop singers. The only exposure I get is usually from anime or J-drama. I have to check out those artists sometime.

    @Cello: Yea definitely check her out. (I mean her music.) She’s really good. Would you like to exchange links?

  26. hamka says:

    yes yui never smiles for photoshoots and cd covers… but she always looks beutyfullll..>.<

  27. Yi says:

    @hamka: Yea, she looks very pretty in a really cool demeanor.

  28. Optic says:

    Don’t love Yui all that much but there are few songs that make me say “Wow”

    I like this track but the PV was ‘meh’.

    “Has anyone else noticed that YUI never smiles for photoshoots or CD covers?”
    U made me realised now. xD

  29. Yi says:

    @Optic: I like the track too. The schoolgirl PV I thought was kind of funny.

  30. cloudscream says:

    Cool! I like YUI too! Check out her first album, From Me To You. It really has the original YUI sound that sounds raw and very pleasant to listen to. 🙂
    Recommended tracks: Merry Go Round, Feel My Soul, Swing of Lie, Blue Wind, Tomorrow’s way, Tokyo

    Can’t Buy My Love is her most diverse album yet in terms of style and lyrical content. Musically, I think it’s her best album so far.
    Recommended tracks: ALL OF THEM. Seriously.

    I Loved Yesterday is, I think, her weakest album yet, probably because at his point in her career she is already considered one of the primary mainstream artists in Japan. As an album, it lacks a distinctive feel compared to her previous two, but not without a few excellent tracks.
    Recommended tracks: Laugh Away, My Generation, Daydreamer, Namidairo, Love & Truth, Love is all

    Her B-side compilation “My Short Stories” also has several songs that has that Michelle Branch acoustic guitar texture, if you know what I mean.
    Recommended Tracks: Skyline, Understand, Last Train, Cloudy

    Summer Song and Again are one of her best singles. Again is the first opening theme song for the anime Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    “Sea” is a very beautiful B-side song which brings back the ‘old’ YUI sound.

    The tracks I like the most are LIFE, Swing of Lie, Blue Wind, Highway Chance, How crazy, Rolling Star, CHE.R.RY, Why?, Cloudy, Skyline, Daydreamer, Love & Truth, Summer song, again and Sea.

    For me, her current single It’s all too much/Never say die is decency at its best. I find nothing special on those tracks but still quite a good listen.

    Don’t forget to check out ALL her music videos! xD

    Whew, that was a long one! Gomen, but the YUI fanboy in me has awakened. xD

    Sign up here and check this out if you haven’t already done yet: http://www.yui-lover.com

  31. Yi says:

    @cloudscream: Thank you so much for an in depth discography and recommendations of YUI’s music. I really appreciate that very much because it helps to narrow down the best of her songs. Will need to find those and also join the YUI lovers forum. ^ ^

  32. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    @cloudscream: Awesome mini-marathon review!! Nice meeting a fellow YL-er here. Don’t mind if I join in the YUI-ing~ >=3

    I agree on most of the points above~For From Me To You, the single tracks were the highlight of the album with LIFE, Tokyo and Tomorrow’s Way being my favorites. I have a thing for songs that makes you cry even as it gives you strength. The lyrics are optimistic and frank that they would sound naive if delivered by someone other than YUI… she just has that special something that it’s hard to not get swept away. The other tracks took me a while to get into but I’m totally loving them now. Overall, a solid debut album that most artists can only wish for. ;D

    Can’t Buy My Love is undoubtedly her best album so far and my fav as well. Great mix of fast paced/rockish songs and her usual acoustic style songs. But some people doesn’t seem to respond well to the rock/experimental side of her music and style…for very shallow reasons imho. I think her talent speaks for itself though and it’s great that she’s experimenting musically. I just hope that the management won’t interfere too much into that aspect…But she has been proving herself to be steadfast and levelheaded so I’m not too worried. Kinda wish there were more gossips about her sometimes…lol.

