Fairy Cube

Fairy Cube is a short three volume manga about a man, Ian, who can see fairies. The plot centers around Ian, his childhood friend Rin, and his spirit twin Tokage. Ian, with the help of Rin, searches for his identity as they get caught up in the Fairy Murders and the schemes of Tokage. This manga draws several themes and references from Gaelic and Celtic mythology to set a fantastic world.


I love Kaori Yuki’s mangas. I’m very much into her gothic delicate arts, and especially her characters’ look. They all just look so beautiful and… can’t exactly pinpoint why they look so good… I suppose I just like her style.

Fairy Cube has a fantastic story albeit somewhat confusing. The tone and the themes are very similar to Angel Sanctuary. I really loved some of the characters and their interactions, Raven and Kaito especially. Actually only in Kaori Yuki’s works do I like the men much much more than the women (that’s not to say I don’t like the female characters; I love them as well, ie. Ainsel). Anyway, Raven is definitely my favorite in Fairy Cube. Also I quite like the androgynous persons ever so prevalent in her mangas.


Here are some more pages.

Elegant, elaborate, and gothic

Classy loli and bunnies

So sweet…

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6 Responses to Fairy Cube

  1. Fallen Lilith says:

    “Her works are always worth reading, again and again~~~”

  2. shijima says:

    I rather liked this story though it was rather short.
    Ian and Rin were both cute. The art is also awesome as expected. I’m still waiting for another epic like Angel Sanctuary!

  3. piggy-san444 says:

    I actually saw this manga, but let it slide by since I’m trying to organize what I already have & finish that first. ^_^ It’s a long process.

    I saw this & thought you’d get a kick out of it-


    Not sure how long the link will last though.

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