Saya no Uta

I came upon Nitro+’s Saya no Uta a while ago, but at that time, I had not acquired a taste for such a different perspective. Anyway, I dug this visual novel out again and went through all of its grim yet sweet endings.

Saya no Uta Fuminori Ending

Fuminori is a college student who was involved in a car accident that left him without a family. Further, as a result of a surgery, he perceives the world in a different view, a hellish world of pungent flesh and gore. Just as he was contemplating suicide in the hospital, he met Saya. She is the only normal thing in his eyes.

Saya no Uta Fuminori

Saya no uta

Fuminori becomes withdrawn and spends his days and nights at home with Saya. The more time Fuminori spends with Saya, the more he realizes that Saya is not a normal human. Meanwhile, his friends, worried about Fuminori, soon suspect something and question him. As Fuminori and Saya struggle to live in secrecy with Saya, they delve into murder, cannibalism, sadism…

Saya Cannibalism Food

Saya Cannibalism Yum

Through having a young girl and a tragic couple performing these acts, Saya no Uta forces the reader to explore her own darkness. It portrays these “evil” acts in a surprisingly compelling and sympathetic ways. It was so successful at this that by the end of the novel, I really did challenge my own views.

What is perception? Who dictates morality?

Saya no Uta True Ending

Fuminori and Saya Ending

What made their “amoral” behavior so acceptable, perhaps even understandable, is that Saya and Fuminori were the only beautiful entities in this world. Ironically, Saya’s real appearance is never explicitly revealed but only hinted at. The analogy given in the game for Saya is a single lonely dandelion in a desert. Being the only dandelion, she has no will to live or reproduce, until one day, someone expresses his love for the flower… That’s how I’d like to imagine Saya, a dandelion.

Fuminori and Saya

Even without the adult content, Saya no Uta is definitely not for children. Although for many people, the content might be slightly repulsive or even disgustingly perverse, the poignant plot lines turns this into a gorgeous thing. The three possible endings are all quite romantically bittersweet. I especially like the ending in which Saya spreads her winglike spores all over the world.

Saya no Uta Scan

Saya no Uta OST Scan

Saya no Uta is simply the most thought provoking visual novel I have ever played.

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91 Responses to Saya no Uta

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    Did you post on this before & say that Saya is actually a grotesque creature who only looks normal and beautiful to Fuminori?

    Those pics of the spore-ending are interesting. So Saya sacrifices her entire body to spread her spores across the world? I have trouble accepting that kind of sacrifice. Not entirely sure why either; my entire religious worldview is based on something similar.

    This is probably something I will absolutely hate, but I’m checking it out anyway. Sometimes my psyche needs a good kick to remind me where I’m pointed.

  2. Yi says:

    I did post on Saya before and that is what I said. Still, after going through the game, it’s pretty hard to imagine her as something other than the girl Fuminori sees.

    She doesn’t really sacrifice her body to spread her spores… it seems more just like the natural next stage/ end stage of her life.

  3. Motogp says:

    Ah really love this game and novel ^^.Just wanted to say thanks for sharing that stuff 🙂
    I wanted that CG set for quite a time now,and the OST and the main thing too xD lol.
    Thanks again

  4. Yi says:

    You’re welcome and I’m glad you like Saya no Uta too.

  5. Freedom says:

    most people are detered by the whole gore factor, however, with that aside (for now), i think this VN explores a dimensions and conditions of which the concept of “good” and “evil” fail to encompass adequately, and if gore and the like instead strengthen the point, then it may be for the better

    we see that the main character and saya are essentially alone in the world, in each other they find meaning and in a way, a place to be, which is a very pure thing (IMO). Yet at the same time we see the contrast to the distorted reality, in which something so corrupt such as killing and canibalism is shown quite bluntly, and the ease of which both the main character and Saya commit these acts can only leave us alien towards their true condition.

    Is Saya “evil” for wanting to survive? to find meaning? to serve a purpose?

    but then again, how can she be viewed as “good” if she quite willingly and eagerly harms others? survival aside?

    likewise; would any of us, having our world become a living hell, reject the only thing which could possibly understand us? reject someone with whom a unique moment like no other, can be shared with?

    but at the same time; could we so willingly harm our friends, even in a broken world where death becomes a familiar stranger?

    stories like this is what stops the world from becoming black and white, as one who advocates the idea that there is no pleasure without pain, i highly recommend this.
    If this VN gives you emotion, be it anger, melancholy, joy or fear; then you have experienced and learned something new, which in my opinion, can only be a step in the right direction.

    (although…the right direction may not always be the most comforting one)

  6. Yi says:

    Yea, that’s really what makes this visual novel so appealing, the story and the themes that Saya no Uta raises.
    I think part of the reason I enjoyed this so much is that through the course of the story, I was really rooting for Saya and Fuminori, even though they might not be “good guys”.
    Besides the obvious “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” theme, perhaps an even more profound idea is that morality is also only dependent on perspective.

  7. shijima says:

    Wow. I read the synopsis and it was intriguing, yet very disturbing. I’m sort of interested in what Saya looks like to “normal” people.
    This story also reminds me of “Look me in the eyes when you talk” which was translated by Kotonoha about a guy who gets in an accident and after that he can’t see anyone else’s eyes.

  8. Woodsie says:

    I agree with Freedom on most cases.

    Well, for me, the concept of “good” and “evil” have been subjective things for a long long time.
    A action that is good to one being is harmful to another, and visa versta.

    Only when putting priority of one life ahead of other can one call something evil or good.
    In nature, or in greater picture, no such thing exists as good or evil.

