Blah Blah Five: Overachieving girls

Not an overachieving girl. (She blows not to be the best, but just to pass the class)

OK, time for another one of my rants. First of all, I moved all those random rants into its own category, and I will start to number these. Why? Because I am bored as hell and trying to kill some time by rambling here, although I don’t really have any time to kill…

I see a lot of people everyday.

Among these people, there is one type of students I really can not stand. They are the overachievers. More specifically the undergraduate premed girls. A few common traits group these students together. They are all ugly. While not grotesque or morbidly obese or anything, they certainly are not close to good looking. I really don’t have a problem with that, but these girls too often try to act cute to gain the favor of people, and their “cute” expressions and speech always make me puke a little inside.

These are the girls that go to professors’ office hours and suck dicks all day for that one point of extra credit. They are the type that will give you the wrong answer so you would lower the curve. They love to ask irrelevant questions in class just to ask questions and seem interested. We all know they don’t give a shit. They also see everything as a competition, even who can sit the closest to the professor. They are the Bezerkeley Asian girls.

I really can’t stand their disgustingly competitive nature, but unfortunately, they are all around the campus.

Well, I can probably go on and on about what qualities of theirs make me dislike them, but it’s getting late, and I have a few dicks I have to suck to get a research position… haha, just kidding… not funny.

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3 Responses to Blah Blah Five: Overachieving girls

  1. "G" says:

    “Bezerkeley Asian girls”

  2. Ero-kun says:

    hahaha. i was about to say they must be asians. it fits perfect. XD

  3. Yi says:

    @”G”: hehe yea.

    @Ero-kun: Haha. Just a little stereotypical joke.

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