Amaranto Part. 1 – Will You Kill Me?

Since summer vacation started, I have just been taking my sweet time lazing around. I definitely have not updated as much as I want to. Speaking of which, someone saw my blog and commented with, “anime p0rn… yuck!” Well, yuck you. (Just kidding…)

Anyway, I started playing Amaranto.

Queen and Azoth

Amaranto is a yuri visual novel by Trifolium Garden. Set in a post apocalyptic world, the plot has a somewhat fantastic and mysterious vibe. The story follows Mio, who tries to unravel the rumors behind several murders happening in her district.

Azoth and Shizuku

As this game is not translated and I doubt it will be anytime soon, I decided to just brute force through the plot with my janky Japanese and the help of AGTH. For me, the game is very understandable. For those unwilling to deal with the clunky AGTH and ridiculously crappy Atlas translations, I have decided to provide a quick summary up to where I am now.

Amaranto intro.

Of course, spoilers ahead!!! Don’t read this if you plan on enjoying this by yourself. Alternatively, you can play along with me ^ ^. The indented lines are the choices associated; starred lines are my choices.

Set in a violent post apocalyptic era and in a world split into various districts, the story begins with Mio and her childhood friend, Shizuku, going to school. At school, they talk to their friend, Yuki, about rumors regarding several recent “vampiric” murders and a girl in white.

*I think there is a vampire.
I don’t think so.


The next day, Mio finds out that one of her classmate was attacked. She and Shizuku decides to confirm the rumor about the girl in white.

That night, they set out to search for the rumored vampire. On the way, they meet a random woman, who tries to seduce Shizuku. Of course, she does not succeed.

After a while, they finally find the girl in white. The woman sees the two of them, and attacks Shizuku. Mio tries to protect Shizuku, only to be easily defeated by the girl.

Run away.
*Keep fighting.


Queen, the ruler of the district, then shows up and calls out to Azoth, the girl in white. Fortunately for Mio and Shizuku, Queen and Azoth leave together. After a bunch of “大丈夫?” Mio and Shizuku return home and sleep together…

Shizuku and Mio

The next day,

*Stay home.
Go to school.

Mio goes to school while Shizuku stays home. At school, Mio talks to Yuki about what happened last night. Meanwhile, Shizuku wanders around town alone, and once again meets the dangerous seductive woman from last night. She wants Shizuku…

Shizuku and Ayaka

Shizuku is saved by a passerby woman, Ayaka. As the two of them chat, Mio finds them. They talk for a bit about recent events, particularly regarding the blood-sucking murders.

*We have met the vampire.
Vampires are just fantasy.

That night, Azoth attacks another woman. After which, she is a bit sad because her clothes got dirty. Queen shows up with her maid and comforts her by kissing her.

At home, Mio dreams about Azoth and Shizuku. In her dream, Azoth is holding the unconscious Shizuku. Azoth asks Mio her reasons for fighting.

*I have something to protect.
I fight to defeat you.

Mio wakes up after Azoth hears her answer.

The next day, Mio and Shizuku meet Yuki at a rather creepy cafe after school. To Mio and Shizuku’s surprise, Yuki brings along Ayaka. The four of them exchange some information and Ayaka mentions that she is here to investigate Azoth and some sort of final weapon related to Queen and Azoth. The conversation shifts a bit. Shizuku sympathizes deeply with Azoth’s sad and lonely eyes. Ayaka then asks Mio what she thinks about Azoth.

I will kill her for the lives she has taken.
*I’m not sure what the right justice is.

The four of them leave the cafe. Outside the cafe, Shizuku catches a glimpse of Azoth in the sunset and chases after her. Mio and the cafe owner follow. The three of them catch up to Azoth. Mio tries to fight with Azoth but Shizuku stops her. Azoth leaves, followed by the cafe owner. Mio tries to follow as well, but is once again stopped by Shizuku. Shizuku explains that Azoth is just a human like her and Mio. When she further mentions something about Mio and her own past…

They are interrupted by a woman, Ria. As Ria and Mio chat, several people surround them. In the confusion, Shizuku goes after Azoth and finds her. (The cafe owner lost her). Meanwhile, Mio and Ria faces off against a bunch of people… Ria easily fights off these random gangsters.


Mio and Ria then talk a bit about stuff. Ria is here monitoring the district. She warns Mio against approaching Azoth. She is also surprised by how much Mio knows about both Azoth and the end world weapon.

Over on Shizuku’s end, she chats with Azoth, and lots of cheesy lines follow. Shizuku tells Azoth that she wants to be her friend (so do I, Azoth is super cute).

Azoth and Shizuku

Ria tells Mio that she is here to monitor Queen for her personal reasons. She also tells Mio that Azoth herself is the end weapon. They discuss a bit about this weapon.

Back to Shizuku… Azoth tells Shizuku that Shizuku can kill her, because doing so is the only way to stop the weapon. She then asks Shizuku, “Will you kill me?”

… And that’s all for part 1.

Check back in a few days for the next parts, and if I made a mistake somewhere, please tell me.

Part 2: here

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12 Responses to Amaranto Part. 1 – Will You Kill Me?

  1. shijima says:

    Nice summary.
    I really need to finish the game someday. =)

  2. Woah, never even heard of this one. Looking forward to see more of this because I know I won’t be playing it since my Japanese is really bad…

  3. Yi says:

    @ shijima: Yea, it’s got pretty decent story from what I’ve seen so far.

    @ lightningsabre: You could try playing it. It’s not that bad to understand. Anyway, I will keep posting summaries. ^ ^

  4. sabermj007 says:

    please continue to posted the part 2 is gooood!

  5. Yi says:

    @ sabermj007: I definitely will. ^ ^

  6. Kiwisu says:

    I remember there was this website (HongFire I think…) that has it translated into English. But the links are dead. lol

  7. Yi says:

    I saw a link on Hongfire for the game download, but it was not translated.
    I will look around for it.
    If you could find it, please tell me. That’d be great.

  8. MARTHA says:

    Smart info ! will definitely come back soon

  9. Yi says:

    @MARTHA: OK. ^^

  10. Kiwisu says:

    So… is there a download link that it’s translated? I haven’t found anything – nothing!

  11. Yi says:

    @Kiwisu: No download link for a translated version. I don’t think this will ever get translated either. 😦

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