Lucky Star

hiiragi kagami tsukasa izumi konata takara miyuki lucky star horiguchi yukiko

It’s been cold lately… weather and friends…

Kagami thinking

That sentiment may have been a little melodramatic, but that’s how I feel now that I’ve finished Lucky Star. I know what you’re thinking: “what a loser!” F@#$ you all. You know exactly how I feel. This emptiness.

hiiragi kagami lingerie lucky star namamo nanase pantsu wallpaper

Lucky Star is a slice of life anime about four girls and their friends… That’s all I have to say about the synopsis because there really isn’t a plot to talk about, and there are 9,823,478 blogs out there writing summaries of every episode.

Anyway, at first watching Lucky Star was a little too exhausting for me, having to pause several times each episode. However, after a while, their mundane dialogues became really quite interesting once I got to know the characters and it almost feel as if I am part of their conversations.

hiiragi kagami hiiragi tsukasa izumi konata kusakabe misao lucky star nishiya futoshi

This series is one catered toward anime fans. Many jokes would be lost if you are not fluent with the anime/ manga/ game world. In fact, some jokes still fly over my head. Oh well, in the end, I don’t think I was watching Lucky Star so much for the jokes as for the doubtful high schoolers. The comedy is just a bonus.

Lucky Star Kagami Konata yukata balsamic vinegar

Anyone else notice Tsukasa’s obsession with balsamic vinegar?

Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star Namamo Nanase

A few words on the characters… Kagami is cute. Her constant embarrassment and her blushing, angry expression is really adorable. Also her being a tsundere is just too moe.

Hiiragi Kagami Lucky Star miko shrine maiden Rei

And she is a shrine maiden. I really love Kagami.

hiiragi kagami tsukasa lucky star yukata twincest kawanami eisaku

Konata, Tsukasa, and the other friends all have their charms as well.

Konata Kagami KonaKaga yuri

The interactions between Kagami and Konata are really interesting as well… Could it be?

hiiragi kagami izumi konata lucky star ikegami akane

Well, now that Lucky Star ended, I feel as though I’ve lost a few friends…

Edit: Updated images 3/27/2010

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19 Responses to Lucky Star

  1. "G" says:

    yeah..i know about that 空虛感
    that’s how i feel everytime i finish a good 日劇@@
    btw, Kagami sure is cute!

  2. Ero-Kun says:

    i like episodes with the hyper comic store manager and densetsu no shojou a!

  3. Yi says:

    @”G”: Yep yep. She’s cute for sure. And I get that feeling after a good 日劇 too.

    @Ero-Kun: He was pretty… interesting.

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  5. EmperorG says:

    If there was a character that I couldn’t stop going squee over in this anime, it had to be Minami. I swear that girl makes me smile every time she’s on screen. She’s just too cute for me to deny. So much cuteness in a nearly expressionless face. you rock Minami.

    Also, I think we pretty much confirmed our suspicions on KonaGami after the epic dream sequence in the bonus OVA.

    • Yi says:

      Haha yea KonaKaga is confirmed in my mind. The yuri in the OVA is so strong; even those without goggles can see.

      I loved Minami too. She makes a fine pair with Yutaka. I also love her cute side underneath that cold facade.

      Anyways, I’m so embarrassed that you read this review… This was posted years ago when my writing was much worse. Still thank you for the comment. ^ ^

      • EmperorG says:

        Don’t worry my friend, you have obviously become better as you continue to write more reviews. I myself have my ups and downs when it comes to writing my G-Views. I guess it all depends on which anime that we review.

        I’m happy to meet another MinaKata. fan. they look so cute together it brings so much joy to my heart.

        Also, we can’t forget the greatness that is both the pumped up anime shopkeeper and the legendary Lucky Channel! Oh Akira, I never get tired of your pointless rants and b”’th fits.

        • Yi says:

          2007 I was just getting out of high school. I didn’t know the basics of composition and I’ve never really read reviews. I wrote without a worry for form and content. Simply putting down my feelings.

          … It was nice back then.

