Innocent Lovers OVA 1

Shoujo Sect OVA

As an avid and lecherous fan of yuri anime and mangas, I had to watch this as soon as I heard of its release. A while back I posted an entry on Kurogane Kenn’s manga, Shoujo Sect, so if you do not know what Shoujo Sect is, check it out here. manga.


Innocent Lovers is a three episode anime adaption of the manga. This OVA is just what I’ve been waiting for. Pure yuri h anime is so rare; in fact, I have not seen any other one. That’s not to say that there aren’t girl on girl action in h anime, but most of them soon involve 3p or even worse, gang bang rapes, tentacles, or commonly dick chick actions (these are absolutely disgusting and no-nos). Anyway, for whatever reason, “yuri” h anime I have seen have always needed to throw in a package of some form in there, and I’m really glad there is one exception that caters to purists who would like to keep balls out of the court.

Some screencaps from episode 1

a pair of lolis

a pair of lolis

Naitou and Chizuru

Naitou and Chizuru

the Komai sisters Chiguru and Shigure

the Komai sisters: Chizuru and Shigure

Honda and Miya

Honda and Miya

yuri adult scene

yuri adult scene (I censored this pic to make it more work safe...)

Honda and Naitou innocent lovers

Honda and Naitou

I love the roundish loli looking faces.

The two main characters are Momoko Naitou and Shinobu Honda. Honda is sort of a player in the school and has quite a posse of girls (mainly Kirin and Miya). Naitou is the class president type of character and tries to keep the school in order. While Naitou is the main character, episode one of the OVA focuses mainly on Miya’s involvements with Honda and the incestuous and sweet love between Chizuru and Shigure. This follows the manga quite closely, as Naitou does not participate very directly in most of the earlier chapters.

Innocent Lovers

Innocent Lovers

So far I’ve only seen the first episode. Now I’m just waiting excitedly for episode 2 and the fansubs to come out.

Innocent Lovers 1 [Eng Subs]: download

Of course, this is not that innocent… so don’t download this if you’re not supposed to.

Enjoy and drop a comment if you like it. ^_^

For a collection of the other Shoujo Sect related materials:
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Episode 2 is now out: download
Episode 3 is out too: download

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65 Responses to Innocent Lovers OVA 1

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  2. Anon says:

    yeh its ahrd to come across the stuff we WANT thats just purely what we want
    it’s always a bunch of mixes or some element is lacking
    this was a great eppy, although I might have added a bit more sex, but it was greater than most h-s Im looking for

  3. sex says:

    yeah it was good but i was looking for more sex too D;
    when is the 2nd one coming out, i can’t wait

  4. Mar says:

    Thanks a lot for the character info and the story info too, you didn`t comment if we are available to use your information and the video captures. I want to used, of curse you will all the credit but I want you permission before used :3

  5. Yi says:

    Go ahead and use anything. Also thanks for visiting/ commenting.

  6. Mar says:

    Thank you so much ^^. See you :3 XOXO

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  8. piggy-san444 says:

    I don’t think I’d access this at work, even with those convenient stars. 😉

    Like the new site layout, btw…

  9. Yi says:

    Added direct download for the subtitled version.

  10. DEXTER says:

    I like the ending theme song. They have to release it. About the OVA favorite characters are Momoko Naitou, Shinobou Hunter and Kirin Sawabe. Can’t wait for the next two episodes.

  11. Yi says:

    My favorite characters are Momoko, Shinobu, and Maya.
    I can’t wait either.

  12. C-hop says:

    There is a pure yuri film Stainless night…

  13. Yi says:

    Actually, Stainless Night turns futa… not my thing.

  14. piggy-san444 says:

    interesting note: one of the first “love” scenes involving the Komai sisters (the scene with the screenshot you have up there), the background music is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Another excellent application of classical music. 😉

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  16. Loveblog says:

    Thanks for visiting my website. Yours is pretty interesting too!

  17. Zombie says:

    ^_^ Thanks so much for the download! I was expecting to have to track down a non-dead torrent, haha. I wish I could find more yuri…I’m tired of it being implied, but never fully realized. This is a breath of fresh air!

  18. Haren says:

    I loved this manga, and I’m looking forward to the anime. There’s just one issue. I downloaded your “subbed” video, and there’s no subtitles 😡 Maybe the wrong upload?

  19. Yi says:

    When I downloaded it and played it, I had the subtitles.
    Hm… perhaps it’s your player or your codec. I’m not really tech savy, so can’t be much help there… but I’m sure the downloadable version has subtitles.

    Anyway, good luck with that.

  20. Clare says:

    Anyone know when will the last episode be out?

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  22. anon says:

    these links r safe right?…like if i download the video my comp wont get any viruses or nething?

  23. Yi says:

    @ Clare: The third episode is already out.
    @ anon: Yea, the links are safe, so don’t worry about it.

