Doujin Work

A while ago I finished this anime series called Doujin Work.

Doujin Work
Yes! H-Doujins!

Just kidding. Although Doujin Work is about doujinshi, nothing explicit is shown in this anime.

Anyway, for some reason, Doujin Work is not getting much recognition. I thought it is rather nice and funny. To be fair, the series is quite annoying in its cheesy, “teach a lesson about friendship and doing what you really want” morals throughout the series and especially in the ending. Moreover, the comedy is also rather repetitive. However, I don’t particularly mind. Awkward situations, yuri subtexts, and sexual innuendos are always funny. Sex jokes never get old.

Najimi Midou yuri

Najimi Galge
What’s dissolving? What’s she looking at?

The best thing about Doujin Work is perhaps its short (15 minutes) episodic nature that allows the audience to stay relatively unattached. I watched an episode whenever I needed to kill a little bit of time and whenever I wanted to watch something but don’t feel like getting involved with cliffhangers or long movies. I suppose watching Doujin Work is somewhat like doing the crossword puzzles in newspapers or reading magazines in the bathroom…

Najimi Take Home

Fairy Sora
I like Sora’s various outfits

Doujin Work anime posters
How many do you know? Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Muv Luv, Gungrave(?), and Saya no Uta are the ones I recognize.

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2 Responses to Doujin Work

  1. EmperorG says:

    I decided to just post a comment on this one since I also enjoyed Doujin Work, as you could probably tell in my Hyakko+Doujin Work Double Slammy review. I suppose the reason why it isn’t so popular is because not much happens once you get right down to it. It’s funny and awesome for sure, plus Tsuyuri is the best character on the show, so coming back to watch her in action always brings a smile to my face.

    • Yi says:

      Yea… This isn’t very substantial nor memorable, but it was enjoyable. A perfect way to kill 15 minutes. Funny, short, and not much emotional/ mental baggage.

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