    As for Saya and Fuminori casually cannibalizing,
    i can understand that.
    Though it brings trouble in the form of police, its not much different than you or me digging in on a rabbit stew, or some fried pork.
    (they are already dead, so why waste a delicacy, atleast they would do some one some good in death rather than uselessly rot away in a coffin)

    And what is the right direction?
    Who is the one to decide what the right direction is?
    I’d prefer to make my own path, even if it leads to places i dont want to go.

    But well for a normal human its the question.
    What would you sacrifice in the name of the other?
    Your happiness or your humanity?
    Save your self or save your friends?

  9. Yi says:

    These are really nice comments from Woodsie, Freedom, and others.

    “And what is the right direction?
    Who is the one to decide what the right direction is?
    I’d prefer to make my own path, even if it leads to places i dont want to go.”


  10. Yi says:

    English translations have come out. Actually, they have been out for a while. I’ve linked the English patch for download as well.

  11. kharacter says:

    Hi, I’m wondering how to get the Sound Library to work, and if it’s not too much trouble I’d also like to know how you extracted the cg’s and the songs from the program.

    Thanks a billion for having uploaded it in the first place, you have saved my life. I have played it countless amounts of times, and I must say it’s got to be my favorite thing ever in the history of the world.

  12. Yi says:

    My sound works fine when I play it normally with Microsoft Applocale, so I’m not sure what the problem is. If you’re having trouble getting sound to play… I’m really sorry I can’t be of more help.

    As for the CG and songs, I downloaded both. So I can’t really help you there either…

    I’m really glad you love the game though, because I love it so much too.

  13. kharacter says:

    Well, the sound works fine, but I looked at this picture of the menu:
    and at the bottom left there is a button that leads to something called the “Sound Library” and I was wondering what that is because it doesn’t show up in the menu of the version I have. Thanks for clarifying where you got the CG’s and songs too, I guess I had some ridiculous idea. And once more I’d like to thank you for putting all this stuff up; if nothing else gets resolved, having access to what you’ve offered is already more than enough.

  14. Yi says:

    Your welcome. I don’t really do much though except consolidate everything in one place. Real thanks goes first to the people who made the game and then to those who extracted the CGs and songs.

    As for the sound library, if I remember correctly, it’s like a media library and you can play all the songs from the OST. It worked when I played the game…

    Also, I think if you really want to find out how to extract CGs, there are programs out there, but you need some searching. Alternatively, I think PrtSc might work, but not sure of the quality.

  15. kharacter says:

    A final thanks for taking the trouble to answer me and yes, a thanks to those who made the game and those who helped with everything.

    The greatest of wishes to you and them,

    K. G.

  16. Yi says:

    Kind words like those are the reason I do this. Thanks. ^ ^

  17. kharacter says:

    I don’t know if you have already looked at the TLWiki page, but it says they have made a partnership with Jast USA to release Nitro+ translations officially and thus, the English localization of the Saya visual novel has been taken down. They have mentioned that they have Nitro+’s approval, and that the removal of the translation file has also been to get people to buy the original game. There is talk of censoring that might be done, but people are not certain. Honestly, I never thought anything at this point would shatter my obsession with Saya No Uta, but this was a huge reminder of how close the visual novel is tied with capitalist companies and the capitalist system. I have come to be a committed anarcho-communist and my objection arises from its ideology.

    I never depended on other people because I figured they can’t be trusted, so I put my hope on something that would not ever change for the worse, something that wouldn’t judge me; in this process I chose the most ‘beautiful’ thing I had encountered at the time. This was Saya/Saya No Uta. Probably driven by previously-diagnosed mental disturbances, I began with my imagination to create a form of idol. Now, I realize that is is not the perfect thing I once saw, it is just an admittedly-attractive product of a bourgeoisie-led society and if I am to become dependent on it, I am becoming dependent (at least in part) of the system. This ocurrence regarding this deal sparked some form of thought process that finally succeeded in activating my logic.

    I don’t really know what else to say, except thank you if you are reading this post. I’m sorry for unloading all this here but I don’t really know anyone else who i could communicate this with.

  18. Yi says:

    @kharacter: It is quite unfortunate that TLWiki has taken down their English localization, but Nitro+ wants to make money, and so they are branching out to English games. I can’t fault Nitro+ for that.

    I do agree that Saya is by far the most beautiful visual novel I’ve ever played; I am also obsessed with it. Further, in that Saya, despite being just another capitalistic product, has helped you to reach some sort of growth and realization, I am glad.

    Thanks for letting me know about this news. ^ ^

    I still have the English localization, so… yea.

  19. Fujii_Itsuki says:

    Konnichiwa~ Stumbled onto your site because of Sono Kuchibiru. I want to play those but my half baked Japanese is holding me back. Reading part mostly. If it’s full voice(including narration) then things would be a whole lot easier to understand. Hehe, anyway, I saw this and my morbid curiosity were aroused~ Lol. Anyway, I’ve downloaded the game. Thanks for uploading! Would highly appreciate the English localization file…*nudge* ;3

    kindaichi_kenshin [a]

  20. Yi says:

    @Fujii_Itsuki: ^ ^

  21. Shinserph says:

    Thanks for the upload, been looking for this.I would like to have the translation patch if at all possible.

    shinserph [a]

  22. Yi says:

    @Shinserph: ^ ^

  23. celeste says:

    Thanks for the download links! They helped me a hell lot.
    (though it’s megaupload. lmao.)

    The cg was satisfying :3

    I’ve downloaded the game file, but i need some help – there’s only a BIN and CUE file, and I can’t open either of them.

    I’ve tried a torrent too, and it didn’t work either.

    Some help please? Or is it my computer’s problem?

    Thanks again 8D

  24. Yi says:

    .bin and .cue files need to be mounted with daemon tools.
    You can download and install daemon tools here:

    After that, there should be a virtual drive, and you should be able to play from there.

    Is megaupload not so good?