          Anyways, Lucky Channel is nice, but I’m not that in love with Akira and her antics. I guess it’s just not for me.

  6. Enigmatic Paradox says:

    I read this review with little to no knowledge on Lucky Star beforehand… I watch the first episode and at one point was thinking “What the hell? the entire series looks like it’s comprised of pointless filler material, I’m not going to bother watching this?”…

    … but by the time I watched the last episode and the OVA, be it possibly because my overhead desk lamp has bad lighting, there was a tear down my face at the ending (although I was more than glad to see the end of Akira and Lucky Channel).
    I feel a little lonely having finished Lucky Star now.

    I have to agree now with everything I read in your review and i’m glad I read it or I may have never watched Lucky Star… just don’t let Kagami hear you calling her a Tsundere or Moe.

    • Yi says:

      Ah… This is one of those older “reviews” written back when I didn’t really care much for substance in my writing; when posts are mostly impressions and emotions.

      Anyways, I remember my thoughts on the first episode being similar to yours. It was really fast paced slice-of-life, and felt a lot like a string of filler materials. By the last episode though, the characters and their personalities have really grown on me.

      The OVA… was great, but made me feel lonely too. 😦 It’s kind of sad to think that there won’t be much more Lucky Star in the future.

      “just don’t let Kagami hear you calling her a Tsundere or Moe.”
      Loll. But her reaction would be so adorable!

  7. afkeroge says:

    Don’t worry, I just watched Lucky Star last 2009! THAT is late.

    Anyway, I really don’t like people who criticize others for watching something from a while back. It just feels pointless for me. A show is most greatly appreciated if watched at your own time, not just due to peer pressure.

    • afkeroge says:

      Wait, I feel like I misunderstood your post. Sorry about that.

      Yes, the emptiness after I watched this… I wanted more of Lucky Star. I loved most of the gags and sketches in the show, especially that store manager and the Da Capo OP parody. There are also these bits and pieces of yuri here and there. This probably is another one of those anime which deepened my interest in yuri after Strawberry Panic!.

    • Yi says:

      I don’t think I criticized anyone for watching older anime. In fact, I don’t think I should ever criticize the audience, only the anime. I enjoy watching older sutff too (but not too old school… Can’t stand the art style).

      Anyway, I would so love another season, although I doubt that will ever happen. There is a sense of loss when there is no more, and all we’ll have of Lucky Star are our memories from past episodes.

      Konata x Kagami is lovely, as is Yutaka x Minami.

  8. JbstormburstADV says:

    Ah… Lucky Star… I’d say it’s the one series that pulled me into animedom for the long run. It just gives you a feeling of loss at the end that you know you can’t replace. Also, I agree with you on Konami and Minataka. I’m just pissed off Yoshimizu has been delaying it so long in the manga, especially when you look at the ending for Volume 6…

    …Damn you Yoshimizu… You’re almost as bad as Kishimoto…

    • Yi says:

      Yea. That loneliness right after the series ended. 😦

      Anyway, I haven’t read the manga yet, so I’m spared of the wait. Though I can sympathize with you a bit… I soooo want Peach-Pit to properly finish Rozen Maiden, both the manga and the anime.

      Thank you so much for visiting, reading, and even commenting!

      p.s. I’m glad you watch Lucky Star with yuri goggles on. ^ ^

      • JbstormburstADV says:

        Eh.. I’ve been lurking around a bit. I found the downloads of Sono Hanabira 1 and 2, and thus, the descent began…

        And I can agree with you on the yuri goggles… Although I think they may not be necessary for Minataka, and possibly Konami.

        • Yi says:

          I’m glad to see you come out of lurking. ^ ^

          The subtext for both Minataka and Konami are there for sure. Minataka I think is fairly obvious, and KonaKaga got a huge boost from the OVA. At the very least, Kagami has some Freudian feelings for Konata, if not love love.

  9. MInataka is my favorite pairing in LS. ^_^

    BTW, LS fans might be interested in a site called Lucky Star Shrine:

    Lunar Cafe is not specifically devoted to LS, but it’s also a fine site which needs more traffic:

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