Do Di Dooo…

I have been really really busy lately and hasn’t had time to do all the extra fun stuff I wanted to do… including updating this more regularly.

I’ve been doodling a lot in class lately in the margins of my notebook and blank spaces of the practice workbooks. I should pay attention more though.

Today, one of my classmates thought he should just show off his whistling skills every chance he got. That was rather annoying. Anyway, for the whole day, I’ve had “I Kissed a Girl” stuck in my head.

“I kissed a girl and I liked it.
The taste of her cherry chapstick.
Do di dooo…”

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2 Responses to Do Di Dooo…

  1. grace~ says:

    oh i know…
    “I Kissed a girl” song is eVERYWHERE NOW..
    i turn on the TV, it’s there..
    i turn on the radio, it’s there..
    i do grocery’s there..
    i’m starting to get pretty sick of the song now 😛

  2. Yi says:

    @grace: Yea right? Though I actually kind of like Katy Perry.

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