  25. celeste says:

    woo thanks! 8D

    about megaupload, it keeps giving me this ‘exceeded download limit’ bullshit, thus I need to keep refreshing the page until the save file finally appears :<

  26. Yi says:

    @celeste: I assume you have gotten the game to work. ^ ^
    Despite the “exceeded download limit”, megaupload for me and many seems to be the fastest uploads/ downloads. It usually is not a problem for me though, but maybe that’s because I’m in the U.S.

  27. Bebek Sapi Hibrida says:

    Thanks for the download link, I’m looking forward to play this game. Is it possible for me to have the translation patch ? 🙂

    spy_cat2002 [a]

  28. Yi says:

    @Bebek Sapi Hibrida: ^ ^

  29. Prometheus says:

    Hi, I read about this VN some time ago and am interested to read it. However, by the time I know that the patch is out, it’s already taken off ^^”

    Would you mind sending me a copy of the patch? Thank you very much ^^

    prometheus [a]

  30. Yi says:

    @Prometheus: ^ ^

  31. Misbehaviour says:

    Well … have finished the game and are somehow angry/disappointed. I have read the wikipedia article and after that was totally confused and shocked. I am a huge horrorfan, but I thought that this game is crossing the line. So I decided to play the game and expierence how exactly the story is told and also how much I can take.

    The whole idea of someones perception being totally changed in a horrible nightmare is interesting. But here’s also my first critic. Fuminori sees the world different from others, but he seperates himself from society because he can’t stand the nightmarish sensation of interacting with other humans or (in his eyes) monsters. Why is he complaining about his situation when he himself can’t break through his own superficiality? Saya however wants to meet other humans, but has not the ability because every person is horrified by her appearance. In the way of accepting others she is way above Fuminori.

    In general the concept of the story was very “good” and makes the people who play it thinking about things like freedom, acceptance and the joy of one like Freedom said. One thing is honestly bothering me about all that. The way Saya and Funimori are seeing they way of getting their own happiness is very fascistic. While don’t careeing for others expect each other they hurting people without a real problem. I know that Funimori sometimes thinks about it, but he is easily convinced by Saya that everything they do is right to defend their relationship. Animals don’t kill on purpose, they kill because they need to. Unlike them Saya is feeling joy and excitment from killing and harming other livings. While she is acting more like an psychopatic horror monster than an lonly childish alien, Funimori’s killing other people easily because “they aren’t looking to him as humans” as he refers to Saya one time. The much deeper and more complicated problem of killing a human for being able to live on (for example if Saya would need human flesh) isn’t really shown in the game.

    While I liked the “bad” ending and the “good” ending because they were in my opinini somehow satisfying I hated the “true” ending. The way of speaking of some parasitic alien which has also the intelligence to reject or only reflect his way of living as something beautyfull maked me feel angry. It’s true that there is no right answer to the question of good and evil, but manipulate and dominate everyone else like Saya did with changing them in slimy aliens isn’t an objective to argue about. As you could see in the ending the world wasn’t beautyfull at all. The world looked like the hell Funimori was seeing. To give Funimori the ability to see a normal and natural world humanity must suffer and share the vision he had before.

    Despite the things I criticized the game was some experience. It scared the living hell out of me and some moments were sad although not the ones with Saya and Funimori but the ones showing Kouji experience. In my opinion Koujis point of view was more moving because he’s whole world became a nightmare without a drastical change like that of Funimori.

  32. Misbehaviour says:

    Aww … shit, made one mistake. Let me correct the part about the endings:
    The true ending makes me sick because a parasitic killing of a whole world is refered as being something beautyfull and that’s just against my deepest understanding of life itself.

  33. Yi says:

    @Misbehaviour: I understand your argument. I do think that in many instances, their actions were not for mere survival, but for selfish enjoyment. However, the question then becomes, “is striving for your own happiness and paradise such a wrong thing?” We can all agree that the pursuit of happiness is not a bad thing, but at what cost does it become immoral. Some examples are ivory hunting, exotic delicacies like swiftlets, fur coats… etc. Humans often thrive on unnecessary luxury at the cruel cost of other speicies. Are Saya and Funimori not doing the same? Changing the world so that they can live more comfortably; is that going too far?

    I don’t have an answer to that…

    I do agree that the parts from Kouji’s point of view was really quite significant as well.

    Lastly, thanks for a thoughtful post.

  34. Misbehaviour says:

    Truly that question is coming up, but unfortunately there’s not much room for interpretation. It’s relative obivious that the player is being pushed in the direction of seeing Sayas and Funimoris desire as something forgivable. What’s bothering me the most is the manner of questionating the way of living of Saya and Funimori given in the game. I have the feeling that the authors have choosen the easier way of telling this terrortale. But that the story is easier told doesn’t mean that the plot is better. I believe that the game would have been much more confusing and disturbing if the actions of Funimori and Saya would have been easy to understand for us “other humans”. If you get the feeling to be really close to Funimori and/or Saya the question “is it right to do everything for my own happiness” couldn’t be answerd clearly and you would have to search for it deep inside yourself. Although the game was telling me so many times that Saya is acting “so very human” I never had that feeling. Maybe some impressible people already have such feelings when they see a little girl speaking moe and being at the same time an ugly alien slime (no offense), but I was searching for something else in the game. Something that only the route of Kouji gave me. In particular only Ryōkos (and later Koujis) condition has really been disturbing for me because she is not only fighting against something that is almost to big for her to understand, but also fights against her own insanity and her so very human fear.

    And I must say that Funimori and Saya were never really searching for a way they could live in the human world, but of a way to creat a world where they can live with all their selfish desires. I don’t think that living amongst humans except some form of happiness for them, but they would have had to abadon all the things you can’t do in any society of this world, neither in the human nor in the animalic. Or do you really think that all of Sayas kind are eating and raping each other from the very begin of their existence?

