Now that I am done with my hardest midterm, I have a few days of break before I have to worry again, so I take this opportunity to finish up my review of The Cain Saga, which apparently is not that popular. Oh well, most manga I like are not very mainstream… whatever.

Godchild Cain and Merriweather

Godchild follows Count Cain and comprises of volumes six to thirteen. It delves deeper into Cain’s battle against the secret organization Delilah.

Godchild Cain

One of the best parts about this is the diverse cast of characters that appears. They are well developed and designed. I also love all of their costumes.

Godchild Clehadol

Godchild Merriweather and Mikaila
Merriweather and Mikaila

Godchild really takes Count Cain up a notch in terms of both plot and artwork. The story is much more mature as well. Reading the manga is like watching episodes of Law and Order: SVU. The stories are ripe with pedophilia, child abuse, incest, prostitution, rape… etc, though nothing is done too particularly distastefully. Everything has an elegant and graceful feel to it, as is appropriate for a story about the nobility.

Godchild Merriweather
Merriweather. She still remains my favorite.

Godchild Cain and Riff
Cain and Riff. Pulled a fast one on me there… I thought Cain is straight…

I sometimes do wonder if Kaori Yuki has a special affinity for sex crime stories… haha but I like them a lot.

Godchild Merriweather cover

Godchild Merriweather
More lolilicious Merriweather. She’s so cute I just want to… My thoughts are getting more and more dangerous these days. jkjk.

Review of Count Cain
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21 Responses to Godchild

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    When can pediophilia be done tastefully??
    The author of this saga also did Angel Sanctuary, right? Intense story line from what I remember… only read vol 1 and I was too offended. I’d delve into this but I have a feeling I’d end up dropping it for the same reason… my baptist upbringing can only take so much.

  2. Yi says:

    I think you misunderstood when I said “not done too distastefully”. Granted, I guess my diction is kind of off. Anyway, I meant that there isn’t a gang rape/ blatant molestation hardcore kind of thing going on (like so many hentai titles). Rather, the pedophilia/ rape… etc is only referred to and given slight hints. By no means does the manga encourage or portray pedophilia in a good way at all. I’m merely saying that those scenes are not so graphic that they turn the readers away.
    Sorry for such a long rant, but I feel like I should defend her (the author) a little bit.

  3. piggy-san444 says:

    With ya on the hentai bit; really limits what I prefer to watch. It’s still a shame that her story has those elements in it; even if its hinted at it ruins my enjoyment of the medium. I heard it told like enjoying a wonderful homecooked meal and learning that there was just a bit of dog feces mixed in.

    Kind of ruins the rest, ya know?

    What purpose does it play? That’s one thing I’m constantly asking in Vampire Hunter D novels… why must the townsmen strap up the young girl and attempt to rape her? Are my views of humanity still this side of Utopia… are men really that distraught? Or is it a kind of lesson, a metaphorical visual between the hated damphir and the deviant townsmen; between humans and vampires and asking who’s the real monster.

    I would personally perfer the subject matter to be left alone completely, but maybe I’m being too… I don’t know the term. 😛

  4. Phoeliz says:

    Hey, I discovered this page by chance when I was looking for some coloured pictures of Count Cain to look at. (I really like Yuki’s way of drawing!) Anyway, I just have the need to give you my oppinion on this, espeacially on one thing.^^
    About Cain and Riff:
    I think I sensed quite soon that they shared some kind of affection for each other. Yet Cain seems to be only interested in women (besides Riff). After finishing the series yesterday I came to the conclusion that with Cain and Riff it was always about loving a person. I think that the two ot them have known each other for such a long time that everything except for the personality has become unimportant. Well, right now I lack the right words to describe it, but maybe you already got what I wanted to say… 😉

  5. Yi says:

    I agree with you on Cain and Riff, especially on their love for each other transcends everything else (such as gender), because they have known and taken care of each other for so long. Anyway, thanks for commenting.

  6. Alice says:

    hhaha, I thought Cain was straight too.

    I noticed how much Kaori Yuki’s style of drawing changed from the Count Cain series to Godchild.

    Her previous drawings were rather…wavy. The art in Godchild is way better than previous ones (in my opinion)

    And it saddens me how unpopular Godchild is. I mean, how can you NOT like it?

    You might like Hibiki’s Magic.

  7. Yi says:

    Yea, her styles have really solidified by the end of Godchild. I think between the two works, she worked on Angel Sanctuary, which is my favorite manga from her.
    Anyway, it is kind of sad how under-appreciated it seems.
    I’ll check out Hibiki’s Magic. Thanks for he info.

  8. Analya says:

    I’m reading it again for the 20th time…
    I luv this frickin’ manga and NOTHING I’ve read since I finished it has been… ya know… worth reading.
    i luv this manga and it’s arthor (sp?) but why’d she frickin hafta kill everybody off! I wanted the series to like, go on forever, which I know is impossible but whatever…

  9. Yi says:

    She didn’t kill everyone off, but yea I loved it too.

  10. Michelle says:

    I loved reading this manga but i also hated the sad ending…guess I should go write a fanfic now…but not a CainxRiff one….

  11. Kairi says:

    I’m still reading the series ^_^ i love it.

    do cain and riff really have feelings for eachother? O_O

  12. Yi says:

    Well, they definitely have strong feelings for each other, but not necessarily those kinds of feelings. It’s up to your interpretation. I thought so though.

  13. Kairi says:

    …I hope so 😀 the whole time I read the series, I’m like “YOU BETTER LOVE EACH OTHER!” lol XD

  14. Yi says:

    Yea me too. The whole time, I was just waiting for it.

  15. Kairi says:

    lmao well, I’m going to try to finish the series soon. and then…..I’ll make everyone read it and point out that they have feelings towards eachother. c: because thats what I do XD

  16. Anni says:

    It ended so sad! But it was, you know, sad/sweet. Like it couldn’t have ended any other way but you just wish it would’ve…
    Concerning Cain and Riff though… I’m pretty sure they wern’t gay. When you think about it, the only people either one of them had left in their lives was the other (CONFUSING…). What I mean to say is, Riff’s family’s dead and Cain’s is nuts (and Mary isn’t even related to him) so pretty much all they have is eachother.
    Did anyone else feel like REALLY sorry for Mary? I mean really. They left her to go crazy in the company of Oscar, who is a good guy and all but I mean really…
    And speaking of feelin sorry for people, am I the only person on this planet who ever felt sorry for Jizabel?

    Sorry long post but I love this manga!

  17. Yi says:

    I really liked Merriweather, and yea I kind of felt bad about her and Oscar, because Oscar just seems… not good enough for her.

    I hated Jizabel though and did not feel at all bad for him…

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