Innocent Lovers 3rd Period

This came out a few weeks ago, but I never got the time to actually view it. Life does not stop just because you want to play some games, read some mangas, update your blog, or beat off to some good yuri…

This is the third and final episode of the anime adapation to Kurogane Ken’s Shoujo Sect. Storywise, episode 3 is not as packed, but the yuri is delicious and tasteful as always.

Honda and Miya. Guess what happens next…

The only villain in Shoujo Sect. She black mails Honda into sex, but since it’s yuri rape, it’s not too bad.

Honda and Momoko finally ends up together.

I love the cute ending.

Due to request, here is the Shoujo Sect ending theme: Download

Enjoy and drop a comment if you liked it. ^_^

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52 Responses to Innocent Lovers 3rd Period

  1. itisawindslowly says:

    D: No subs yet? I don’t want to spoil it. When is the subbed version of 3rd Period going to be out?

  2. Yi says:

    I don’t know. That’s up to the fansubbers. I will link a download as soon as I find a subbed version.

  3. Clare says:

    Cannot access the raw link 😦

  4. Yi says:

    hm… link works for me.
    I’ll post some mirror links just in case.

  5. a says:

    will you upload a uncensored version?

  6. Yi says:

    I haven’t found an uncensored version. This is usually the case when things aren’t released/ licensed in the US, since p0rn in Japan are always censored.

    Of course, if someone knows where to get an uncensored version, I’d really love to see it as well.

  7. Clare says:

    seem like my IP address got block for some reason 😦 Haven’t done anything except download, wonder what went wrong

  8. Yi says:

    I can’t do anything with megauploads or megarotic.
    But worry not; I’ll link a badongo mirror just for you.
    I tend not to like to use badongo though because it’s slow.

  9. Clare says:

    Thank you very much, Yi. Hope the uncensored subbed ones will be released soon. Can’t wait 🙂

  10. shijima says:

    Thank you for the links to the raws!
    Hehe, the classical music still throws me off. :p
    It’s too bad they didn’t animate the extra chapter at the end of Vol. 2. That was pretty funny.

  11. Yi says:

    Yea it’s too bad. And I also kind of like the 3P extra ending.

  12. Antuniey says:

    Muito massa, legal mesmo.
    Very cool, very very cool.

  13. Clare says:

    Honestly, I prefer this endign to the manga, sweeter. 🙂

  14. Yi says:

    I like both endings, but I do slightly prefer the manga ending.

  15. Clare says:

    Anyway both ending has them together, that is the most important. I am a little upset that Momoko cannot remember their childhood encounter.
    Anyone konw if the subbed are out?

  16. Yi says:

    That is the most important part.
    I actually don’t mind too much that Momoko doesn’t remember the childhood stuff. It just further shows how dedicated Shinobu’s love has been to have remembered such an “insignificant” encounter.

    Anyway, subs are out. Killer-Maid subbed it, and maybe other groups as well.

  17. Zigarni says:

    Any body knows where to download the last one with sub ?

  18. Yi says:

    There is a torrent for the subbed from Killer Maid.

    I’ll link a direct download for it sometime when I get a chance to.

    Direct Download for 3rd episode: Megaupload

  19. Zigarni says:

    Thx alot .

  20. buibebroteoke says:

    yo, great name for site)))

  21. anonymous_function says:

    thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much!!!

  22. Yi says:

    You’re welcome.

  23. Sub-zero says:

    Live for Yuri loyality dude,
    i took the bodango raw,,, maybe i’ll sub it to arabic
    thnx much ^.^

  24. Yi says:

    And live for yuri!

  25. yariel says:

    pure yuri H-anime is rare nowdays …
    can someone can introduce other H-games or H-anime please ?

    BTW, this site will give some yuri manga
    no scaming, Futa or paying membership … FREE DL …

    BTW, there’s extra story in Shoujo Sect manga

  26. Yi says:

    Well, there are also the Hanabira games, which are also pure yuri.
    There is an extra story in the Shoujo Sect manga, and thanks for the links. Those links are awesome sites for every yuri fan.

  27. shalala says:

    Thanls for all 3 ova downloads. I have been meaning to watch this. As there are not that many pure yuri anime shows out there.

