Listless Ink ver. 3 and Winterbreak in Taiwan

I changed the look of my site again. I think it looks rather nice in a serene relaxing way. There are quite a bunch of nice little features I added around the site. These mostly include categorical and page navigations. I also added a few more sections since the last version. One of such is a shout box. Going back to the old school when every site had a guestbook of some kind is rather fun. So go post there! Apart from these, just browse around and check out the little updates and changes. By the way, I haven’t really used other browsers besides Firefox to look at the site, so I hope it’s fine in IE and such.

This is a pretty short entry after such a long time without updating and since my winter break is ending, I will take this opportunity to recap my break.

I went back to Taiwan at the beginning of my vacation. I haven’t been there for eight years, so that was quite a trip. Lots of good food, shopping, anime stuff, and chilling. Things in Taiwan are really fairly cheap, and all are really good, especially those in the kiosks that litter every street. It was also a lot of fun visiting various places, such as Taipei 101, Shihlin Night Market, and temples.

Taipei 101

Shihlin Night Market
Shihlin Night Market. It’s this crowded every night.


芝山巖. This temple’s fairly close and within walking distance to my house. I went to pray there several times.

I also bought a bunch of stuff, including some clothes, shirts, books, random little things, and figures. Anime is much more popular there than in the US. Convenience stores, which are everywhere, all carry manga magazines, galges, and other anime goodies. It’s also not hard to find a manga/ anime/ toy store. The best though is 台北地下街, which is an area for the hardcore otakus. There’s even a maid cafe there. Anyway, I’ll write more on my anime adventure in Taiwan some other time.

After I got back, I pretty much just holed up at home for the next ten days or so because it was so cold. Anyway, somewhat late, but let’s all have a good year.

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3 Responses to Listless Ink ver. 3 and Winterbreak in Taiwan

  1. piggy-san444 says:

    Hey! Sorry for getting your name wrong… i’ve fixed it.

    And is that a 1/8 (probably a 1/32 actually) scale Eva unit 1 I see there?? OMG I need to go. 🙂

    Too bad I can’t read Japanese yet.

  2. "G" says:

    i’m missing taiwan already just by looking at those pictures @@

  3. Yi says:

    @piggy-san444: I think so.

    @”G”: I’m missing Taiwan already too. It’s so much fun.

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