Himegami no Miko – Kannazuki no Miko Sequel?!

Himegami Chikane Himeko character design

Himegami no Miko website

Himegami no Miko (姫神の巫女) is the new project from Kaishaku. Possibly a sequel to Kannazuki no Miko (or alternate reality or something…), Himegami certainly has many yuri fans excited. An official looking website is updated, which further confirms the probable anime sequel to the popular yuri series. However, the site for Himegami contain very little information so far.

Himegami no Miko promo sequel to Kannazuki no Miko
One of the many sources of the rumor.

Rumors of Himegami have been floating about for ages, but only with the recently updated website do the rumors seem much more plausible.

Kannazuki no Miko, sequel Himegami no Miko

I have always loved Kannazuki no Miko simply because it was one of my first yuri anime. I also really like Chikane Himemiya. So of course, I was quite elated to hear the news and see the website.

Himegami no Miko Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora

Personally, I am looking forward to Himegami no Miko, and hoping that it is not weak sauce like Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora (Shattering Angels/ KyoSora), in which the yuri was lightly written off as side characters… Judging from Kaishaku’s blog, it seems that Chikane and Himeko will feature prominently in Himegami.

Kannazuki no Miko yuri

I am also hoping for no more giant robots… sorry to all mecha fans out there, but yuri + mecha is just not a combination I want to see; though I do not mind mecha musume too much. Further, I am liking the sword and uniform on the site; definitely very very cool.

Kannazuki Chikane rape Himeko

And who here does not wish for another yuri rape?

Kannazuki no Miko gallery cover

Of course, further concrete confirmation would be very nice. Still, the upcoming season look good for yuri.
Lastly, thanks to @EcchiYuri, where I first heard about it, and Yuri no Boke for detailed information on Kaishaku, past rumors, and one of the images.

Edit: From what some understand, Himegami no Miko will be a manga that will premiere in the magazine Young Ace, which is a seinen manga magazine, not an anime. Of course, the website indicates that an anime adaptation is highly likely. Source: Yuriness

Edit: Leaked images of the manga are circulating.
Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian has been scanlated.

Edit: To clear things up about the “sequel” and the website: https://listlessink.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/himegami-no-miko-kannazuki-no-miko-sequel/#comment-4072

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44 Responses to Himegami no Miko – Kannazuki no Miko Sequel?!

  1. Snark says:

    I see lesbians, I see swords and I smell the distinct possibility of giant robots…I WANT.

  2. Baka-Raptor says:

    I also prefer my yuri without robots getting in the way. Unless they’re robot lesbians.

  3. Thanks for the nod! So now the big question is… WHO’S GONNA BE SCANLATING THIS SERIES?!? I can provide RAWs if need be.

    The best part of this announcement is that type of magazine it’s going to run in is seinen which makes me think it will be all the more yuri-rific and ecchi!

  4. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    I saw the Himegami site. Only 其の零 (The Zero) is up and it feels like a prologue to a novel… certainly interesting. And I think this should be an alternate universe kinda thing although much of the mythology stuff from KnM seems to be present..but it’s different. AUChikane = moon priestess, AUHimeko = earth priestess(?). Both of them have the 御神娘(みかみこ) mark…I don’t know why AUChikane is trying to kill AUHimeko though. And the conversation at the end is such a cliffhanger…

    AUHimeko: Ok…I understand.
    AUChikane: … …?
    AUHimeko: It’s fine. You killing me is fine.
    AUChikane’s eyes snaps open in astonishment.
    AUHimeko: In exchange…I want you to listen to my one request.
    AUChikane: Request?
    AUHimeko: Will that be okay?
    Saying that, AUHimeko smiled tenderly towards AUChikane…

    !! I wanna know…
    Btw, is doesn’t seem common to have a site like that for a manga that’s not even published… Seems like a pretty big thing. Mangaka’s blog mentioned that the manuscript has been submitted and the latest post complains about colour pages being a real pain. Heh. Also, “Having the full solar eclipse of a certain year to start in October, I wonder if it’s a good idea…” means chapter 1 of Himegami will have a solar eclipse like KnM…? Hmm~ Just hope that means they will try and published it in October on purpose~ =3

    There’s also this…

    It’s a manga called ロコモコ (Locomoco?) just published in ‘Magazine Special’. Certainly look yuri friendly to me…anyone has any idea?

