Finally I Can Start

After hours of laboring my way through google searches on how to set up this site, I can finally start blogging. The last few weeks being midterm season didn’t really help much either. Anyway, I’m still working out a few things on the layout here and there, and I’m also going to be transferring my older entries from another place slowly here as well, so look forward to those updates.

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8 Responses to Finally I Can Start

  1. "G" says:

    hopefully, you will use this site more often..
    don’t make it like ur xanga @@..

  2. Yi says:

    @”G”: I hope so too.

  3. dakuro says:

    Well I’m just gonna want to congratulate you, your blog is very cool, will makes comment during next week (When i find an interesting, i check all the entries xD) +


  4. Swordwind says:

    Oh, we found an old post here, didn’t we?

    Thanks for sticking around so long~

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