USB Handyman

Ugly Doll

Thanks, everyone!!!

On another note, lately I have been wanting to revamp my anime/ manga categories in the sidebar. I feel that it is becoming too clustered. Many categories have merely one post in there, which is not something I particularly like. Further, I also want to separate anime and manga… Anyway, there are many issues I am not completely satisfied about. However, I have no idea how to cleanly represent all the categories.

Spring break is almost over… I should use the remaining time to do something productive.

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6 Responses to 321

  1. Galaxy says:

    Ohmygod, that is good. Now I’m hungry! *runs to kitchen* (:

  2. Yi says:

    Yea it was pretty good!

  3. shijima says:

    Congratulations! I hope you had a good one!

  4. piggy-san444 says:

    happy belated birthday 🙂

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