    While writing here again one more thing comes up in my mind. Maybe everyone then understands better why I am complaining so much about the authors. There’s a lack of logic in the game and to me it seems like it’s only making things easier for both the player and the developer. First why does Funimori don’t see himself as a monster? It would have been so interesting because then his relationship to Saya would have been much more complicated. Second why does Funimori sees the whole world as a hellish place? When everything beautyfull and natural is turning scary and ugly because of his vision why does he see “ugly” things like garbage, oil and whatever he was perceiving as ugly before his accident also as scary? Why only goriy things? Quite don’t get that. And please don’t tell me “He is just insane.” because the focus of the whole story is how Funimori is drifting more and more in a world his sanity can’t resist anymore.

    Besides why is everyone on youtube and in comments for the game happy with the true ending? Are so much people okay with having a smile body which hurts all the time (like Yoh said in the game). Would like to know that.

  35. Misbehaviour says:

    Shit, hope I don’t have to correct my post everytime I’m writing something here (maybe it’s because it’s after midnight).

    The last sentence is: “Are so much people okay with having a slime body (…)”.

  36. Yi says:

    I believe in some ways, it is much more powerful that the visual novel and the authors force us to forgive Saya’s actions and side with her position rather than presenting all views (Kouji and others) equally. By forcing us to empathize with Fuminori and Saya, the authors demonstrates for the reader how easily we can come to have almost complete reversal of our moral stance. If the authors presented all views equally and let us decide for ourselves where our morals stand, I think most people would simply go with conventional moral standards and denounce Saya/Fuminori’s actions. In other words, the authors never wanted to give us a choice in our morals, but wants to dictate them for us in Saya no Uta, so that we can realize that perhaps our current moral positions in real life are also merely dictated by others, and truly question these ideas of morality.

    Kouji’s side of the story provides another layer to this as well to occasionally remind us of what is “right”. I do think that it’s important his view does not overpower Saya/Fuminori’s though.

    My biggest criticism of the game are those plot holes you mentioned. Funimori should have seen himself as a monster… etc. But I’m willing to just accept that as the premise of the story and look over the minor literal scientific impossibilities and inconsistencies.

    I love the true ending, not because I wish I had a slimy body, but because I am happy that Saya and Fuminori have succeeded in creating a world for themselves. It’s just good story telling on the author’s part to get the players to wish for something they never would have wanted in real life. This is therefore a very impacting ending to make us to look deeper into ourselves for why we would like such an ending.

    Thanks again for another thought post. You have given very valid criticisms to Saya no Uta as well as prompted me to rethink about certain aspects of the game.

  37. Misbehaviour says:

    I don’t felt forced to emphatize with Saya and Funimori but rather was emphatizing with everyone else, in particular with Funimoris close friends. Still I understand your point. Somehow it’s true what you’re saying. However I think Sayas actions are like these of an mentally ill people from our human point of view. That was what I was mentioning before, but I must correct myself. While the game tells me most of the time that Saya is acting “pure and innocent” in a “so very human way” I thought that her humanity was only in how the author characterized her. The true question is: can a human ever really questionating the moral process of humanity? Or isn’t it possible because he is seeing everything in a “human” way?

    Despite all the things I was complaining about I must say that I like this game in some way. The music is totally awesome and the lovecraft inspired horror is shown great. It was a experience to play the game.

    I thank you too for responding so quick. It’s nice to have someone to speak with about the different aspects of this touching (whether positiv or negativ) and polarizing game. Somehow it helped me to order my thoughts about this game and being less scared, because it scared the living hell out of me.

  38. Yi says:

    @Misbehaviour: It really is an unanswerable question.
    Anyway, I definitely liked the Lovecraftian undertone and the subtle dark romance. The visual novel definitely took me by surprise as well. ^ ^

  39. Mr. X says:

    Any chance you could email me the translation? I’ve been eyeing this VN for a while

    roninprince [a]

  40. soviet says:

    oh, so i go through all the trouble of importing the game and then i find the translation is patch is gone. : (

    help a guy out?

    justinwl1981 [a]

  41. TofuKnight says:

    Seems like I am not the only one interested in this one. It seems to be a very interesting story.

    Could you e-mail it to me too perhaps?


  42. Yi says:

    @Mr. X, soviet, TofuKnight: ^ ^

  43. TofuKnight says:

    Thank you very much for sending the translation, I have seen all three endings now, and I am very grateful that you where kind enough to send the patch to me.

    Some comments about the story from me:
    The think that bothered me most: Kouji never went to the police.
    Even if he didn’t have any evidence of being attacked by him and him wanting to take care of it himself, a quick phone call would have solved some problems. I think the writers just wanted to keep the police out of the story, but they could have chosen another, more natural way to do that.
    Perhaps it’s just me.

    “moral process of humanity”
    I have doubts about something like that existing. Humans develop values and morals though their life, most of these force-fed by education (in the broader sense of the word). I think research has already shown that humans are capable of nearly everything under the right circumstances. I think Fuminori was already insane before the met Saya, he was planning to kill himself after all.

    I liked all the endings, but my favourite was the bad end, with Saya reaching out for Fuminori and Kouji whacking away at her, since it shows Kouji protecting his friends image but also shows Saya’s love for Fuminori.

    For rest, thank you for giving me the chance to read this story.

  44. Yi says:

    @TofuKnight: ^ ^

    It’s interesting that you like Kouji’s ending the most. Another poster earlier, Misbehaviour, also shared this view. In Saya no Uta, it’s impossible to say which side was right.
    Anyway, I think Kouji never went to the police because he still thought of Fuminori as a close friend. From this, I think Kouji is much more human than Fuminori. Still, I just can’t help but sympathize with Saya and Fuminori rather than Kouji.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  45. Yi says:

    Due to mass request, here are the download links for Saya no Uta. I’ve uploaded downloads for some stuff related to Saya no Uta. Try not to download it if you don’t think you will like it or if you’re not supposed to.