  28. Yi says:

    @shalala: yea, no problem.

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  30. anonymous_lambda says:


  31. Yi says:

    @anonymouse_lambda: No problem. ^ ^

  32. ForeverGoth says:

    I love this anime, Its so beautiful but I cant find the name of the ending theme songs nor can I find the songs of classical music used in the film 😥
    if you have any information regarding this please tell me, wikipedia is useless for musical information on this film and I think the ending theme is just an instumental and therefore is not provided with an official “song title/name” persay. The file I have is in MKV format and the software I have wont let me get the MP3 from the film so maybe you might know somthing I dont. . .

  33. ForeverGoth says:

    I just realised the last post on this was from a year ago. . .(-_-)

    • Yi says:

      Don’t worry about this being from a year ago. I get emails whenever someone posts something.

      Anyways, I’ll look around. Check back later and I should have the OST.

  34. ForeverGoth says:

    Thank you so much for the mp3, to come up with something I just downloaded an episode I found from youtube and just cropped it till the end so I could listen to the ending theme, its so beautiful, also I think the classical was kinda wierd during the H scenes but I felt it brought sophistication and meaning to the scenes. I actually found this film by accident as I was downloading other hentai LOL for free so glad I found this, its very well put together, the best “hentai>yuri” film I have ever seen. Im actually not really into “yuri” however if other yuri films are like this one (any suggestions?) I would definately seek them out. I love reading the subs, the subs and the character personalities talk in a way that people dont talk like they do today and I love reading that xD
    Truely a spectacular film

  35. Johnny says:

    By the way, there is also “Sasameki Koto” a yuri/shoujo-ai anime very good !
    I also recommend you 2 hentai futanari/yuri (girls with female and male sexes), “Stainless Night”, fundamentally yuri and which gets a good story, and “Parade Parade” in the same vein (despite a rape scene in some flashback).

  36. ForeverGoth says:

    thank you for the suggestions and I’ll be sure to seek those out 😀

  37. ForeverGoth says:

    I dont know why they draw som of the characters with grey/white-ish hair, its not natural. .
    also, I dont suppose you have any knowledge pertaining to the classical music featured in the film do you?
    I had to uninstall 3 games from my laptop in order to download Strawberry Panic and Aoi Hana . . .which are 11 episodes and strawberry being 26 episodes. . . gee innocent lovers is only 3 and managed to capture my heart. . .hope this 15+ gigs on yuri is worth it (and im not even into “yuri” I just crave story and character development/personalities)

    • Yi says:

      White hair in anime is fairly common; I don’t know if there is any particular reason for it other than simply making the characters more distinguished.

      “I dont suppose you have any knowledge pertaining to the classical music featured in the film do you?”
      Sorry… Music is not my forte. 😦

      “im not even into “yuri” I just crave story and character development/personalities”
      Hm… If you’re not necessarily looking for yuri, there might be better anime out there with a more fleshed out story and developed characters. Those two titles are well-liked among yuri fans, but not necessarily among anime critics.

      Well, I guess there’s no harm in giving a few episodes a try. Hope you enjoy them. ^ ^

    • Fyn says:

      Buy yourself an External Memory. Its pretty expensive but its worth every penny for it will give you an extra 500 GB

    • Fyn says:

      Also, I recommend you to read the manga for “Aria” (The anime version started at the middle)
      Its not so Yuri but you will find the greatest character developments in that show.

      • Yi says:

        I second this recommendation. Aria is one of my favorite anime and the manga is similarly beautiful. It’s a wonderful, relaxing experience.

  38. Spartanx57 says:

    OH! I loved Shoujo Sect! Both the Anime and Manga! I have both the Anime and Manga already downloded! I read/watch them everyday!!
    BTW! I will working on a Yuri crossover fan fiction Involving the Girls from Shoujo Sect! A friend of mine on Hanabira’s facebook page will be helping me write it! Look forward to it!

  39. hiku says:

    Aww. I want to download this so much. Can you re-upload the whole 3 episodes??

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I’m sorry, but I don’t have the anime. This series has been out for a while now though, so I think it should be fairly easy to find. Good luck. ^ ^

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