Amaranto Part. 2 – Bad End!!!

So this is the much delayed part 2 of the summary. I’m having a blast with these because they are really allowing me to pay attention to the Japanese… anyways…

Again, indented lines are choices. Starred ones are my choices.

Last time we left off with:

Azoth tells Shizuku that Shizuku can kill her, because doing so is the only way to stop the weapon. She then asks Shizuku, “Will you kill me?”

I can kill you.
*It will not come to such.

Anyway, over at  Mio and Ria, they chat a bit more about general things concerning Queen.

Meanwhile, Shizuku naturally tells Azoth that such a thing will not happen. She believes in Azoth’s humanity and also believes that Azoth is a victim of Queen’s amibition. To this, Azoth replies, “Please stop speaking ill about Queen.  Her wishes and hopes are my own.”

At this moment, she grabs Shizuku’s hands and hides her behind a stack of crates. As she does this, she thanks Shizuku. The maid, Nero, has come. As Nero and Azoth talk a bit about congesting blood, the clumsy Shizuku falls behind the crates and reveals herself. Tension mounts… However, to Shizuku’s relief, Nero and Azoth merely leaves after a few questions.

Mio is talking with Ria when someone approaches.  It is Ayaka and she has been concerned about Mio. As Ayaka slowly approaches, she notices Ria. Mio introduces Ria to Ayaka, but is cut off with, “Get away from this person!” Ayaka grabs the confused Mio’s hand, and leads her away. She leaves Ria with a threat to kill her next time. After they leave, Ria mutters something about love…

Mio asks Ayaka how she knows Ria, but Ayaka merely walks in silence…

Both Mio and Ayaka are concerned, but Ayaka assures Mio that they will find Shizuku soon. Mio kind of blames herself for this situation. They then talk about Azoth again. Mio has decided that she will help Azoth. She will find a way to both save innocents from dying and not kill Azoth. Ayaka is rather skeptical. Ayaka argues that there is always a sacrifice, and it is impossible to save everyone and everyhting. After all that arguing, Mio goes home. (I guess she just decides to leave finding Shizuku for another day…)

Shizuku is alone in some random place. She does not want to go back to face Mio after what happened.

Over at Queen’s place, Azoth is visited by Queen. Queen questions Azoth a bit about her day and her meeting someone; Queen is a bit worried. She then tells Azoth that she loves her more than anyone and anything else in the world. Azoth does the same. Outside Azoth’s room, the Queen orders Nero to take care of the business. She then meets three random kids, a pair of twins and a boy (possibly the only male person in this world…) They have some idle chatter.

Shizuku decides to visit the school at night as she has no where else to stay. At the school, she meets Nero. Nero tells Shizuku that Azoth has invited her over. Shizuku is a bit unsure, but faints when Nero touches her.

Mio wakes up the next day and runs all over the place to find Shizuku. (She should have done that last night!) When she returns home, she finds Shizuku. Mio asks Shizuku about last night, and Shizuku tells her that she wandered to the most beautiful place in the city. They go there together and it is a giant flower meadow. Shizuku is acting a little weird the whole time, and is being vague about yesterday and Azoth. When confronted by Mio, Shizuku tells her that the world is coming to an end, and the new world will be full of beautiful flowers like this meadow.

Mio pushes Shizuku away and tells her that the world ending thing is not so cool. Hearing this, Shizuku becomes really really offended, so offended that she draws a sword. Mio tells Shizuku, “You are not the Shizuku that I knows.” This sets Shizuku off…

Draw your sword
*Don’t draw your sword. (I’m a real chill person, so I’ve decided peace is the way to go…)


I was honestly really shocked that it ended just like that… I must have made some bad choices. 😦

Part 1: here

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14 Responses to Amaranto Part. 2 – Bad End!!!

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  2. shijima says:

    My goal for this summer should be to finish this game. =)

    Thanks for the summary.

    I hope the creators will make some more yuri games in the future :D.

  3. Yi says:

    Yea me too. Actually, I also much more hope someone who knows Japanese and scripts really well will make a translation of this.

  4. Akira Eshi says:

    I read now Ry Murakami – Pirsing.
    The last picture and the phrase “… because doing so is the only way to stop the weapon.” in the theme book.

  5. Yi says:

    hehe sounds similar. ^ ^

  6. Ouch… bad end >.<

    Thanks for the summary once again, even if it is at a bad end ^^;

  7. Yi says:

    Yea, it was quite an ouch moment… I thought I had been experienced enough to beast through the visual novel. I guess I need to play more. ^ ^

  8. Fatekun says:

    Ouch, but for me bad ending is not always bad, it’s give more impression sometimes 🙂

  9. Yi says:

    @Fatekun: Agreed. I’m going to try to play it through again for a different ending.

  10. animefan says:

    Is there spoken japanese or written japanese?

  11. Yi says:

    @animefan: It is both spoken and written.

  12. kirakazumi says:

    Actually you can just avoid this bad end by choosing “Draw your sword” -in case you haven’t already tried that-

    if you have a save file close to this choice just load it up, no need to start from the beginning..

    Well, thats just IMO of course.. Exploring other routes is never a bad thing- ^.^-

  13. Yi says:

    @kirakazumi: Hehe. I should load and keep playing. I kind of dropped this for a while due to stuff, and getting killed seemed like a good place for a hiatus.
    Exploring other routes is definitely good. ^ ^

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