Alichino Review

Alichino are beautiful beings who seduce human souls. Among these souls, the one who contains the bond has the purest and most desirable soul of all.

Alichino is a relatively unknown manga by Kouyu Shurei, also a relatively unknown mangaka. It is a supernatural manga with Asian and gothic themes. The premise is interesting and the plot is decent with some mystery, suspense, and action.

While the plot is decent, what really kept me reading this manga though is the art. I know I say that about many manga that I have read, but this one is one of the most beautiful ones. Also, I usually only read and review nice manga.

Each panel is elegantly detailed and delicate. The characters are flawlessly drawn with a distinct taste. In fact, by the time I got to the latter chapters, I was not so much reading as just looking at the gorgeous and alluring men and women.

As a side note, I really like manga that have beautiful androgenous men and classy cute lolis.

Myoubi, the cute loli Alichino.

Anyway, I wish I could post all the pages here, but I can only post so many…

… so I have decided to link downloads. By the way, click on the images to enlarge them.

Alichino Volume 1: download
Alichino Volume 2: download
Alichino Volume 3: download
Scanlated by MangaProject.

It’s rather unfortunate that the author has put this manga on hiatus indefinitely. It is truly beautiful and I would have really loved to see more. Still, the first three volumes have so much great art and style that it felt like reading an artbook.

Anyway, I’ve linked downloads so give it a shot.

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7 Responses to Alichino Review

  1. Great art indeed. I think I was reading the previous work by the same artist, but somehow the last one wasn’t so engaging. I may try this one out. It almost sounds like succubi.

  2. Yi says:

    I didn’t know she had more works. Alichino is pretty engaging for me though, if only because of its style.

  3. shijima says:

    Thanks! I agree, the art is beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Kaori Yuki.

  4. Yi says:

    I completely agree with that! While I was reading it, I kept thinking that the art kind of feels like Kaori Yuki. Their style is somewhat different, but both have that rather gothic realism thing going on.

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  6. EmperorG says:

    As visually appealing as this manga looks, I’ll have to see for myself how good its story and pacing is. I trust your words comrade Yi, so I’ll definitely give this comic a look when I get the chance.

    • Yi says:

      The story and the pacing is excruciatingly slow. In fact, the story isn’t even finished, and looks like it never will be since the mangaka has pretty much disappeared. I guess treat it more as an artbook.

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