Are you enjoying the time of EVE?

EVE no Jikan Are you enjoying the time of EVE?

School has begun, and for my last year in college, I have decided that I will try different things. Thus, on a whim, I decided to check out my school’s anime club when I got the club’s flyer.


Yesterday was the first showing of the semester, and it was my first time ever at any anime club. I simply really never had any friends who are into anime, manga, or the whole otaku culture, and it never occured to me to join an anime club. When I approached the lecture hall where the showing was, I met several rather interesting individuals. Most veteran members and officers are very nice.

Time of EVE EVE no Jikan

After a brief introduction to the club, the showing began. They showed the first five episodes of Time of EVE (EVE no Jikan). I had not heard of this series before. It was amazing; simply just very wonderful; the kind of sci-fi anime that I really really enjoy. I will be sure to watch episode six of EVE no Jikan when that comes out.

Izumi Konata Lucky Star fanart

What was not so great were the shrieking laughs of the other members (or a particular member). She has a rather annoying screech. I do not particularly mind a few chuckles here or there, but… I suppose Konata was right when she says anime is something personal and should be enjoyed as such.

Further, during introduction and intermission, the club officers just seem a bit… disorganized, uncharismatic, and immature. I have been very involved with quite a few activities and student organization on campus, and we have done great things. Comparatively, the anime club have trouble even just getting through events in a timely manner. Seriously, cut out the immature internet memes and the stupid overdone jokes that just are not funny. And things are not cooler just because you add “epic” to every other word.

Or more likely I’m just being an asshole and overly critical of a “fun club” because I did not win the raffle for the item I rather wanted. I have also been in quite a negative mood recently… I actually do feel kind of bad about being so harsh… But it’s the internet; everyone can be meaner.

Time of EVE no Jikan

Anyway, watching a wonderful high quality anime projected onto a huge screen, sitting in comfortable, relaxing chairs in a darkened, theater-like hall was still quite an experience. I did enjoyed my Time of EVE.

EVE no Jikan

I cannot say the same for the club though.

I am sure I will go back again, if only to try to win the raffle for something else or check out their conventions, but I am not sure if I really want to participate in their weekly game nights. I would rather do better things in life.

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15 Responses to Are you enjoying the time of EVE?

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  2. Snark says:

    Yeah, anime clubs aren’t…the most fun. They’re still a pretty decent way of meeting people with a shared interest though; out of the whole bunch of annoying people, you can normally find one or two who you don’t want to skewer in the face with a rusty shovel.

  3. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Eve no Jikan is indeed amazing! Glad that you enjoyed the screening at least. My anime club experience have mostly been good. I joined my Uni’s anime club for all the 5 years I was there. Even became the president at some point…lol. It was an extremely wonderful experience for me mostly because the committees and members were a great bunch of people. It was still a new club when I joined so there was barely any funds for our activities but we still had fun with our weekly anime screenings and gatherings. I guess what really matters is the environment and people instead of the activities. I’ve made some lasting friendship through it too. It’s probably one of the few anime clubs with higher female population than male. While I was there at least. Hehe, certainly made things more interesting~

    …Though I have to agree that the cinema-like environment for anime screenings is really one of the main draw. Was able to discover some really nice gems through it. Also, by some miracle famous seiyuus* have agreed to come to our small uni cons for the past 3 years so I guess that makes it all worth it! =3

    (*Voicing Tuxedo Kamen from Sailormoon, Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach, Nagato Yuki from Haruhi respectively~YUI is still a far away target…=X)

  4. Yi says:

    @Snark: Yea, I think I might be able to meet a few people there who I can hit it off with. I do think that most people there are pretty nice; it’s just that the club lacks the structure and organization that I expected. Although they do do a lot of things very well though, such as a weekly Konshuu and touring conventions and anime locations.

    @Fujii_Itsuki: Your uni’s anime club sounds really really fun, able to even get seiyuus. I’m hoping to maybe make some lasting friendships there too, especially since most there are rather cool people.

  5. shijima says:

    I think I dropped by the anime club once.
    But then, I already saw everything they were showing and I could d/l everything I wanted to I didn’t bother going again. :p

    Are you involved with Habitat for Humanity?
    I heard from others that it was quite an enlightening experience.

    I’ll have to also check out Eve no Jikan at some point.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. Yi says:

    @shijima: Yea… That’s another thing about anime clubs in general. For example, the next few showings are K-On! and Spice and Wolf. I’ve already seen K-On!, and I have zero interest in Spice and Wolf… They don’t always show the anime you want to see.
    Also, I was indeed involved a bit with Habitat for Humanity.

  7. Enri says:

    Looks great, i’ll put it on my to do list 🙂
    I just finished watching ‘Mnemosyne’, AWESOME!

  8. Yi says:

    @Enri: I should really watch Mnemosyne too. Anyway, Eve no Jikan is awesome; I should do a proper review next time.

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  10. enri says:

    So i watched it in last weekend and i really loved it.
    PS. if you have the time i recommend to watch Air Master, action comedy.

  11. Yi says:

    @enri: Someone else has recommended that as well. I have a growing backlog that I have a hard time keeping up with, but yea I’ll definitely check that out! ^ ^

  12. TheFatherCat says:

    This is an old entry but I felt like I had to comment after reading this:
    “What was not so great were the shrieking laughs of the other members…”

    I understand how you feel. I went to my anime club for the first time a week ago saying to myself “This might be a good chance to be with my brothers and sisters” (slightly exaggerated).

    Yeah…it didn’t work out too well. I learn to never watch anime with someone who is violently inclined and an avid naruto fan. (Both tend to laugh at everything) This accounts for…almost everyone in the group. lol

  13. Yi says:

    @TheFatherCat: I’ve never gone back to watch anime with them again. I really can’t stand those who laugh at the smallest unfunny stuff with a hideous annoying laugh.

  14. enri says:

    In case you didn’t know, there’s “Time of Eve the Movie: First Season Complete Edition” will be out sometime in spring.

  15. Yi says:

    @enri: Thanks for the info. I had kind of forgotten about this series. I should really pick it up again.

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