Life Update 17

The semester is about to end, and  I am just excited about that. I have quite an awesome winter break coming up.

I will be going to Taiwan for most of the break, and that should be really nice. It should also be quite relaxing and tasty. Furthermore, I will probably use that chance to pick up a few more figures, and that’s always great. So, that has given me something to look forward to after my last few final exams.

Speaking of finals, someone sent me this really funny and true depiction:

The semester begins!
One week later
Two weeks later
Before midterms
During midterms
After midterms
Finals are approaching…
…and you find out when they are.
7 days before the final
6 days before the final
5 days before the final
4 days before the final
3 days before the final
2 days before the final (this is where I am now)
The day before the final
The night before the final
One hour before the final
During the final
After the final
Your feelings for the teacher after the final

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3 Responses to Life Update 17

  1. grace~ says:

    hahahahahhah!!! i lOVE them!!! so true!!

  2. shalala says:

    ahahahahahah fuunny.

  3. Yi says:

    Yea, it’s pretty funny. However, in retrospect, it’s not so funny when it’s quite true.

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