  24. anon says:

    awesome thnx 😀

  25. anon says:

    i cant figure out how to work the links…i click on them and it takes me to some another website and nothing happens 😦

  26. Yi says:

    When you click on the link, it takes you to megaupload/megarotic. There you will see a box and three letters. Put the three letters into the box and click download. Wait 45 seconds, and then the counter for the time will change into download. Click on that, and you’re all good.

    On the episode 2 and 3, it takes you to another page, and just scroll down until you find where it says download subtitles and do the same thing.

  27. anon says:

    gotcha thnx
    XD i feel dumb now
    yay! im excited to finally watch them! lol ive read the manga twice now

  28. Yi says:

    No problem.
    I’ve read the manga multiple times too.

  29. yariel says:

    pure yuri H-anime is rare nowdays …
    can someone can introduce other H-games or H-anime please ?

    BTW, this site will give some yuri manga
    no scaming, Fita or paying membership … FREE DL … 😉

  30. Yi says:

    Thanks for the links.
    I think those are really good sites that every yuri fan should know about.
    Check out Hanabira if you want some yuri visual novels.

  31. TheFatherCat says:

    Nice censor stars. I can’t help but laugh at them XD
    I agree that pure yuri hentais are very rare. Luckily, there has been news that Sono Hanabira is coming out as an adult anime. Here is a link to the official website if you have not heard about it.
    I heard it is apparently going to be drawn by the same person who drew Strawberry Panic. *cries* nooo! Hopefully it’ll stay as close as possible to the original design. I don’t want a cross between Reo and Hikari…gack

  32. Yi says:

    @TheFatherCat: Wow. This is amazing news. I love Hanabira and I can not wait for it to come out now. Thanks for the information. Anyway, agreed about having it stay as close to the games as possible.

  33. Nikki says:

    The download link for the first subtitled episode seems to be broken. It’s taking me to the megauploads main page. The other two episodes downloaded though. Is there another link for download for this? Thanks much!

  34. Yi says:

    @Nikki: You’re right; it is indeed broken. I will link a mirror in about 30 minutes.

    *dead* too.

  35. Nikki says:

    @Yi: Thank you very much. This looks like a good one, lol.

  36. Yi says:

    @Nikki: You’re welcome. ^ ^

  37. n00bl3t says:


    Re-upload link? (Since the current one just links to Megaupload’s home page.)

    Thank you.

  38. n00bl3t says:

    Cancel that.

    The last time I was here was August and I did not see the re-uploaded link.


  39. Yi says:

    @noobl3t: No problem. ^ ^

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  41. Ani says:

    i feel like such a lesbian watching yuri.. xD
    oh well who gives a damn, ;’D

  42. yingchup says:

    OK. Thank you very much na. ^^

  43. Yuukirin says:

    Nice blog!
    good to know that there are people with the same preference as me out there.
    (pure yuri and no futa).
    Anyway, your blog gives me a great help.
    thanks a lot!

    • Johnny says:

      There is very good yuri/futa too : “Stainless Night” and “Parade Parade”.

      • Yuukirin says:

        I’ve checked them both (on wikipedia), and well, they’re not all that bad, but, seeing girls with ‘hotdog’ hanging on their special spot is not my fancies, so i’ll pass that.

    • Yi says:

      @Yuukirin: Thank you so much for visiting Yuukirin! ^ ^
      And I’m really glad you enjoyed the blog. It makes me very happy!!
      If you’d like to, please give my other posts a read. I post pretty regularly on yuri stuff.

      p.s. I’m like you. I prefer pure yuri and no futa too.

      @Johnny: Great suggestions. They both have futa though, so for those not into them, perhaps it’s best to avoid.

  44. Sairenji says:

    Hello, anyone here would be nice enough to re-upload all 3 episode? All those link above seems to be broken.
    Pretty Please…>_<?

    • Yi says:

      Only the first link was broken. The other two are fine–they link to the reviews, in which you can find the download links. I have fixed the one for this episode.

  45. Sairenji says:

    Hmm…doesn’t seems to work. All i get was page not found with megaupload. I guess it should fine if its mediafire.

  46. Sairenji says:

    Ah never mind. The problem was in my part. Seems like my isp intentionally block megaupload Some tweak on the DNS setting already solved the problem. Sorry for the trouble.

  47. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  48. LuckyIzumi says:

    It’s saying that Megaupload has been taken down…

  49. Sari says:

    Anyway, for whatever reason, “yuri” h anime I have seen have always needed to throw in a package of some form in there

    There is a very simple explanation for this, actually. Animation is expensive, at least much more so than normal porn. That’s why h anime is so overly focused on rape, monsters, tentacles, dick girls and so on; those are things you cannot do much easier and with a far smaller investment through live action. Shoujo Sect, Sono Hanabira and several other h anime entries which focus on “happy normal sex” are almost all adaptations of popular manga and ergo so there’s a reasonable demand for an anime to justify the expense.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much ^ ^

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