    Saya no Uta OST:
    Saya no Uta CG:

    Saya no Uta Game: Contact me…
    Saya no Uta has been licensed by JAST USA.
    English translations have come out: Contact me…

    Of course, if you are a friend or a regular on this site and I have gotten to know you, feel free to drop your email or a comment. I still have the game and the patch. If you really want the game, start by contributing to the site; comment on some other posts. I will no longer reply to a single long plea in the comments about how much you want this.

    Please do support the game when it does come out, because it really is pretty good. I know I will be buying it.

    Enjoy. ^^

  46. Misbehaviour says:

    Well, the discussion has started again, I guess. Glad to read that.

    @TofuKnight: I agree with you on the point that Funimori was insane and all that stuff, but the question is, why he hasn’t fighted everything from the start. Why has he accepted that his friends are (in “his world”) ugly monsters? You know, although you may call someone “insane” and although you can tell a difference to the behaviou of other people this insane person is still in some way human. I never had experienced something like insanity. Such things never happened to me or people who are close to me. But I do think that there remains something, a fragment of the life you had before. In the game it’s often refered to this fragment within Funimori. He loves Yoh in a (very scary) way and sees her like before and he keeps her as a pet. I think it’s not only because you can find facistic parts in his personality but moreover that he wants something that reminds him of his past. The same goes for kouji. First Funimori speaks to him and tries to be understood by him, but later he totally abbadoned everything, his humanity, his past, his moral just to be with Saya.

  47. Yi says:

    Awesome. Love having people contribute thoughtful discussions here. Thanks.

  48. Strife says:

    got myself interested in the game quite some time ago (around 4 month) checking out the review, watching tha trailer from youtube, download saya no uta (song) and glass of shoes (wonderful song by kanako itou), recently got the game but the translation patch was taken off from TLwiki 😦 :<

    so would you mind sending me the translation patch? thanks

    sorry if my english suck, since it's not my mother language

    email : greatguyjam [a]

  49. Strife says:

    Once again thanks for the translation, now here’s my comment for the game

    while i agree that what fuminori and saya did is unforgivable for human race, from their point of view, they are ‘alien’ in society (well, at least saya is, fuminori got screwed up perception, he decide to alienate himself from society), because they share the same feeling they can easily understand each other thus i think it make the love story touching.

    there’s a spoiler here so forgive me

    while it’s okay if fuminori to decide to abandon his humanity for the sake of his loved one, there just one thing i found not quite right. on the path to ‘true’ or ‘bad’ ending, what saya did to yoh and then presenting her to fuminori, i can still tolerate that since saya probably did not understand the concept of morale that human hold, she see other human like we see guinea pig, just something to use for experiment. but fuminori is at the least still human so what he did to yoh is unforgivable and it contradict his point later on in the game, when he bought new weapon and asked by saya if want to test it out, he said he don’t want to because he don’t really want to hurt something that look like human. now my point is, it’s okay to rape but hesitating to hurt something that look human? to me rape and hurting is the same so i think it’s a bit of hypocrisy or contradiction. yes, i know that fuminori probably just following his instinct, just like what saya told but seriously, this make the ‘true’ ending less lovable. if only fuminori decide to politely say no to saya present or later on did what saya told him to do then it’s okay since there’s no contradiction there (remember, just my opinion)

    well for consistency, there still something that i can’t understand for example the clothing that fuminor wear, does it look like something else befor he wear or he see clothing just fine? and i’m also interested in fuminori past (before the accident) since the game do not dwell in it.

    i don’t really have favorite ending, but what i like most is probably good ending, because the text phone scene and everything…

    that’s all, and thanks for helping me experience this great game and sorry for tha bad english 😀

  50. eye_ame says:

    Thank you very much for the upload! I am totally enchanted by what I read about SnU — seems like really ‘my’ type of story.
    I’d love to have the English patch, if possible. My address is jaybhairavi [at]
    Greetings from Russia 😉

  51. Yi says:

    @Strife: I have to admit that the part with Fuminori, Saya, and Yoh did indeed turn my stomach a bit more than other parts.
    Also, the premise definitely has some inconsistent parts, such as the clothes as you mentioned. Someone else also pointed out what would Fuminori see himself as. Either way though, I just take it for what it is and enjoy the rest without thinking too much into the logistical details.

    @eye_ame: Greetings. ^ ^

  52. 社会主義の四世 says:

    Hi there! I’ve heard a lot about this game circulating around on many forums around the internet and have yet to actually try it out myself. I’ve had songs from the OST for several years now, yet I never really took a good look into the series. I’m regretting not seriously checking it out until now (since the translation patch is down), which is a shame because of all of the great things I’ve heard about this game. Guess it’s a case of “you snooze you lose”.

    Ignoring that last sentence, in any case, if possible, I’d like to obtain a copy of the translation patch. -__-

    e-mail: shinmeiryu[at]

  53. Yi says:

    @社会主義の四世: ^ ^

  54. Hei says:

    Hi there!

    I heard a lot about Saya no Uta from a close friend of mine, but never really got into it. One day, I stumbled upon your blog and felt inspired to give it a try. The images displayed along with the download links at the bottom was enough to draw me in. Sad thing is, I attempted to install the game into my computer, but all I got was a black screen after the disclaimer, etc. I thought that perhaps getting the translation patch from you will help solve the problem, so if it’s alright with you, I would love to receive it from you! My e-mail is seventeen.lies [@] gmail. com.

