Springbreak Plan and Sketches

Last week was spring break for me. I wanted to use this chance to catch up both with high school friends and on missed lectures.

That was the plan, but…

The first thing that I did when I got home from school was let my phone run out of batteries. From then on, I pretty much tried to avoid all of my friends. Why? Because I was feeling antisocial. This lasted for the first half of the week until finally my friends drove over and pretty much got me out of the house. Good times? Eh… We didn’t do anything except just sit around. I think we were much wilder in high school, but…

Now about the lecture webcasts. I had 9 hours of webcast I have to watch over the break. I got through 0. I think I made nice progress and my work is almost done. But just to be on the safe side, I will now work like hell to prepare for my midterms next week….

Yea… whenever I talk about my school life, it almost always invariably leads to exams.

Another one of my plan was to draw a lot. I suppose that went OK for the first few days, but I pretty much got too lazy. Still I made a few sketches and am finally about to finish this one thing I’ve been doing, so that’s nice.

Sketch Sara Cross
Sketch (Photoshop 20 minutes?)

I have more but I’m too lazy to save them into jpegs and upload them. So that’s it for now.

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3 Responses to Springbreak Plan and Sketches

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    It’s too early for you to start seeing transitions in your high-school friends… I think. Well, maybe not. Wait till you graduate. 🙂 Better yet, wait till your friends get married or something… I’ve lost 3 good friends to that insitution & haven’t heard from any of them in a while.

    I don’t have any HS friends to hang with, and no-one from work seems to want to hang either (actually I’m not sure how to approach that). Living in a dorm situation forced me to make friends, but I’m finding that I’m horribly lacking in that skill by myself. Consequently my weekends are typically spent runing around aimlessly, enjoying digitized distractions, or just doing nothing.

    Your description of trying to draw reminds me of when I want to write. 🙂 is the doodle in the square to the left a painting on the wall? Is she in a room or in a hallway, and what has caused her to pause? Whatever it is, it hasn’t compelled her much; she seems generally morose but apathetic. Or perhaps she’s had one of those moments where you just need to stop & think? I like the frills. 🙂

  2. WomanGirl says:

    I like This site!

  3. Yi says:

    @piggy-san444: I kind of just drew her randomly without thinking too much. ^^

    @WomanGirl: Good to know. Thanks for visiting.

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