Count Cain

I finished reading the Cain Saga (Count Cain + Godchild) today. I actually started this manga a long time ago, but I only finished recently because it was so good. I always wanted to save some of the story for later, and thus I progressed through the series rather slowly.

Count Cain Cain C. Hargreave

The cursed, arrogant, and slightly immature Cain

Count Cain is the first part (first five volumes) of the Cain Saga and follows Count Cain C. Hargreaves. The Hargreaves is a cursed family, and Cain is no exception. His life is surrounded by murder, misfortune, and death. With his golden tinted eyes and extensive knowledge of poison, Cain solves the many mysteries and schemes that always accompanies him. As more is revealed about Cain and his background, the story shifts from individual episodic mysteries to a larger plot that lasts throughout the latter part of Count Cain and all of Godchild… There isn’t too much I can say about the storyline without spoiling something important, and my writing isn’t flowing too well, so I guess I’ll stop here about the plot. One more thing about it though, the stories are all fascinating and Kaori Yuki has quite a twisted imagination at times (that’s one reason why I love her so much!).

Count Cain Mark of the Red Ram

Quite a bit of weird stuff going on… hehehe

Count Cain is one of Kaori Yuki’s earlier works, and thus there is quite an inconsistency in the art in the first few volumes of Count Cain. Past the first few volumes, though, her artwork has really solidified into quite a beautifully drawn manga, and in Godchild, each volume is simply gorgeous and completely blows me away. But I will talk about Godchild some other time.

Count Cain Cain and Jezebel

Cain and Jezebel

One of the biggest reasons I like Kaori Yuki’s mangas is because of the gothic undertones prevalent in her works. Also, I love her elegant drawing style. Her characters always look so good, though I can’t really pinpoint why (perhaps it’s the classy feel they have). Further, she loves to dress them up in gothic lolita fashion, which is very fine by me.

Count Cain Meredianna

Meredianna, I really like her. She’s so tragic…


Count Cain Merryweather

Merryweather, my favorite character of the whole manga and Cain’s little sister, served on a silver platter. She’s so cute! I can eat her up right now.

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10 Responses to Count Cain

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting… full time jobs aren’t conducive (for me) for blogging. I don’t know how some people do it.
    Email me some more info about that yuri mag you posted a few entries back. I may want to check in on Lillicious, see if they did it.

  2. iceman says:

    is so agree!!
    I love this manga
    especially Cain…

    the ending was happy in a way
    But i had wanted him and riff to live so i was a bit sad

  3. Yi says:

    Well, I liked the ending as it is though. Sort of adds to that tragic romance feel.
    Also, did Cain really die? The way Godchild ended made it open to imagination.

  4. KASUMI says:

    pienso que es un
    genial manga y me encanta
    ese estilo gotico
    en el manga
    bueno cuidaense

  5. Yi says:

    Agreed on the gothic manga part.

  6. lightupthesea says:

    omg i totally agree! count cain is amazing in every way :]
    i absolutely loved the ending~so sweet and sad.
    i hope kaori yuki come out with another manga as good as this one~

  7. Yi says:

    @lightupthesea: The ending was the best. I think it was just such a perfect ending to a tragic epic. I really hope Kaori Yuki makes another long work like this.

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