Blah Six – Fun Times

It’s midterm season again. Oh Right! Coolio Cheerio! …………….

I don’t like exams…

As always, whenever midterms come around, I start getting really diligent and busy, just not on the right tasks. I’ve cleaned my room, done laundry, organized my desk and shelf… etc., and I am now updating my blog. I would do anything to excuse myself from studying.

It seems that every time I have a test coming up, it starts raining that week. It’s quite an amazing coincidence. Though the rain is not too bad, it really makes me lethargic and makes me want to stay in my room all day. I guess that’s good, because I get more studying done if I were confined to my desk. Right… My computer’s definitely not a distraction at all.

I found these comic at a website affiliated with my school. They are decent representations of my next few days…

Berkeley Comic

Berkeley Comic

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3 Responses to Blah Six – Fun Times

  1. "G" says:

    good luck on ur midterms~!

  2. piggy-san444 says:

    “What do you do for fun?”

    My last roommate was like that; freshman engineer, and I was a senior comp sci, only I had completed my senior project the year before (glitch in my scheduling). I watched anime, he slept. ^_^

    Get yourself a bambo for your desk. Not sure what it’ll do for you, but may add a welcome bit of aesthetic while studying.

  3. Yi says:

    @”G”: Thanks. ^ ^

    @piggy-san444: Good call on the bamboo.

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