Lars and the Real Girl – Loving Sex Dolls

I don’t usually write reviews on movies, much less on chick flicks, and I know most of my readers are much more interested in anime, but I recently saw a film that I thought was quite touching and somewhat relevant to my usual posts, so bear with me a bit…

Anyway, besides anime, I tend to watch a lot of romantic comedies. By a lot, I mean I have probably seen all of the well known titles within the past decade plus a few more. Last night, I was craving for another chick flick, and I realized that I have viewed all the ones I know. Thus, I googled to see what else is out there and found Lars and the Real Girl.

An introverted but sweet man finds true love with a sex doll and the whole town protects his delusional fairytale… The premise is definitely quite creepy. In fact, after reading the synopsis, I immediately thought about this rather infamous Youtube video and the empty expressions of the sex dolls.

These look kind of scary…

Initially, I expected an immature silly film full of obscene jokes and such. However, Lars and the Real Girl is actually quite gentle and delicate in its treatment of the premise that I was surprised. It is so touching not just to see Lars finding true love, but also the whole town embracing their relationship. This is a romantic comedy that is so poignant and so melancholic, yet with a slight tint of subtle humor, that Lars and the Real Girl is simply awkwardly beautiful.

The trailer makes the movie seem quite upbeat… but it’s not really.

The sex doll he purchased, Bianca, also looks kind of empty…

This movie shows another side to love. Perhaps loving inanimate objects, such as sex dolls or 2d characters, is not so weird…

This doll is kind of pretty.

Anyway, if you’re ever in the mood for a chick flick, this is a nice film. Also, I’m still looking for suggestions on romantic comedies.

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17 Responses to Lars and the Real Girl – Loving Sex Dolls

  1. Snark says:

    Huh, I recently read an article concerning people in Japan who use dakimakuras as a substitute for real relationships; guess we have our western equivalent right here =P

    Anyways, good to know it’s not a slew of tasteless jokes. If the movie is actually fair handed in its portrayal of its characters, I might just give it a look >=)

  2. Yi says:

    @Snark: Yea, definitely sort of a western equivalent. Anyways, give this movie a shot; you might like it.

  3. "G" says:

    yea! after reading ur entry, it makes me really want to watch this movie! a very interesting subject!

  4. Cello says:

    oh, i’ve actually seen this, my ex dragged me to watch it lol. I enjoyed it mainly because it was a ‘different’ type of film. But it held my interest. Glad to see more reviews on your blog 🙂

  5. The movie seems to have some funny scenes, and also show another kind of love, that can b related to platonic love, what is very common thing (i guess..), i think that i will watch this movie…
    about romantic comedies, its a old one, but i love this movie, have u seen ‘a lot like love’? i really like this one 🙂

  6. Yi says:

    @G: Agreed. Let’s watch it next time.
    @Cello: Thanks. I might review more movies in the future. ^^
    @Yuri Downloads: The funny scenes are all rather subtle, but yea. Anyway, I have seen A Lot Like Love. It’s not bad.

  7. Pinsel says:

    I’m actually scanlating an Manga called Doll and it’s about such Real Dolls, it’s pretty funny, no yuri though ^^

  8. Yi says:

    @Pinsel: That manga looks really interesting. I’ll be sure to check it out.

  9. Pinsel says:

    Not a big fan of romantic comedies myself but I liked ‘Imagine Me & You’ which I imagine you already know? Or how about ‘Nina’s Heavenly Delights’ which I think is far less well known.

  10. Yi says:

    I have indeed seen Imagine Me & You, which is pretty good, but I will check out Nina’s Heavenly Delights. I haven’t heard of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Gorgeous Gavin says:

    Great film, i really enjoyed watching this. Not just because i work in the sex dolls industry!

  12. Yi says:

    @Gorgeous Gavin: Yea, this was a great film, and you have an awesome job.

  13. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Hey, just saw this movie and really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the recommendation! =)

    Btw, I highly recommend Detroit Metal City if you haven’t seen it yet.

  14. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: I have not seen Detroit Metal City. It looks really interesting, so I’ll watch it pn my next chick flick binge. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. Enri says:

    In case you have’nt seen
    is pretty sweet.

  16. Yi says:

    @Enri: Thanks for the suggestion. This looks pretty good. I will definitely check it out.

  17. enri says:

    I really recommend ONCE

    Bit sad but really well done.

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