Trinity Blood

I’m back from my vacation in Taiwan. That break was much needed and much fun. I did a lot of things and bought a bunch of stuff, but that’s a story for another time.

When I got back, I finished watching Trinity Blood. I actually started this series a long time ago, but I kept stalling it… because it is terrible. My main problem with the series are its characters. They lack development, and there are way too many one time characters who become important at the end. I couldn’t keep track of who everyone is. The few characters who do stick around enough are all pretty annoying too. I hated the protagonist, Abel. I just don’t like heroes like him. Further, the action sequences are really bad; they are usually just still images with flashing lights, scrolling, zooming, and such. The plot is pretty weak and uninterestingly predictable as well.


There are, however, some good things too. The characters look decent enough (in fact, some are really awesome), with the exceptions of a minor few. The settings and the architectures look great. The highlights of the series are the several scenic parts of the various cities.

Anyway, I, being somewhat of a fan of vampire or moody anime, was quite looking forward to this series, but it turned out rather disappointing.

Trinity Blood

The scans make the anime look better than it actually is.

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8 Responses to Trinity Blood

  1. Ero-kun says:

    hey sup. wut did u buy in taiwan? anime stuff? 😛

  2. piggy-san444 says:

    hey… thx for the comment on my xanga, haven’t updated it in a while, eh? 🙂 I have some material… December just killed me!

    Happy New Year! Let’s hope it’s a good one…

  3. EmperorG says:

    Hmm, I haven’t watched Trinity Blood myself, because I wasn’t interested in watching it. Now I’m even less interested. Stay tuned for my long awaited MM! review as I crack my fingers and prepare to harass that show like no other. Good nega-review. I’m guessing this is from your early years as a reviewer, correct?

    • Yi says:

      Yep yep. It’s dated 2008. I don’t think I started to really seriously write stuff until much later. It didn’t matter in the beginning though. I had a readership of at most 5.

      Anyways, Trinity Blood sucks, not just in the vampiric way.

      Email me when the MM! review is done. I want to read your destruction of it. ^ ^

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