Taiwan Trip Part 2: Food

For me, one of the better things about being in Taiwan is the cheap and good foods either from restaurants or from the numerous kiosks that litter almost every street.

Clam soup



the real hot and sour soup
酸辣麵 (noodles in authentic hot and sour soup)





魚湯… best thing in the world.

taiwan food

Taiwan Trip Part 1 – A View of Taipei

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5 Responses to Taiwan Trip Part 2: Food

  1. "G" says:

    the last one is called 米粉湯.(with alll kinds of ingredients in side that big pot!!) a home made goodness at 阿嬤家 on Sunday!

  2. piggy-san444 says:

    I’d be a huge fan of Asian cuisine, except I don’t usually go for sea food ^_^

    ironic if you ask me.

  3. Yi says:

    @”G”: Thanks for the info.

    @piggy-san444: Asian cuisine isn’t all about sea food. I just like seafood a lot.

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