    Thank you so much!

  55. Hei says:

    In response to the person who have sent me the English Localization:

    Thank you for being so thoughtful as to send it to me! It works really well and I’m enjoying the game so far. You have my word that I won’t be sharing the link with anyone else, so no worries. I’m hoping to purchase the game once it releases, so I’m grateful of both you and Yi!

  56. Yi says:

    @Hei: Hehe, I wonder who the person who send it to you was. ^ ^
    Enjoy the game and I hope you come back and share your opinion of the game afterward.

  57. unicornfandango says:

    Hello, I read a lot about this game and I’m very excited to play it! But…. I’ve downloaded the game, and managed to find an english patch for it somewhere on the internet, but I can’t get it to work. Maybe the patch I have is bad….I was wondering if you could help me work out the patch I have, or send me a good patch. Thanks in advance. 😀

    e-mail: unicornfandango[at]

  58. Yi says:

    @unicornfandango: ^ ^

  59. unicornfandango says:

    Did you try to send me a patch yet? If so, something may have happened….I haven’t received anything. D: I still really want to play this game, please help~!

    email: unicornfandango[at]

  60. Yi says:

    @unicornfandango: This is the type of comment I really do not like. If you look at some of the earlier comments by others, you would see that they are really thoughtful and analytical, or they at least say something about their opinion on the game besides “OMG I REALLY WANT THIS”.
    Since the recent change, I’m getting many comments simply just asking for it, and that feels really spammy and does not contribute to readers of the site. That is the reason I’ve edited the post to ask people to comment on another post first before asking for the patch.
    Anyway, it seems that the email is probably lost somewhere…
    Hopefully someone has sent it by now.

  61. Azrael says:

    Hello, I’ve been really interested in Nitro+ games for a long time but I never had the chance to get into them, but finally I got the chance and asked around for which I should try first and the majority of people recommended Saya No Uta to me and told me about how awesome it is!

    It sounds warped and depressing but also touching and very unique and I quickly became extremely interested in playing it only to have my hopes shot down when I discovered the patch had been removed 😦 I feel obsessed over playing this game and would be very grateful if you could send me the patch at thalosrdm [a] ^^ this game sounds amazing and very unique and I don’t want to miss out on the chance to experience a great visual novel!

  62. Azrael says:

    Thanks! I cant wait to try the game out thank you again. ^^

  63. Yi says:

    @Azrael: Yea, it’s no problem. I would urge you to look at the post too, and hopefully after you have played through the game, come share some thoughts.

  64. Azrael says:

    I just finished the “true ending” of the game and I have to say it was fantastic from start to finish! They created a very beautiful and sad story and I cant wait to finish the other two endings, I was completely hooked throughout the entire game! I’m definitely going to buy the official english copy if/when it comes out, it was a truly amazing game and even better then I anticipated.

    I found myself supporting Fuminori and Saya the whole way through and at first I was worried that the ending might disappoint but I have to say it left me very satisfied!

  65. Yi says:

    @Azrael: I also found myself supporting Fuminori and Saya the whole through, and was a bit surprised that I did given that those two were committing quite atrocious crimes. Anyway, it certainly is a beautiful story. Thank you so much for your comment.

  66. Hei says:

    Hi there, Yi! I appreciate that you have given me the patch to the game. Sorry that it took me awhile to come back. I really enjoyed the game since it got me thinking a lot. Although I’m not rather fond of the h-scenes, I enjoyed it and will most likely look out for more of Nitro+’s creation. I noticed you took down the download links to the game, but I wanted to thank you again for your generous entry that allowed me to play this wonderful game!

  67. Yi says:

    @Hei: Hi Hei, your comment just made my day!
    I’m really glad you enjoyed the wonderful game. I do agree that I could probably not use those h-scenes, especially the rape scene, but it really did make me think a lot. Saya is by far my favorite of the Nitro+ games.
    Another good one I think might be Chaos Head.

    Anyways, I’m really glad you posted your opinions on this. It makes blogging so much more enjoyable. ^ ^

  68. Misbehaviour says:

    Supporting Funimori and Saya? Well I noticed that I thought sometimes how great it would be for both of them to find their happy ending, but then again I wanted to punch Funimori so hard in the face for the crimes he commited. At least I would like to know if Saya was “evil” from the very beginning of her existence or if the mad scientist made her like these by teaching her his own thoughts and morals (which would make her much more symphatic and let me feel sorry for her). But Funimori is somehow much more scaring then Saya. He is a human and it’s a frightening worldview to think that a human could be so easily change by turning his vision around. Maybe you could see it as a critic on the superficiality of human society.

    And now something interesting comes in my mind. Although I finished the game quite some time ago still it is in my head. There are certain emotions and memorys which I can’t forget. Maybe I will remember Saya and Funimori forever (but I would not be grateful for it).

    By the way chaos;head is awesome. Have watched the anime. The story was great and disturbing like Saya no Uta (well atleast it had a much more boring and less disturbing ending)

  69. Yi says:

    @Misbehaviour: “But Funimori is somehow much more scaring then Saya. He is a human and it’s a frightening worldview to think that a human could be so easily change by turning his vision around. Maybe you could see it as a critic on the superficiality of human society.”

    That’s something I did not consider before but using our morality, Funimori is indeed a more grotesque and scarier being than Saya by far.

    Anyway, I still need to get to Chaos; Head. I want to play the VN once I get some time.

  70. kharacter says:


    I don’t know if you remember me, but I really wanted an opportunity to communicate with you one more time.

    My first and foremost reason is that I wanted to discredit my former opinion, not in a way that’s aggressive towards anyone who wanders among those trains of thought, but as a recognition of my former inability to judge clearly or construct an opinion appropriate for my own self. I am neither proud nor ashamed of the fact that at the time I was dealing with ingloriously potent waves of psychosis; only recently have I really fully recognized that fact.

