Recently I’ve been playing this game Alibat. Alibat stands for Alice Battle and is a doujin 3-D fighting game involving characters from Rozen Maiden. Having it as one of my favorite animes, I simply could not let this game pass by.

Alibat Rozen Maiden fighting game

Perhaps the best thing about this game is that you get to fight alongside your favorite doll from Rozen Maiden. Furthermore, the dolls all have unique attacks and these attacks remind of their counterparts from the series. For example, Suigintou can shoot feathers and Shinku can shoot petals. This certainly was rather sensational. Another neat feature is that both the doll and the medium (you) will level up as you battle. While I am not sure exactly what the levels do, they certainly add a sense of purpose to the endless beatings of Kanaria and Barasuisho.

Alibat Rozen Maiden fighting game

Alibat Rozen Maiden fighting game

All the dolls are included, and yes, that includes Kirakishou (who’s actually really fun to play with) and even Detective Kun Kun.

The game play of Alibat is rather simple. Pick up the briefcases scattered all over the field and use the attacks they give you to attack the other doll, while being mindful of your opponent’s attacks. The briefcases will give different types of attacks, so remember what they are. For instance, W sends a wave across the screen while S gives out a short ranged sword swing.


enter= select

  1. esc/ backspace = exit
  2. z= attack
  3. x= dash
  4. c= jump
  5. p= alternate costume select (my personal favorite… took me a while to figure out this one)

I had to dig around somewhat to finally get Alibat and get the game to work, so I’ve decided to upload them all in one place and make it easier on people.

  1. AliBAT v. 1.5 (.iso): download
  2. Batch: download
  3. AliBAT OST by CLOCKWORK: download (I kind of like the song on the opening screen)


Follow these instructions first for the simplest installation:

  1. Download Alibat v1.5 in the link. It is a .iso file. Mount the .iso file using Daemon tools, Install the game.
    (If you don’t want to use Daemon tools or do not want to mount it, I have a .rar version that you can just extract with WinRAR.
    AliBAT v. 1.5 (.rar): download
    With this, just extract the file and locate install.exe in the extracted folder. Double click on it to install.)
  2. In Windows XP: Open the Control Panel. Double click on the Regional and Language Options icon to open the Regional and Language Options dialog box.
  3. In the Regional Options tab, Standards and formats, on the dropdown list, select Japanese.

That’s it. No patches. No cracks. No applocale or SBapplocale.

MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL EAST ASIAN OR JAPANESE FONTS. I’m guessing you already know how to do that.
Changing to a Japanese environment or Japanese locale is NOT NECESSARY.

Note: your computer language settings need to be correct.

-provided by Cloudscream on Doujinstyle.

  1. Extract Alibat with winrar and install it or just mount the file with daemon tools
  2. Extract the Batch file and double click the SBapplocale
  3. Place Alibat.bat from the Batch file in the directory where Alibat’s installed
  4. Click on Alibat.bat to play. A command screen should pop up, wait several seconds and the game should start. Batch file doesn’t seem to work for a lot of people.


If the game does not work, that means your computer is not set to Japanese languages. Follow the instructions listed in comment 1.


Or Download the Batch file here:

Chris’s all in one fix! Do this only if the above method did not work, which it should… Detail instructions are in comment #40. -courtesy of Chris

Chris’s instructions:

“1-install the game

2-copy the -SBAppLocale- and -Data1- and -ALiBAT.sav- and -Start- to where you installed the game. (ie. C:\Program Files\PROJECT YNP\ALiBAT Ver1.5)

3-and now on if you want play the game use the Start you can Rename if you want

the Start i made work with Alibat 1.0 and Alibat 1.5 it should work with Xp and Vista

enjoy!! :D



Lastly, check the many pages of comments if you keep having problems, or just post something here and hope it can get answered.

Drop a comment if you liked it. ^_^

Anyway I love playing with Suigintou and utterly destroying all other dolls in hell mode. I also love it when she says meimei.

