K-On Dont Say Lazy

I hesitated before making this post, simply because I am sure all about K-On has been said. Still, I wanted to write something after viewing K-On!… so yea… I will keep it short and concise though.

K-On Mio Yui Mugi Ritsu

K-On! is a comedic slice of life anime about four girls in the newly formed light music club.

Plotwise, K-On is quite mediocre, but it certainly has its funny parts. Also, I love the costumes, whether they are wearing uniform or casual clothes, rocking or cosplaying. It is just a really delicate detail in that they have so many different looks  throughout the series.

K-On akiyama mio hirasawa ui hirasawa yui nakano azusa

K-On scan Mio Yui Mugi Ritsu

Further, the girls of Ho-Kago Tea Time, especially Mio, are certainly very cute. The character designs are quite lolified and nice. I guess I am yet another who has fallen for these lovable characters.

Akiyama Mio, my favorite of the girls.

Of course, for an anime about music, the opening, ending, and insert songs are all quite nice. I loved their performances.

K-On! Opening Cagayake! Girls

Ho-kago Tea Time Album – わたしの恋はホッチキス/Watashi No Koi Wa Hocchikisu

Anyway, K-On! may be yet another cliche school life anime, but still, it left quite an impressive impact, both on the anime world and on me.

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14 Responses to K-On!

  1. I love K-On!
    Mio is my fave too, she is awesome! I think that she is everyone fave XD She is very popular….
    I think that K-On is better than Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star, too bad that I have to wait until next january to watch the special…the anime is very funny, omg, I just feel like rewatching K-On now! =P
    And I love the songs! the ending it’s so cool, and I wanted more performaces in the anime, too bad that just have few performaces…
    Great post Yi ^_^

  2. Snark says:

    I…let’s just say that K-On wasn’t my cup of tea and leave it at that -_-

    Ritsu was kinda funny, but I found most of the girls really annoying. And everytime Sawako, that pedophile of a teacher appeared on screen, I was hoping a bus would run her over.

    K-On hating aside, I want to propose a link exchange with you =P

  3. Yi says:

    @Yuri Downloads: Agreed. It’s pretty funny at moments, but Mio, the music, and the costumes really made great.

    @Snark: Notice how I didn’t post a single pic of Sawako? I was hoping a bus would run her over too…
    Also, I was just thinking of the link exchanging with you too. ^^

  4. IMSirius says:

    Loved it. Full of intense cutness, and warm feelgood stories. Sometimes something light-hearted like K-On! is just what I need.

    <– Part of the Mugi-chan fanclub.

  5. Yi says:

    @IMSirius: Agreed. “Warm feelgood stories”. I like that. I’m going to use it next time. ^^

  6. shijima says:

    Thanks for the cute pics.
    I do like K-ON, especially Ui and Azunyan.
    It can be a bit hard to find decent doujin though. :p

  7. Yi says:

    @shijima: I love Azunyan a lot too, and Ui kind of. It seems you did find some good K-On! doujins though. ^^

  8. koyot3 says:

    Thanks for the review. I will get to watching this sometime. But for now I’m satisfied with doujins. Mio is my favorite but only because of the bass guitar. Mugi is close second though ^_^

  9. Yi says:

    @koyot3: If you watch it, you might like Mio even more.

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