Manga Help?

Where can I find this manga?

The second part of the Kaori Yuki’s Count Cain series, Godchild. I can’t seem to find it anywhere though…

Edit: I did eventually find this. Godchild Review

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2 Responses to Manga Help?

  1. BC says:


    The people there know me. 😛

    Legos are awesome, but stick to the old school… go browse Ebay for some M-Tron, Black-tron, Space-Police, etc sets & bone up. They’re way funner to build than the new sets. The StarWars Jedi Fighter was a total let-down. The rings for the hyper-drive were the most time consuming & complicated part which pulls from the point… a cool vehicle to run around your house while making silly sounds and weaving around your family members, who are seriously considering having you committed.
    I went crazy last year & bought up like half of the M-Tron & Black-tron sets, even found some of the original stuff. Ooooh man I was like 6 years old again!

  2. Yi says:

    Thanks. I’ll check that out. I was actually just looking for a download before I buy it, but I’ll keep this site in mind. And props on the Lego sets.

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