Though I definitely do kind of feel like a loser getting so much enjoyment out of playing with dolls…

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369 Responses to Alibat

  1. KAzumi says:

    I installed it but I always had the error Data file is broken?

    what does it mean? I downloaded it the .rar version

    • Yi says:

      That just means you need to change your computer’s system locale to Japanese. If you’re not sure how to do that, there are detailed instructions in the post.

  2. samantha says:

    everytime i try to play the game a pop up keeps comeing up and it sez data files broken how do i fix it?

    • Yi says:

      I think you need to change your computer’s system locale to Japanese. There’s detailed instructions in the post on how to do that. There’s also plenty of help in the above comments.

  3. Accelerator says:

    Ive burned out my brain from a days full of replies.
    I didnt bother reading the post, but since its Rozen Maiden related.
    Suigintou FTW, enough said.

  4. Accelerator says:

    Suigintou SHOULD have won =/

  5. Zephie says:

    ._. Everytime I try to put it onto Japanese I need to insert a disc =.=; The disc is with my dad… =.=;;…Sadly…

    • Yi says:

      p.s. You probably know this already, but you only need to install the language file once. Once Japanese language is installed on your computer, you can switch back and forth without the disk.

  6. MyHatsOffToYou says:

    “MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL EAST ASIAN OR JAPANESE FONTS. I’m guessing you already know how to do that.”

    Still, it’s great that you put the instruction as clear as possible since some people might not have experience with installing these Jap games.

    This was the first site that clearly taught me how to install Jap games, and I’m sure many others as well.

  7. Brendan says:

    Is there an alternate download link to a site other than Megaupload? I’ve been searching for this for a while and now that I finally found it, Megaupload is shutdown.

  8. kaurakeksi says:

    Hello, once again I need your help with this game. I reinstalled my windows and now when I’m trying to install ALiBAT I get the “data file broken” error because Batch is no longer downloadable due to megaupload. Is it possible to upload it somewhere else and update the link?

    Thanks in advance

    • Yi says:

      Don’t even bother with the batch. That thing is an outdated work around that doesn’t really work. (Hence the strike through.)

      All you have to do is change your system locale in your language settings to Japanese. Go to control panel, find something that’s like Clock, Language, and Region. Then Region and Language. Find the Administrative tab and click on Change system locale… Select Japanese.

      (Those are for Windows 7, if you have something like XP or Vista, the steps might not be the same, but it’s there. Just find where you can change system locale.)

      Anyway, if you don’t have Japanese… Then you’re out of luck. If you do, hope it works. ^ ^

      • kaurakeksi says:

        I already did that before the installation, however it still gives me the same error. That’s why I needed some help. What should I do, I remember being in this situation before but can’t quite remember what I did at that time.

        • Yi says:

          Hm… Make sure you changed system locale, not just region or display or whatever (you should need to restart your computer). Other than that, if it’s still not working, I’m not sure what you can do, since all the other methods do not work anymore. It should work though…

          I guess you could try scouring the comments here. Good luck.

  9. honeyhanako says:

    you should upload the rar somewhere else. seeing as how megauploads been killed off :<

  10. hissah says:

    Could you plz reup the the “Chris’s all in one fix!” file to mediafire or somesuch….. this tread seems to be the only still living 1 about the game…..

    • Yi says:

      Hm… As far as I know, Chris’s all in one fix doesn’t really work anymore and it’s clunky. Because of that, I don’t have it anymore. I only keep a note there for historical reasons…

      The most sure and simplest way is just to change system locale settings. (Btw. you would need to have Japanese language installed.) The instructions are in the post. (And in the comments.)

      Good luck. ^ ^

  11. and what about multipayer? you know how to make it work? that would be cool!!!!

    • Yi says:

      I don’t think multiplayer servers work outside of Japan. Even within Japan, I doubt it still works. This is pretty old.

      Still, I agree. That would be sooo cool!

  12. blacksheepghost says:

    For Windows 7, do you need to have Ultimate installed for the game to work? Because the only way that I can find to install new language packs for Windows 7 requires Enterprise or Ultimate. (I am also having the Data File Broken error. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and have already changed system locale to Japan.)

