K-On! Manga and First Thoughts

K-On! Manga
Yui and Mio

K-On seems to be one of the hottest anime this season, and for good reasons too. The girls are really really moe, especially Mio, who has the exact look and type I love.

K-On! Mio
Mio Akiyama (秋山 澪)

Before the anime version came out, I got a chance to read several chapters of the manga. I have to admit that I did not particularly enjoy it. It was not bad but it was not that good either. The manga stuck to a strict 4-panel format generally with a punchline at the end of each one. Although I did like Mio in the manga as well, the chapters just was not impressive. It felt a little bit like reading comic strips in the newspaper; you read it, you forget it.

K-On scan

However, after watching the first episode of K-On, I loved the anime. It was colorful, lively, and funny. Of course, the characters have a lot more personality and are a lot cuter when animated. Anyway, this is one anime I will continue to watch (it’s on episode 3 now I think), but as for the manga… maybe when I have nothing else to do.

Anyway, here’s the ED with a lot of Mio cuteness (plus others).

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13 Responses to K-On! Manga and First Thoughts

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  2. Cartoon and Manga articles news. » Archive » K-On! Manga and First Thoughts says:

    […] Originally posted here: K-On! Manga and First Thoughts […]
    P.S.: Forgot to say good post!

  3. shijima says:

    Oh, looks interesting.
    The girl on the manga cover looks sort of like Suzumiya Haruhi.
    I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar. It’s such a practical instrument and easy to carry around as opposed to say, a piano.

  4. Yi says:

    Yea, it’s definitely very interesting and worth checking out.

  5. chloë says:

    i just read your comment after mine in the forums on “blog stats” haha, how unsettleing was it when you saw the stats eeeek(!)
    – thank god i’m not the only one who freaked out x

    p.s i’ve always been a fan of their eyes 🙂

  6. Yi says:

    Yea I got kind of worried.
    I’ve been a fan of anime eyes as well.

  7. xoiea says:

    Yui FTW!! Mio naaahh!! although as a bass player myself I’m not entirely skipping out some love for her ^_^
    BUT pure kawaii>shy moe …yes they are 2 entirely different meaning 🙂

  8. Yi says:

    Yui is pretty cute as well.
    I suppose a major reason I like Mio more though is because of her hair style. I also like shy moe though quite a bit. Different tastes.

    I wish I knew how to play bass or just some instrument.

  9. Hei says:

    When I first heard of the series, I thought reading the manga would be better than watching the anime. It’s a good thing I chose the anime over the manga in the end now that I read this review of yours.

  10. Yi says:

    @Hei: I’ve never really been that into 4-koma’s, so I might have been a bit biased. Still I think the anime is a bit better than the manga.

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