Caterpillar - yihsieh

Acrylic on canvas
20 x 16 inches

I had not painted with traditional mediums in a long, long time, so I decided to brush up on my painting skills over the weekend. This took four days of work.

Caterpillar Alice

Caterpillar Sara

Caterpillar sketch - yihsieh
This is the sketch that I based the painting on.

Looks like the cat will not make it…

I thought I’d be almost done here, but instead, the finished version took about another 2 days of work.

Caterpillar - yihsieh
Finally finished. Look at it in higher resolution to see it better. ^^

The small storage room where I worked.

It was really nice to find some time over the summer to paint again. Also, thanks a lot to G for taking the pictures for me. She’s really awesome.

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9 Responses to Caterpillar

  1. Winterbraid says:

    Nice! I like the atmosphere in this one a lot. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. shijima says:

    Very nice.
    I’ve never painted with acryllic before.
    I like the sort of starry night on the upper right, and the little flowers on the bottom.

    Hehe, I see someone at your studio is an MCB major.
    I quit after Chem 1A. :p

  3. Wow! nice work!
    i like the way u posted all the process of the work, is very cool.
    u used nice colours the final result is great!

  4. Yi says:

    @Winterbraid: Thanks. ^^ I might paint something again when I have the time and the drive.
    @shijima: Acrylic is a pretty fair medium to work with since it dries so fast. Anyway, good eyes. That would be my text book.
    @Yuri Downloads: Thanks. I’m glad you thought the colors were good.

  5. Oooh nice painting! Very colourful. The only thing I’ve painted recently was a Gundam XD

  6. Yi says:

    @lightningsabre: Thanks ^^. I’d love to see your Gundam painting too.

  7. Akira Eshi says:

    Wow, very very cool.

    You acrylic looks dry.
    And I love to draw watercolor and acryl with plenty of water. I love the transparent layers

  8. Yi says:

    @Akira Eshi: I think I tend to like to use really thick and dry paint rather than wet-on-wet style, which works pretty well for me on acrylic.

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