    • Yi says:

      All you need is the language pack. So Ultimate is not required. The game should run if you changed system locale to Japanese… (Make sure you didn’t just change location or language, but system locale. It should have prompted a restart and such.)

      Hope this helps.

      • blacksheepghost says:

        I’m positive that I have changed the system locale to Japanese (yes, it did prompt the restart) and I should have the east asian fonts installed, since the install menus display correctly (I see japanese characters and not rows of boxes) and I can type in japanese if I switch the language in the language bar, yet I am still getting the “Data File Broken” error. I also made sure to run the installer and the game as administrator. Not really sure what else to do…

        • Yi says:

          Hm… I’m not sure what to do either. There’s pages of comments here, and someone may have a similar problem and have found a solution before. But a lot of it is outdated as well… I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck, blacksheepghost. 😦

  13. blacksheepghost says:

    So I managed to get the game working, just not on my new laptop. I used my old XP desktop computer, installed the game and the batch and it works. (I also burned the ISO to a CD, as I didn’t want to create a virtual drive on the old comp.) Out of curiosity, did anyone manage to install the game on a 64-bit version of windows and if so, what did they do? (For windows Vista and 7, you can check if you have a 32 or 64 bit OS by right clicking on Computer in the start menu and hitting Properties.)

  14. blacksheepghost says:

    Sorry for double posting, but I figured out why it wasn’t running on my laptop. ALiBAT.exe needs to run as administrator in order to work properly. This is automatically configured when the game is installed. However, SBAppLocale.exe is not configured to run with administrator privileges by default. Therefore, when the batch file is run, it errors out, stating that SBAppLocale.exe does not have the correct privileges to run ALiBAT.exe. (The command line window then closes, since the batch has completed its script, which results in the error message being concealed.) To fix this, once you have followed Chris’ steps, right click on SBAppLocale.exe and go to Properties. Under the Compatibility tab, check the box next to “Run as Administrator” and click OK. The batch file will now run correctly.

    • Yi says:

      Ahh I see I see. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m sure someone in the future will run into this problem again, and this would help that person immensely. Thank you, darling. ^ ^

  15. LoLeRji says:

    My question; Do you know how to play it MULTIPLAYER? It would be perfect if we could play it multiplayer, it has multiplayer mode but you can’t log in to that service 😀

    • Yi says:

      I don’t think it’s possible to play multiplayer online. The most you can do is to connect a console or something. 😦

  16. SJkhdsjdk. says:

    So, I downloaded everything.
    Now, when I click on ALiBAT.exe, it doesn’t work, it keeps on saying “Can’t find data.”
    So….. help? :3

  17. SJkhdsjdk. says:

    Okay, I re-downloaded the whole thing, but now I can’t seem to open the batch file. It just says, “C:(random money symbol that I can’t type)DSD>SBLocale.exe 1041 ALiBAT.exe
    DSD = the folder I saved it to. Ignore my latest comment, btw. Not this one… the other one.

    • Yi says:

      Hm… I’m not sure what the issue is. Make sure you’ve downloaded the right file:

      Extract it with winrar or mount it with Daemon tools. Make sure your system locale is set to Japanese (instructions on how to do so in the post). And that’s all I can offer.

      Good luck.

    • blacksheepghost says:

      Check to see if another window opened up minimized. I’ve had the game occasionally open up minimized where you need to Alt + Tab or click the icon on the taskbar to get it to come up. Also, if you’re using Vista or 7, check for a security message that popped up. It’s symbol is a blue and yellow checkered shield and it basically is asking for administrator privileges to run the game. If the security message popped up minimized, the icon will flash. Let me know how it goes.

  18. Noah Wong says:

    hello, i am sorry but i couldnt download when i click the link, is it cannot be downloaded already?

  19. I’m not getting to download the rar from minus.
    I get to the page that shows your username at top, and an .iso file. No rar file at all. Then when I go to download the iso, it sends me to the minus homepage, so I try to create a account… it sends me to meow instant messenger’s homepage???

    • Yi says:

      I’m sorry about not updating this page. Minus is now dead as a file hosting site, so unfortunately, that means you’ll have to find the game somewhere else, or at least until I can replace the link in the distant future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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