    I am much better now, and though I did a lot of things wrong during the aforementioned time, I felt that leaving the blogger-reader ‘association’ we had on a positive note was a good place to start over.

    I have seen Saya No Uta transform within the extent of my perspective from divine to devilish and everywhere in between, and I have realized the power of art in expropriating ambition to the minds of the future.

    There are currently statues of Don Quixote erect in Spain, and what a change that happens to be, no? From the usual king or military tactician, the image of a fictional hero brightens the square.

    If the revolution comes against some oppressive dictator somewhere in the world, maybe we’ll be graced with the tales of the XV Saya International Brigade 😛
    These clever little novels may be capable of bad, but also just as much, if not more, good, I’d say.

    Or maybe your vision is completely different; maybe you want to keep something powerful on a personal level, or maybe in it, the tyrant will reign supreme under the name of Saya herself. Whatever you may see in your perspective is up to you and I respect it, be it everything it will. I cannot claim to know your true desires, and maybe things aren’t so bad that way.

    I shake you warmly by the hand, though not pretending that we aren’t strangers,

  71. Yi says:

    @kharacter: I do indeed remember you. Your thoughts are always welcomed here regardless of your opinion. Furthermore, you’ve shared some really personal stuff, and I really appreciate that.
    I suppose Saya no Uta will have different impact on different people depending on each person’s experiences and circumstances. I’m really glad to hear that you’re better now and I hope everything goes well for you. ^ ^
    Stranger whom I’ve gotten to know a bit about, I will shake your hand warmly as well.

  72. Pingback: Nitroplus versus Type Moon [Toranoana] « Listless Ink

  73. pixl-san says:

    Hello there!

    Saya no Uta somehow grabbed my attention when it was posted on a forum, so i thought i’d try it out. Normally i don’t really play VN’s much, but what i heard from the depressing story made me wanna read it. Well, i also tried out for example Yume Nikki and LSD out of that reason.

    But now i downloaded it from several different sources, but can’t get it to work…
    Tried it with applocale, japanese overall setting, with and without english patch…
    i don’t really know what i should do, it just gets stuck at the black screen after the disclaimer.
    One who posted before, Hei also had this problem, and your patch seemed to fix it, so i’d like to ask you if you could send it to me also please, as i’d really like to see what the VN is like. 😦

    The e-mail-address would be fail1337 [at]

    Thanks alot :3

    • Yi says:

      @pixl-san: Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I will not be able to send you the patch for several reasons. I did that for a while, and the comments section quickly degenerated to comments simply asking for the patch. It is not something I particularly wanted to see. Of course, if I have an idea who you are (for example, if you are a regular commenter on the site or a friend), I would gladly send you the patch. However, as of right now, your comment is “a single long plea in the comments about how much you want this.” And I had to draw the line here. Furthermore, your alias and your email do not help at all and seem to be almost as spammy as this comment. I am really sorry. I feel like a jerk, but I’m not going to send anything to “fail1337[at]”
      Good luck in getting the game to work though.

  74. pixl-san says:

    Well – i can understand your reasons, and i’m okay with it, as i could render something else the problem with the game.

    But still – my text was honest, no need to call it spammy.
    And well… pixl is my name on quite every forum/game/IM i have.
    Furthermore, the e-mail address is my real one as well.

    Not everyone takes their internet-presence that well, just keep that in mind.
    No offense to you at all, just wanted to give u feedback to your, sure justified, but a bit harsh response.
    Cheers n stuffs.

    • Yi says:

      @pixl-san: I am really sorry I offended you. I didn’t mean to be so harsh. Although I cannot send you the game, they should be around the internet. Hongfire usually has a pretty large selection of games and you might be able to find that there. Maybe Nihonomaru.
      Again, I apologize for the mean words and I’m really sorry to have called your email spammy.

      Good luck on getting it to work and have a lovely day.

  75. Cell says:

    Morality. There really is no morality. Society makes morality. Basically, morality is a set of rules. If you cross the line, it’s immoral. But really, there are no such thing as “morals” and “common sense”. These are just concepts that human society values because they are the barriers of human civilization. We can’t go beyond those barriers or our world would go into chaos. If you look at it this way, morality is just something that contains us and seperates us from the animals. Take lions for example. Lions are cannibals. Many male lions are known to eat their own children, but are they seen as immoral creatures from the eyes of animals? No. Lions murder. Is that considered immoral? No. Morality is a human thing. Not only is it a human thing, but it is fake. There’s not really any logic behind morals. We, as living creatures, should care about survival the most. Even if we have to murder or commit cannibalism, survival should be our top priority. This VN really makes me think that the world that we live in can sometimes make o sense at all.

    • Yi says:

      Agreed wholeheartedly, and very well written. ^ ^

      One of the surface messages of Saya no Uta is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, if we were to look deeper, we’d find that the VN shows us that everything is in the eye of the beholder: perception, morality, sanity… etc. A sort of relativity applied to society.

      In some sense, this might also be a statement against religion, many of which has doctrines that include absolute morality. But Saya no Uta challenges that. Anyway, it’s fascinating to continue down this road (though it might start to get controversial).

      Thanks for reading and the insight!

    • Darek says:

      There is one good thing in morals/doctrines/religions/etc – no murders/cannibalism/rape/violence/etc. Well, in most doctrines, religions etc. So you can’t kill me for no reason because “it’s bad”. I can sleep without worries.

      @rest world
      There is only few people whose wrote about Saya’s origins and her lack of feelings. We can’t put her in box with other criminals because she isn’t from our world. I like parts when Saya is learning about humanity(“testing axe on Yoh”). It shows how Saya is weak in feelings.
      Fuminori is, on other hand, … insane(?). He has changed his opinion about hurting living things by merely appearance(Yoh & axe), but rape is good. Like someone said, contradiction. This only one big bad thing about this VN.