  5. Yi says:

    @Snark: I see lesbians, I see swords and I smell the distinct possibility of giant robots…I WANT. Giant robots in yuri is just not for me.
    @Baka-Raptor:Robots are erotic!!
    @Audio Erotica (EcchiYuri): Not sure if it’s going to be anime or manga (or both), but if it’s manga, there definitely will be many groups jumping on to scanlate this.
    @Fujii_Itsuki: The conversation sounded really similar to what happened at the end of KnM (perhaps prologue). I want to know as well. I also think it will probably be an anime for the same reason. Thanks for the information too.
    I haven’t heard of ロコモコ at all. I’ll look into it though.

  6. "G" says:

    YUri!!! ..is this the one that i stopped right after the first episode?

  7. Yi says:

    @”G”: Yes… It was the one with the giant robots that you just could not get into.

  8. shijima says:

    Wow, this is awesome news.
    Hopefully there will be some good merchandise and doujin coming out of this, which will help soften the blow if the plot is not good. =)

  9. Yi says:

    @shijima: Agreed on the merchandise. But even more than wanting doujins and such, I hope the plot will be great.

  10. OMG! I am looking forward to it! I don’t mind to see another Chikane cover in action XD And the characters look so good in the 2 pictures *.*
    I love KNM was my first yuri too, and I cried a lot =/
    Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora was more centered in Kyo and Ku, but the few yuri was good, not like KNM, but was not so bored to watch like Yami To Boushi To Hon no Tabibito…
    And I agree with u, I hope there’s any robot in this one…
    ‘And who here does not wish for another yuri rape?’ Hahahahaa, Agreeed!!!

  11. koyot3 says:

    This is amazing news!
    That website better not be fake :q (or for a game)
    Looks like Chikane replaces her bow for a japanese sword.. (as it invokes more fangirls)

  12. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: Yea, really really hoping for some yuri rape.
    @koyot3: I really hope this is true. And a sword is much much cooler than a bow.

  13. IMSirius says:

    I finished ‘Kannazuki no Miko’ the other night. I really enjoyed it, although I am with you Yi in being able to do without the mecha. As a matter of fact, I think the mecha battles take away a lot from the overall story. It’s like someone wrote this wonderful, magical story and then was told by some corporate hack to crowbar some robot fighting in to it. Oi.

  14. Yi says:

    @IMSirius: Yea, the mecha made the anime feel really childish and is just kind of jarring in a romance.

  15. Sae~ says:

    Okay I really really really hope this is true.

    If it is; I’ll like….

    Die of happiness.

  16. Yi says:

    @Sae~: I feel a similar way.

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  19. AutumnAngel says:

    OMGG i loved Kannazuki No Miko
    the magic and chemistry between chikane and himeko was addictive i couldn’t stop watching this… it was great! The best anime i ever seen! i so hope they do this sequel and continue the magic of the love between chikane and himeko and that it isn’t ruined too much.
    I envy their love and magic.

    it was great work, i am now officially obsessed! 🙂 haha
    lovelovelove J

  20. Yi says:

    @AutumnAngel: Agreed completley about Kannazuki no Miko. Anyway, the “sequel” is actually a manga with the same characters but with a different universe. As for the website, that’s for the web novel.

  21. Anime Dolls says:

    This is the greatest ^_^

  22. I havn’t heard about it for months now.. I realy REALY want it to be a anime. ’cause were i live they don’t sell this kind of books ¬_¬ I have to buy it online and stuff.. so yay for anime! ^_^

  23. Yi says:

    @ROCKALICIOUSS: As of right now, the only related works are the web novel and the manga, which is a bit unfortunate, because I really wanted an anime as well. Well, hopefully there will be one in the future.

  24. Striker says:

    I want to see Himegami no Miko get turned in to a Anime show

    • Yi says:

      I’d want to see that. There is a manga out though: Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian. So I guess we can content ourselves with that for now.

