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Edited: 9/15/09

Kind of another filler post?

Lately, I haven’t really been watching too much anime… I just haven’t really came across anything that’s made me very excited.

On the other hand, I’ve been reading a lot of yuri mangas, so I think I should link and thank some of my yuri sources because they are just too awesome.

百合會 (yamibo) : This is a Chinese forum, and it is my main source of any yuri related material. They have very very much yuri related stuff, including mangas and doujins. Unfortunately they don’t have any h-stuff.

Wings of Yuri : A rather new site that has a lot of good stuff, including h-yuri. It’s also pretty much the only group around doing anything related to Aoishiro, so doubly great. It updates regularly too. They have done some of my favorite yuri mangas.

Tranquil Spring : This deserves a spot on here as well as a very nice scanlation site. They have scanlated many very good and popular yuri.

Tsundere Yuriko’s Yuri Paradise : A fledgling yuri scanlation site that have several long running projects as well as some doujins. Updates somewhat frequently, and some h-yuri stuff.

Lililicious : Most yuri fans should already know about this, as it’s been around forever…

Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendo: Another yuri site that’s been around quite a while. This has a lot of downloads for English yuri stuff, including doujins and one shots.

NanoFate : Nanoha x Fate doujins.
Domain moved… don’t know where…

Of course, there is mine too, which loosely counts as a yuri blog…

Listless Ink : Over half of my posts are actually about yuri, and my top posts are all about yuri. There are some downloads provided for yuri stuff… although often times, you have to dig through my boring posts to find them.
These sites are great.

Are there other good yuri sites I should know about?

Anyway, recently I kind of get the feeling that my tastes are getting heavier… as in kinky stuff.

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10 Responses to Yuri Sites

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    I hear you about the anime. But I’m slowly letting go of the anime & am starting to try and work on what I majored in. Eventually, I’ve decided, I must grow up.

    That didn’t stop me from picking up Lucky Star Spec. Ed. Box #3. ^_^

    Genmuken is a hot H-title in terms of the anime. I wonder how the game is, because the anime definitely doesn’t take itself seriously. Not quite as ‘intense’ as the pics above suggest though. Show me an H-title that doesn’t have at least one bondage scene and it’s probably not main-stream.

  2. shijima says:

    Hehe, thx for the shoutout.
    I was trying to keep the blog PG but some ecchi stuff managed to creep in. :p

  3. piggy-san444 says:

    Thx for the xanga comment ^_^
    Actually I get a dose of that stuff every night or morning, depending on when I turn my laptop on. Keeps my mind engaged, ya know?

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  5. Yi says:

    Thanks. I totally forgot about mangafox, although it is more for general manga.

  6. no need to know says:

    whats the name of the anime above i want to read it

  7. Yi says:

    @no need to know: I think it’s Genmukan. It’s not yuri though and from I’ve heard, it’s kind of weird. I don’t actually know what it’s about since that’s usually all everyone’s said, but I can guess it probably involves some bondage and some sadistic dark stuff.

  8. cheapskate says:

    guyx..why dont you try the
    there so many yuri in it, its fun reading them all over again

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