Shoujo Sect

Shoujo Sect

Shoujo Sect is a yuri manga and consists of a collection of short events that occur in an all girl school. Naito is the main character and is in every story. For the first couple of chapters, she just plays a sideline character or an observer in the the various happenings. Later on, she gets a more active role in the short stories. Honda is another very important recurring character. She pops up and even participates in several stories through out both volumes. Other than those two, a few others have roles in more than one arc.

Shoujo Sect cover

Now I should probably mention this. Although the cover doesn’t mark it as adult, Shoujo Sect contains a few explicit scenes, but there isn’t anything too hardcore or gross. Everything done could be done by just two regular girls without any help from toys, magic, peni… you get the point. This is pure yuri.

Shoujo Sect

Shoujo Sect
A few teaser pages

All the stories are really rather cute. The art looks nice. I actually have to say it’s quite beautifully drawn. The characters look a little loli, but that works for me.

Shoujo Sect
Not this loli. These girls are actually just younger versions of the characters.

If this is your cup of tea, I think Otenba has scanlated the first five chapters. I could not find English scanlations for the rest and I don’t think anyone else is scanlating. In these situations, I just turn to Chinese scanlations, and sure enough, I found what I needed.

For the Innocent Lovers OVA:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

For the manga raws, scroll down to comment #4.

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18 Responses to Shoujo Sect

  1. Ero-kun (AnimeMusicBoi) says:

    sigh, sometimes i pitty myself for not being japanese 😛

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  3. DJ says:

    ne can you pleeeeeeeeease tell me from where to get the raws of the manga i have up till 8 but i really wanna see what happens next and dat teaser u put was amazing …haah please share ..^_^

  4. Yi says:

    I’ve uploaded it.

    Shoujo Sect raw: download

    Enjoy and drop a line if you liked it. ^_^

  5. DJ says:

    ne, can you pleeeeease add me on da msn and then send it 2 me , am asking alot i know “baka me” u c its cause am having troubles downloading stuff(anime, manga etc..) haha poor me ^_^() if it makes you feel better i come read your posts all da time i just never left a comment, wait its not like i didnt want 2 dont get me wrong arrrggh i dont know what the hell am sayin nnways OOnegai shmas ^_~ and umm if u like yuri check koihime musou here
    its my friend’s site she is with anime blogger …^_^

  6. Yi says:

    Yea I can do that. I’ll add you on msn and send it to you if I see you on.
    My msn address is hsieh.yi@

  7. kayla says:

    hey i was wondering when episode 3 comes out in the anime bc i have already seen episode 1&2 on youtube?
    thx let me know bc its a really good anime 😀

  8. Yi says:

    I think it comes out Nov. 25th 2008

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  10. k says:

    Thank you
    I found it for long time
    the pic is really nice

  11. Yi says:

    Yea no problem.

  12. tora says:

    Thanks for the raws, was looking for them…

  13. Yi says:

    @tora: No problem. A simple thanks like this really makes me happy. ^^

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  15. Johnny says:
    For those who don’t understand, France, my dear country has licensed the manga, thanks to Taifu editor! The release will take place on July!

    • Yi says:

      That’s super awesome! I’d love to have physical copies of Shoujo Sect. It’s one of my favorite yuri manga. Good job, France!

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