  25. StellaOfSolaria says:

    Hello so I just recently I finshed watching KnM n I fell in love it! its such a sweet love story altho the ending made me cry my eyes out. Anywho so I heard they appeared in a spinoff series(Kyoshiro) n after tht i strtd browsing thru google n i was happy 2 find a somewht of seaquels in the works yet w/ all the research i did Im terribly confused can some1 plse try n answer my Qs if u know anything. Im afraid Im not updated yet.
    1. Are Himegmi no Miko and Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian two different storys? If yes which 1 comes 1st or are they completely diff?
    2. Is Himigami only goin 2 b a web novel? like no books? Where can I read it in english?
    3. Has there been any tlk of Himigami being turned into an anime? Dub/Sub?
    4. How many volumes are there in the manga Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian?
    5. Is Amnesian goin to be adapted as an anime? Dub/Sub?
    6. Has the official manga for Amnesian been released? Has an official english translation been released? Where can I buy it?
    7. How wld you classify Himigami story… prequel, sequel, or another reincarnation story? Same for Amnesian… wht kinda story is it?

    Im so so srry for all the questions, I know its a lot. You dont have to answer but if anybody knows anything or any info ragarding any of my Qs plse reply, its been about 2yrs since the news of these new series came out so there must be some new updated info unfortunately my head strtd 2 hurt w/ all the google pgs Lol So yea let me know 😀

    Chikane & Himeko FTW!! ❤

    • Yi says:

      Wow, lots of questions.

      1. Yes (sort of). Himegami no Miko was a teaser of sorts for Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian. The two are related, but I consider them separate stories. You do not need to read Himegami to understand Amnesian.
      2. Yes, Himegami is only going to be a web novel, and I have no idea where to read it in English. I don’t believe anyone has translated it, nor anyone who would. It’s a very small work in comparison to the franchise.
      3. No. And I don’t see it ever happening. Again, Himegami is not a major work at all. In fact, its creation feels like only a little teaser for the main course, Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian.
      4. Not yet announced as the manga is still ongoing.
      5. Nothing I’ve heard so far has hinted it, but it’s possible in the future.
      6. I don’t think so.
      7. Himegami is a short web novel that I think is an alternative telling. To be honest, I’ve totally forgotten about its content since it’s not really anything substantial. Amnesian, on the other hand, is much more interesting. It’s also a retelling.

      p.s. The reason you probably couldn’t find much on Himegami is probably because it’s not that important in the whole Kannazuki no Miko franchise.

  26. Johnny says:

    I hope “Himegami no Miko” will be released as an anime or OVAs… i watched the anime (it was licensed with french subs only by Dybex) and found it beautiful and sad. I read the manga too (unfortunately it is not released in France).
    Hope I can watch this knew project !

  27. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    “I am also hoping for no more giant robots… sorry to all mecha fans out there, but yuri + mecha is just not a combination I want to see”

    I laughed pretty hard on that….. yuri and robot really don’t seem to fit very well together

    I’ve never seen yuri and robot combination before….

  28. Casshie says:

    Woah i was gone for 2 weeks and bam! i see a sequel to Kannazuki no Miko! I was totally not expecting this at all, because i thought Kannazuki has quite a solid ending(maybe a tiny little bit of cliffhanger)..but looking back maybe it had some potential for a second season. But the awesome thing about this post is the pictures, Yi-san. They are awesome, and of course not to forget your awesome announcement! I hope the manga ends soon!!(So that they can make an anime out of it)

    P.S. I totally agree with the mecha, it’s just bad in this one. But if it’s a sequel to Kannazuki then i think it might still be there..Oh and not to forget Chikane =) shes just pure awesome!

    • Casshie says:

      But yea, i guess it’s just that i did not see this post at all XD It caught my eye somewhere and bam i found it, lucky me!

    • Yi says:

      This post is actually from over two years ago, so the “sequel” (more like a spin-off/ alternative story a la Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora) has been out for a while. It’s titled Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian. There’s a link to its scanlation in the post.

      p.s. Glad you enjoyed the images. ^ ^

  29. Seinime says:

    Hmm, this looks real ni-

    Ok, maybe checking this out at school wasn’t such a good idea. -///-

  30. Terrance says:

    I think mecha+yuri is the most brilliant idea
    Up to date. I don’t know bout y’all, but kick -ass mecha morphs, robot battles, rich (elite class) kids going bout they lives AND a yuri relationship PLUS a rape!?!? The producer and director needs to get a Emmy. We don’t see thangs like this.

  31. Syna says:

    Any updates?
    *Puppy eyes*

  32. João Henrique says:

    Theres is any updates? i know we are almost in 2014, but i cant find anything abou Himegami no miko, and i dont know anyone that likes it. Please, there is some sites that have it traslated? or himegami is over? HELP ME kkk

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