      Well, I finished this long time ago, but I still love it. Music, mostly dark ambient, is amazing. This is why dark ambient music is good for horror like things. And about H-scenes – it perfectly fit this. Fit in gore. Fit in “anger”. Fit in “collecting information”(Saya used it later in changing people). Not like in VN like Tsukihime or Fate stay night.
      Now, I’m searching for some similar visual novel. If you can propose me something I will be glad.
      ps. Sorry for bad english but it’s late and I’m not good writer.

      • Yi says:

        Saya may not be from our world, but for all practical purposes, it is a fair thing to “put her in box with other criminals” since her actions would affect humanity (well, at least humanity in the visual novel, but you get my point. ^ ^).

        As for Fuminori, I agree. He is not only insane, but possibly the most evil thing in the visual novel. I don’t think it’s a bad thing about the VN though since the VN doesn’t necessarily try to make light of his descend into insanity. I felt that Saya no Uta does a good job of giving us a dark story, but still allows us to make our own judgment calls on whether the characters’ actions are right or wrong. It doesn’t push us one way or the other. And that is not a bad thing. (I would argue, in fact, that it’s much much better than pushing a particular moral stance on us)

        Anyway, the music is incredible. I loved it so much. It made the story so much more powerful.

        I’m not that well versed in the visual novel medium, and certainly not in VN of the darker type, but hopefully, someone else can jump in and suggest something. I have heard that the “When they die” series is really good (i.e. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, and associated works). I haven’t played them myself, but most people I know who have enjoyed it.

        Still, something as dark and violent as Saya no Uta, but still maintains class and thoughtfulness is rare. And that’s why this visual novel is still one of my favorite, and has left such a strong impression even three years after I read it.

        p.s. Glad you enjoyed it! And your English is great. ^ ^
        p.p.s. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers, Darek.

        • Darek says:

          To put … – Yeah, I got it but we put her in our(human’s) standard of good and evil. When you think “out of box” and became neutral observer(“non-human being”) you can’t judge bad or good.
          Well, it’s easier for think about this in “human’s way” of thinking but people like me who wants to be neutral(sometimes) and like knows smallest details can’t do this. There is no fun in thinking like this 😀
          When they ‘cry’ series – yeah, I played & watched some Higurashi(cicadas). It’s great, in their way. Btw. Higurashi is sound novel – maybe not good graphics but sound can scary you like hell. It’s so amazing.
          Thank you for all and yeah, I’m new guy.

        • Yi says:

          “To put … – Yeah, I got it but we put her in our(human’s) standard of good and evil. When you think “out of box” and became neutral observer(“non-human being”) you can’t judge bad or good.”
          Agreed. And I think that was the main point this visual novel is driving at. Morality, and pretty much anything, is in the eyes of the beholder.

          I didn’t know Higurashi is a sound novel. I had to look it up to know exactly what it is. Fascinating!

  76. Steven says:

    I recently revisited this VN after a couple years, and the differences I saw really did strike me. The first time I played I felt myself compelled to be sympathetic towards both Funimori and Saya simply because they were the protagonists of the story. However this time I realized that Funimori ended up becoming something that transcended humanity to a level far beyond even Saya. Saya, while perhaps inherently malicious, proved capable of expressing a degree of love despite how foreign a concept it was to her, evidenced in the “bad” end where she restored his vision and departed without ever completing her mission. Her malicious acts were egged on by both her own existence and her surrogate parent, which makes one wonder who was more of a monster in the end. Was Saya the monster because of what was shown in the mirror, or was Funimori the monster for so haphazardly disregarding the worth of his friends?

    • Yi says:

      Ooh that’s an interesting point. Not much has been said about how Funimori treats his friends. Most reactions have sort of just excused that, claiming this disregard for his friends as part of the distorted perception. However, it is interesting to consider that perhaps his readiness to kill his friends stems from his inherent personality. Even if he now finds his friends disgusting to the senses, he should at least know that they were once friends. Perhaps he is indeed more of a monster, or certainly more shallow, than many think.

      Thanks for the great insight!

      • Steven says:

        It was something of a one-sided friendship, it seems. While this is an extreme a true friend should transcend all things, even if they no longer look anything like what you once knew. Kouji and Koh were probably the most faithful, they believed in Funimori until he was totally lost, and even then Kouji seemed hard-pressed to kill him.

        • Yi says:

          Exactly. And even common decency should have given him second thoughts on murdering his friend, even if his condition eventually controls his actions. However, Funimori never hesitated at all in killing his friend. It’s a bit cold blooded.

  77. Hi! says:

    Definitly a classical visual novel. I love every second of this game… the only thing I didn’t like to much was the abuse of Hentai. What I mean is that i don’t think that all that much sexual content was actually necesary.
    Anyway, a wonderful lovecraftian visual novel, frightening yet really romantic in some moments.

    • Yi says:

      This is a classic indeed. I always recommend this to anyone looking for a little more substance in visual novels, although I also always warn them of the excessive sexual content. While I am not opposed to hentai or sexual content in literature, I agree that in Saya no Uta, the sex is mostly gratuitous and unnecessary. It takes a little bit away from what is such a powerful, beautiful, emotional story. It also makes it not accessible to a lot of people, which is a shame, because the story is so wonderful indeed.

      I would love more Lovecraftian visual novels with this much depth.

      Thanks for visiting and the comment darling!!

  78. NyaaTaku says:

    🙂 Whooooooo!!! I’m really hoping they take this series to a next level! Maybe an anime adaption? Highly unlikely though.

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