    In my opinion, I Loved Yesterday and From Me To You belongs in the opposite ends of the ‘YUI sound’ spectrum. You can actually see the change through Can’t Buy My Love. There is more range in her music. The fans are torn between their opinions of ILY and FMTY. Some people loved ILY better(it’s the most ‘powerful’ musically) while some loved FMTY better(more mellow and raw). But both sides still love CBML the best. Why? Great balance musically and it appeals to a wider audience, mainstream or otherwise. So…newbies should start with that I guess. xD

    @Yi: In the mean time, feel free to consider me as your feed for YUI Lover. 😉

  33. cloudscream says:

    Woohoo! YUI fans! ^_^ YUI never fails to amaze me. And the songs in her new single are slowly growing on me. Hahah! The PVs are great, too!

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Nice to meet you outside YL. 🙂

    @Yi: I have a certain fondness for your blog, because this is the place where I found a working copy of the game Alibat! xD Thanks again!

  34. cloudscream says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki:PS, I just saw this at YUI-Lover. Happy birthday!

  35. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Thanks for the album reviews. Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of YUI thanks to you. ^ ^

    @cloudscream: No problem. It’s especially nice that people come back to visit this blog. ^ ^
    Anyway, YUI fans unite.

  36. Brad says:

    heeeey… hah im brad from YL, I was validating you a couple hrs ago and decided to click on ur link u had in ur sig…

    which took me to this site lol

    did expect the ero all at once haha

    but its cool… seems like we have the same interest in anime… and doujin.. ero games……

    and i guess now YUI! hah

    anyways welcome to the forum :]

  37. Yi says:

    @Brad: I hope all the titillating images did not scare you off. Glad to see that we have similar interests though, especially in YUI!
    Thanks for visiting. ^ ^

  38. no my gf is a fujoshi.. ive seen much more of the other sex… T_T

  39. ^ oops.. that was my reply… its brad ><

  40. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    @cloudscream : Thanks ^^

    @Brad: You’ve apparently spread the fujoshi-ness here as well…check out Yi’s latest post…lol xD

    @Yi: Glad I was able to love. Will try and tempt you into watching Taiyou no Uta next~ >=3

  41. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: I haven’t heard of Taiyou no Uta. What is it?

  42. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    @Yi: It’s also called Midnight Sun. A 2006 movie starring YUI~ Yes, she acts too. Haha. She won the rookie of the year award in the 30th Japan Academy Prize (equivalent of the Academy Awards in US). It’s pretty amazing since it’s her first time acting (and the main role at that). It’s about Amane Kaoru, “a 16 year old girl who has the rare skin condition xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a disease that makes the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight potentially lethal to her. ” So she’s pretty much a vampire-like creature… lol. Plot itself might seem like a typical romance story with an expiry date (unavoidable when one has an incurable disease…), but YUI isn’t a typical actress so it was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t say her acting was spectacular or flawless but her Amane Kaoru was believable for me. Perhaps because the character was very much similar to her(amateur singer/guitarist), that she ended up just superimposing Kaoru’s situation onto herself. I think that’s the only way to do it if you’re new to acting… Unlike other romantic movies, the parents feature heavily in this one. Mainly how they cope with their daughter’s illness and such. The dad especially was really well acted. There were some really touching scenes. ;_; Also the live performance scenes were awesome! YUI totally aced those~ Haha. xD

    (There are 3 songs featured in the movie, Goodbye-days, It’s Happy Line and Skyline.)

  43. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: If she’s in it, I’m definitely watching the movie. YUI is more than cute enough for the big screen.

  44. Akira Eshi says:

    Do you love rock music with female vocals?

  45. Yi says:

    @Akira Eshi: Yep. They’re a large percentage of my playlist.

  46. Akira Eshi says:

    @Yi: Few Russian rock, if interested.

  47. Yi says:

    @Akira Eshi: Thanks. These are really rocking. ^ ^
    I really like the second one especially.

  48. Akira Eshi says:

    @Yi: I think all you can find on youtube.
    1) zemfira
    2) Slot
    3) Tatyana Zikina
    4) Mihei (but it’s not rock, he sang in the style of stylized reggae. A few years ago he died of a heart attack, the clip that you saw was the last one)

  49. Yi says:

    @Akira Eshi: Thanks for the names. I was kind of wondering. Now I’m going to be hunting down their music.

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