Seven – Earphones

I’ve recently realized that I always have earphones on when I’m in my apartment, so I thought a bit about why that is.

I tend to stay up really late sometimes either studying or doing… stuff. Late at night, the silence gets pretty suffocating so I always listen to music, downloaded TV episodes/ movies, Youtube or everything at once… As a result, I’ve developed a habit of always wearing earphones regardless of whether I’m listening to anything.

Really, I listen to stuff to so I don’t feel too weird alone at 3 am. Lately I have been “watching” a lot of TV programs on my computer. In fact, I don’t actually watch anything. The plots in general are easy follow without having to watch them… sort of like listening to radio dramas I guess. Therefore, I am able to browse sites, play games (minesweeper…), fool around with Photoshop… etc. Multitasking saves precious time that could be wasted elsewhere.

To help kill the lifeless silence, I also talk to my figures on my desk.

Just kidding…

not really…?

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3 Responses to Seven – Earphones

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    Last time I stayed up till 3am… I can’t remember… work has sucked all the life out of 3am jaunts to the anime kingdom. My should-watch queue is taking on staggering porportions. And with no time to fix my failing primary box where all my anime is housed, I’m stuck with no ability to watch it. Though I recently purchased a 500 gig external hardrive so I plan on consolidating a lot of stuff to it so I can use it on my laptop.

    The headphones thing made me laugh though. I hate ear-buds and I wear glasses so my perfered headphones (thick padded ones) hurt my head after a few hours of wear.

    I saw a terribyte hard drive for $350. The irony though is you can by two 500 gig drives for a little over $220.

    Still, a full terabyte… that made my mouth water.

  2. "G" says:

    u be careful with your hearing.

  3. Yi says:

    @piggy-san444: My head/ ears hurt after around 10 hrs too…

    @”G”: I’ll try to be careful…

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